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Treatment Insights

Holding CARF and JCAHO accreditations, New Creation Recovery in Southern California introduces a calm and welcoming setting for female clients suffering from addiction and mental health issues to take their next step for a healthier and sober life. We work hard, using our extensive backgrounds in the field of addiction treatment for women, to help each of our clients and their families improve their lives. Our team is manned with highly skilled physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and therapists to ensure your experience spent with us is effective and safe. During treatment at New Creation, you will be able to work with our fully integrated clinical team to design a treatment plan just for you. We can help you detox safely and comfortable, enter residential treatment, manage your recovery after successfully completing treatment, and so much more. In addition, New Creation offers intensive outpatient care for clients who’ve finished the full residential treatment. Sober living facilities are also available, encouraging clients to continue applying the lessons learned in intensive treatment to rebuild their strength and stay on the lifelong path to recovery. New Creation is a bastion of hope, a place that is safe, secure and discrete allowing women to heal from pain and trauma and become free from the awful chains of addiction and/or alcoholism.

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New Creations saved my life. I had been to many treatment centers and none did for me what they did. The most balanced program. The staff was amazing. I would strongly recommend this program for anyon...


I am a walking successful testimonial for this program and entire organization. They definitely have their hearts in the right place. It might not be the most luxurious program, but thats not whats im...


My daughter was saved through this treatment center. Sober living after treatment seemed a little vague for someone in need of this service. This was my primary concern when looking for help for her.


"There was a lot of favoritism at the center. Starting with the director, and through the administration and staff. This is peoples lives, you should remember that. Also just because a hire up thinks ...


Meals could have been better. Cook did an amazing job with what she was given. The program was solid, and I am grateful for the staff and how dedicated they are to everybody's recoveries and programs.


The housing was perfect for someone dealing with an addiction. Food was the best and the cook was even better as a person! Staff was fabulous and I couldn’t have made it this far in my life without ...


I have been sober for almost 3 1/2 years


Thank you for your help in saving my life! It wasn't easy all the time but it was worth it!


Amazing life saving program, truly the work of God thank you his house/new creation for helping me become a new creation and helping me embrace recovery with open arms, heart and soul !! I can't put i...


My Mom was a patient at the facility. She hated it at first and tried to weasel her way out. Once she started to heal, miracles happened. I had the privilege to go to family group therapy and our rela...


I went to new creations shortly after my inquiry on 5/22/14 and I've been sober since 5/28/14. That facility saved my life and gave me my life back!! Tell the staff thank you for all that they did for...


I am doing great! New Creations was the best treatment center I could have gone to. All of the counselors were amazing! Thank you!!


New Creations saved my life. I arrived spiritually broken and emotionally destroyed on the verge of losing everything. The structured program, knowledgeable and empathic staff gave me hope that I coul...


My daughter died less than 2 years after attending their 90 day program. She had issues with codependency and I thought she was attending an all women's program from detox to sober living thru IOP. I ...


if i had relapsed of course but i continue to do what they instilled and suggested for one day at a time


Today marks the 1 year of being Sober I believe if it were not for new Creation and the caring love and support they gave me on my 90 days there I believe I would not of made it at my darkest times ...


Before seeking treatment at New Creation, I was filled with fear, anxiety, depression, chronic health problems, and an indescribable feeling of despair and desperation. I was agoraphobic, and I knew t...


This facility was chosen for me specifically because their web page and the person at the call center talked about their pain management program and the massage therapists and physical therapists I\'d...


It is a free service that people can take advange when dealing with substance abuse and it helps people reajust ones they are done with treatment. It can be more organized and have more counseling. It...


I will be forever grateful for New Creations and the staff. Amazing things happened here with me and I thank the staff and counselors for their loving support.


This program is great. There is a great sense of nurture at New Creation. Everybody is held to treating eachother with respect and dignity. The counselors really challenge you to step out of your comf...


Meals and location was beautiful but treatment for depression was basically nonexistent, staff talked down and belittled clients. What they advertised, promised, told family about facility were lies


Took great care of me and they really care.


I completed 45 days at New Creation and have been back home for about 3 weeks now... All I can say is this was by far the most I have ever taken away from any treatment program ( I\'ve been to 2 other...


New Creation saved my life! The staff is fabulous and knowledgeable. I felt very cared for, safe and loved. Treatment focused on 12 step recovery with stability and structure provided within the homes...


I loved my stay at new creation. I found it to be a loving safe and nurturing environment.the staff was amazing each one unique and caring. It was obvious they were passionate about what they were doi...


New Creation is a wonderful, down to earth program. Sometimes I think they would be more effective if they had less clients because of the generally small size of the program. The counselors and staff...


The staff was very caring and seemed to always try to go the extra mile to help clients. I think there was just a lack of staff and lack of communication and often times things were poorly planned/ex...


The staff and treatment was outstanding. If I had to say room for improvement would be no comfortable furniture in the house, no place to relax that wasn't a hard surface. Also I felt there was a lo...


My daughter has been in a few places now and I've never in my 4 years of doing this with her have seen such [bad] people in my life. I would honestly compare it to a cult as did many other parents I r...


Strengths: 1.) The staff is amazing. They treat everyone the same. 2.) The program is up to date and not geared toward one certain substance. 3.) The facility goes above and beyond to help out peo...


Not really designed for individual, mostly group at facility as a whole. More one on one time would have helped.


This facility and owners are ... only after your money... I was there for 3 weeks and saw the doctor once, I didn't even see the doctor when I first checked into the program. ... The so-called counsel...


New Creation is definitely doing things right. At times I feel they allowed things that should've been deligated more properly and safer, like allowing women to live in sober living when they were'nt ...

Areas of Focus
Individualized Women’s Treatment

New Creation provides clients with personalized quality care in a safe, nurturing environment designed exclusively for women. Residents are offered gender-specific services in a private setting for maximum comfort and security. We offer an exclusive dual diagnosis two-pronged approach for women who have a substance abuse addiction coupled with an emotional issue.

Yoga and Fitness

When you are first getting past your addiction, your body is struggling both inside and out. Addiction will take a toll on your body, whether you like it, or meant to, or not. Your body needs to try and recover while still ridding itself of the leftover toxins from your addiction, which is no easy task. Yoga gives your body the ability to continue to heal and recover while building up strength and endurance, which your body may sorely be lacking.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Glenn Swanson, MBA, CDAC-II
    Glenn Swanson, MBA, CDAC-II - Founder and CEO

    Glenn’s personal journey includes a long hard-fought battle with addiction that cost him his job, his home, and his family. With no place left to go, he landed on the doorstep of a long-term treatment program that saved his life. Almost immediately, doors began to open giving Glenn an opportunity to help fellow addicts. His dedication to helping other people reclaim their lives is driven by a strong connection with God and his belief that no person or situation is hopeless. Glenn believes in the power of God’s Love and has worked as a channel to provide safe and effective treatment, since 1994, for addicts and alcoholics who want to stop the cycle of self-destruction – he and his staff love the clients until they can love themselves. His education in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, his theological studies and his Master’s degree in Business Administration compliment his experience, strength and hope as he continues to follow God’s divine plan.

  • Photo of Susan Jackson, MFT
    Susan Jackson, MFT - Clinical Director

    Susan Jackson has worked in the field of addiction for 25 years. She received her Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science and her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of La Verne. She began her career working for the City of Chino as a gang interventionist and domestic violence counselor. While at Chino, she began working with substance abusing adolescents and their families. This experience, working with the addictive family system, led to her working at San Antonio Community Hospital on the Chemical Dependency Unit as the family counsel. Susan worked 8 years on the Chemical Dependency unit for Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center and was promoted to Program Manager for the children and adolescent mental health and chemical dependency program for the last 5 years, a total of 13 years at Loma Linda. Recently Susan joined His House and New Creation as the Clinical Director. Working with the addicted family system is her passion. She is the proud mother of five wonderful children and five amazing grandchildren.