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Treatment Insights

Newport Academy provides comprehensive treatment for teens suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. With a goal of “sustainable healing,” Newport Academy teaches teens life skills and self-confidence that promote a life of health and happiness. Newport offers separate programs based on age group and has a staff ratio of 3.5 – 1 in order to ensure that each client receives personalized, individual care. By combining traditional and experiential treatments, Newport Academy fosters an environment of healing and happiness, allowing teens to discover their true selves.

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One on one treatment was great. Overall there were no weaknesses Great counseling, wrong group therapy sessions


Strong sense of community


Loving environment For teens


I can\'t speak specifically to what the program is like today as we were there several months ago. When we were there, the staff turn over was a little overwhelming. During our last week the Program D...


I let my wife talk me into sending our daughter here and I have regretted it ever since. I just didn\'t listen to my instincts. I questioned why they didn\'t have their staff on their web site- I soon...


We had the misfortune of our son being in this program during the same time the \"affluenza\" kid was there to avoid jail time.... Our kid relapsed after being home for one week. He has never hurt any...

Areas of Focus
Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Equine Therapy

A form of animal therapy, equine therapy involves visiting, working with and sometimes riding horses as a way to create a metaphoric relationship that leads to life-altering insights.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Jamison Monroe, Jr.
    Jamison Monroe, Jr. - Founder / CEO

    “Jamison is the missing link that connects old school recovery to the future of successful adolescent treatment. His presence in the recovery landscape is paramount to the evolution of the industry and imperative for mental health and addiction to become de-stigmatized by popular culture.” - Leonard Buschell, founder of Writers In Treatment

  • Photo of Jim Monroe
    Jim Monroe - Co-Founder

    Jim knows all too well what parents are going through during this time period of finding and going through treatment. He has been down the road of admitting all of his children into a treatment center more than a few times. All three of his kids, two sons and a daughter, suffered with psychiatric, psychological, and substance abuse issues as teens and young adults. Symptoms ranged from trauma to attempted suicide, borderline personality disorder to bipolar disorder, anxiety to eating disorders, and from depression to alcohol and drug abuse. After many years of having his kids in and out of nationally recognized treatment centers that had been around for many years, Jim realized that these institutions closely resembled factory farms. There was little to no individualization in the treatment that his kids received compared to others going through the programs, despite the vast difference in their issues. While other areas of medicine provide “personalized health care”, a place did not exist that provided personalized health care for teens with mental health and/or substance abuse. Enter Newport Academy.