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Greenwood, SC 29646
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Treatment Insights

Oaks Recovery Center exclusively follows the Twelve Step program, with no modifications or adaptations. The program is built on extensive experience and proven through many years of use. Although each person’s journey through the steps is different, we believe that the full journey, when completed, is an effective path to recovery. Our staff leverages their experience with addiction and recovery to help our residents, but only within the twelve steps.

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This place is very run down has old blankets over the windows the rooms are crammed three bunk beds in one tiny room. The lunch room looks like a cracker box and the pictures are deceiving on the webs...


Best place to get one off all the drugs including stuff legally prescribed to people that suffer from substance abuse disorder. Lays out the 12 step program and drills it into ones head effectively. T...


This place is a complete joke. This place is absolutely sick. They also refuse to take money from individuals willing to pay (THOUSANDS of dollars) when it's a matter of life or death to get an opiate...


I was one of first two residents It was a great place when they took care of stuff we ate good u never went hungry there was always something to snack on at anytime u never had to wait . They showed ...


The Oaks is special. I admit that although I went to the oaks a broken man who was not estatic about being a city kid from NY in the middle of Greenberg SC I left with Hope, Purpose, Sobriety and peop...


Just spent three months with the oaks facility and one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is a pier run program which in my opinion is genius. If you feel it’s dirty clean it, if someone needed h...


This is a great place. it is the only place my son has done well . A great group of people. Tremendous support I highly recommend them


I have spoken to kids That have been flown from FL to the Oaks You threw them out like they were garbage I don't know how you except (I thought was 1500.00) 1.200.00 the loved one gets there and is ex...


I flew across the country to come to Oaks Recovery and it's the only place that is teaching the 12 steps of AA and teaching men how to get transitioned back into society.


I thank God every day that my nephew found Oaks Recovery. It has saved his life!!! Thank You!!!


My son has thrived at The Oaks. He has commenced and moved on to Sober Living. Best Recovery Community he has ever experienced!! Love love love the staff... amazing facility!


They will constantly call you to convenience you that they care about you getting clean.....yea right....its all about the money a whole $4000 worth for 28 days....after a couple weeks they find immat...


This place is disgusting. No one should send their loved one there. They life you in with there pitch of 1,200 to get into treatment and within 7 days of being there they kick you out in the street to...


I owe it all to OAKS and God! BOTH SAVED MY LIFE! I know that I have read some of the reviews from people on here that are unsavory as well as negative however I would like to share my experience with...


I went to Oaks from May through June 2017. It was my first rehab experience. I suppose it will help to share a little bit about who I was prior to going in... I was thrown in jail for a second time in...


I can not express my Thanks and Gratitude to Oaks Recovery The loved they showed reached out and saved my son !!! If it was not for Oaks who knows where or what would have happened to him. They showed...


I will be forever grateful for Oaks Recovery Center!! This place not only taught me how to live my life without using drugs and alcohol but they taught me how to be a productive member of society. The...


The Oaks saved my life! This is a place where miracles happen!


Thank you for all the help and support you provide to anyone in need.


The Oaks recovery facility saved my life. I found a spiritual experience through guidance, the 12 step program of AA and the incredible staff that breeds a spiritual Coulter. Since commencing the long...


I went to the Oaks Recovery Center, December 2016. I was so broken and lost all hope in life. I wanted to get clean but I didn't no how, that's​ what they told me, that I didn't have to live like th...


I came to the Oaks March 1st, 2016. When i arrived i was lost, hopeless, broken, and many more things. I was homeless, no job, no friends, lost custody of daughter. I felt absolutely dead inside. Thro...


My family member never had success at recovery until he went to Salvation Oaks. There is something unique about this place and these people. It is a brotherhood.


Grateful for Oaks Recovery and all the work they do!


I have to rank Oaks at 4 stars. Nothing in this life is ever just right. If so we would never have an opportunity to grow closer to our full potential. That's the case with anything related to people....


I am eternally grateful to Oaks Recovery for saving my son's life. He had been in and out of numerous treatment centers ranging from high end country clubs in Florida to county run treatment centers o...


I truly believe my son would be dead right now had he not found The Oaks! He dedicated himself to "working the program" fully, and it has changed not only his life but the life of our entire family! M...


It's all about the money. They take 800 a month to feed you bad food and not run meeting. Give what was so freely given to them is a lie. They kick people who do the right thing for bed space so they ...


This place is disgusting and the owners are out for one thing and thats your money. I wouldn't send my dog there. 71 guys 3 bathrooms disgusting. I lived in one of there houses with 22 guts and one ba...


The oaks saved my life and my boyfriends life also. They showed us how to live again. I have been to many treatment facilities and this is the only one that got to the root of my problem. The staff ar...


I'll start by saying the Oaks Recovery Center saved my son's life. Our family was introduced to addiction about 10 years ago. My wife and I were clueless. We had no idea how to deal with this terrible...


Do yourself and your family a favor and find another place. The FOUNDERS of the Oaks seem to only want the money.


12 Step program that works - improve the food if possible


Salvation Oaks Recovery Center has been a true blessing to our family and loved one. The entry cost was very affordable compared to other facilities were we paid thousands of dollars but they failed t...


Great place to get sober and find God!!


I bought the lie at first. I trusted the word of the founders that this place was truly different from the sleazy, corrupt places that I have been in the past. Spoiler alert: it isn\'t. Some of the st...


Nice job, fellas! I would\'ve liked a longer visit but I suppose that wasn\'t in the cards! Don\'t hail the ice cream truck or use mascara in a manner other than its intended one! I love you all, and ...


There is no structure. Some who teach teach what they want and not truth from the big book. The owner is constantly getting goose bump and fakes cry in fron of all the men. Like we are dumb. The food...


My family has spent countless time and money, trying to help me find recovery, at some of the biggest names in the treatment industry. The truth of the matter is I finally became willing to do whateve...


A close member of my family went here, and this is exactly what it is called...a \"community\". Going in at first during a 2 week blackout period is intensive for them, but during that time they get t...


do not go here . you are better off going to NA meetings or AA meetings on your own and purchasing a NA or AA text to study yourself . this is a very shady operation... its basically run by the addict...


Was there July/August 2015 in the men\'s facility, This was located at 711 E Scotch Cross Road. The place was nice, but staff failed to maintain the place like replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing...


I did the 28 day program but stayed 46 days. I am extremely happy with my new life I got back thanks to the love and caring and knowledge of the staff. The relationships I built with everyone at Sal...


Salvation Oaks is the first place that I have ever been that made me feel like I was worth something. The staff lifted me up and actually gave me a solution. They taught me the tools to live sober. Go...


Salvation Oaks Recovery teaches the truth about addiction. It has helped save my life, it is unlike any other center that I have been to


Awful treatment.


They teach the solution here but one has to be willing to put up with a lot of unfairness. A lot of it comes from internal politics. Money is misspent, food and lodgings are deplorable. There are, how...

Areas of Focus
Long Term Extensive Program

The long term vocational program at Salvation Oaks implements the same study and application of the Twelve Steps of Recovery with the addition of vocational rehabilitation and employment opportunities. Vocational rehabilitation includes assistance with resume creation, proper completion of job applications and transportation to/from interviews and work. This program is a minimum of a four month commitment with the option to stay longer until the participant is prepared to move to the next stage of living life in recovery.

Short Term Intensive Program

The short term intensive program at Salvation Oaks is a minimum of a 28 day commitment. This program focuses on an in depth condensed study and application of the Twelve Steps of Recovery outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. This program is a residential experience with small group session designed to present the curriculum effectively in a short amount of time. Participants of the short term program will have direct access to staff daily along with study groups and tools. Each participant is encouraged to remain in the program until they are prepared to return home.