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Treatment Insights

Our mission is to provide the needed tools, supportive environment, and necessary hope for individuals desiring to heal from addiction and alcoholism. We believe that, with support, every person has the opportunity to gain freedom from the grasp of addiction. With a structured drop down treatment model, use of evidence-based modalities, and aftercare coordination, we offer a chance for people to establish a life of sobriety and clarity so they can live to their fullest potential.

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I did not attend this treatment center.


I was at Mountainview for 50 days and my overall experience was exceptional. The staff was amazing and always accommodating to the care and needs the clients. I've been to rehab more than once and thi...


The facility was beautiful, clean, food was great, and the amenities were enjoyed by my loved one.


The best treatment facility in North Carolina, bar none.


The overall experience my loved one got while they were there was amazing. The food and amenities was first class. They are truly a different person now that they have been home. God bless MountainVie...


Mountainview provides a beautiful mansion for sober living (8800 sf on 58 acres in the beautiful western NC mountain region). Clinical treatment is individualized and all staff know your name and are ...


Love this place! Staff went above and beyond to help my loved one succeed!


This facility is wonderful in all aspects. The staff, the location, the services, and care are all beyond satisfactory. They truly care about their clients.


I am thankful for this place. It changed my life and now living a healthy lifestyle




My loved one attended Mointainview Recovery. He erred in thinking that treatment would work for him, that he was just going to abuse substances forever. He went in with an extremely negative attitude ...


MountainView Recovery truly saved my life. The professionalism and genuine care to detail made me feel like I was more than just a number. They care l, it’s that simple. The groups are great and the...


This facility is top notch and the staff genuinely cares about the well being of their clients. The staff is extremely dedicated and passionate about Recovery. The facility is beautiful and clean. Not...


Excellent, top notch!


Top notch facility that puts clients and ethics before anything else. Strengths: Staff, facility, clinical knowledge. Weakness: No groups Sunday.


This treatment facility helped my love one recover in a way that no other facility has. Helped me and my love one see alcoholism and addiction as a disease and how to heal. Christian program. Caring s...


Compassionate, highly skilled and ethical staff who provide a personalized experience for each client who comes through out doors. Professional, highly skilled, ethical staff. Use of life skills, Qi G...


Mountainview Recovery is a wonderful place to work for.We are treatment facility that really cares and go above and beyond to help our clients. Ethical,caring,loving,compassionate.


I have worked in treatment for a few years now and this facility has been the best experience that I have had. The people are caring and really just want the best for each client and it shows. This fa...


Exemplary. Strengths: Compassion and a diverse approach.


Fantastic staff! Truly a loving, caring, compassionate environment. Following a 12 step model, introducing a seeking safety model, the staff goes above and beyond to address the exact nature of whatâ€...

Areas of Focus
Dual Diagnosis and Co-occuring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addictiontreatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc

Process Abuse Treatment

Not all addictions involve mood-altering chemicals. The term “process addiction” describes the unhealthy use of behaviors (including eating, gambling, sexual activity, shopping, internet use, etc.) that has spiraled out of control and into the realm of addiction.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Mountain View was an amazing experience and it’s helped me get my life back in more ways than one. The staff were excellent and the counselor’s are one of a kind, they also helped me rekindle my relationship with my higher power who I choose to believe as Jesus Christ. I’d like to send a special thanks out to Mrs Ashley, Mrs Lisa and my man Jared.
    Tristan A.
  • Mountainview is a phenomenal facility with a passionate and well informed staff. You will find nothing but extremely professional and accredited physicians, nurses, and therapists ready and willing to offer their services and resources in order to set you up for recovery!
    Olivia C.
  • I would suggest this treatment center to any addict who is trying to start to build their foundation. The staff is amazing and they truly care and want to help in any way they can. The house is beautiful and there is plenty of land to roam around. I love the scenary and serenity there. I’m so grateful I had the experience I did there, they helped set me up for success.
    Jessica S.
  • Hands down the best facility I’ve attended. I’ve never been anywhere where they focus on individual care as much as Mountain View has for me. They’re still in contact with me almost 5 times a week to see how I am and what I’m doing. If you want to be serious about your recovery this is the place to go! Much love
    Zachery M.
  • Mountainview Recovery Center changed my life. Ive been to countless other facilities in south Florida but something was missing. I had the inability to get honest with myself and my peers. Upon arrival at the housing, the BHT on staff (Mikey) made me feel extremely welcome and made sure i had everything i needed to begin my journey at Mountainview, and throughout my stay made me feel like i was at home. He really goes above and beyond of what is expected of him to do by his supervisor. Hes the best! When i arrived at the clinical building the next day the therapist on staff (Jake) made me feel very comfortable at the facility. It was very relieving to feel so comfortable and welcomed by the staff and the other clients. My therapist (Lisa) went above and beyond for me throughout my stay in the facilty. She was the first therapist ive ever had that was able to make me feel comfortable enough to let down my guard down and share some painful past trauma that has been eating me up for years and years and was playing a very key role in my relapses. Lisa will forever hold a special place in my heart. The rest of the staff was also a very important part in my process at Mountainview. Ashley, Allie, Cooper, Eric, the Nurse Melissa, Olivia, Michelle and all the BHT staff and admissions department will forever hold a special place in my heart. The love that i was shown by the staff at this facility goes a very long way for a person like me. I love Mountainview Recovery Center and i would not hesitate to send a loved one struggling with addiction to this facility. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FACILITY. If you are struggling with addiction please do not hesitate to reach out! THIS PLACE CARES AND WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!
    Jimmy C.
  • Truly a wonderful place. The owners and staff truly care about the clients, and I was very lucky to have the opportunity to come to such a beautiful place to begin my recovery. Every part of the treatment experience was individualized yet well-planned. I’m so happy I was able to come here to begin to reverse the devastating effects of addiction on my life. From the time I stepped foot into the facility - the staff immediately began to assist me in taking a look at my part in my addiction, challenge negative thoughts and figure out behaviors I could address and change to move forward. I initially planned on staying for 30 days and ended up staying nearly 60 before transitioning to sober living, but I will be continuing SAIOP with Mountain View. I have to especially thank Ashley, Mike, Lisa, Ali, Michelle and Olivia. All of the staff is wonderful. They sincerely care, and they will go above and beyond to help you if you are willing to change.
    James R.
Key Staff Members
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    Lisa Fredsall - Clinical Director; LCSW, LCAS

    Twelve years ago, Lisa discovered her true calling to social work and decided to pursue a career in the field by becoming educated. By pursuing her passion of helping others, Lisa has been able to ensure others would never be alone with their struggles. Along the way, she obtained her AS in human services at Northwestern CT community college while taking full advantage of volunteer opportunities to help the local community. As president of Phi Theta Kappa, she dedicated her free time to helping provide prom dresses, warm clothing, and books to those locally and abroad living in impoverished communities. After graduating valedictorian from NCCC, Lisa obtained her BSW at Saint Joseph College for Women, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Upon graduation, Lisa was accepted into the advanced standing MSW degree program at UCONN’s School of Social Work, where she specialized in casework regarding mental health and substance abuse. After completing her MSW program, Lisa specialized in working in substance abuse treatment, such as SAIOP. While life circumstances dictated a move to North Carolina, Lisa persevered in pursuing her LCSW licensure and her LCAS licensure. She has experience working with substance use treatment, mental health disorders, assertive community treatment teams, and dealing with those who suffer from functional impairments related to psychotic disorders. Lisa has been in the field for the past 13 years and has experience as a clinician, clinical supervisor, and administrator. Her supervisory skills span the past seven years since she transitioned from an assertive community treatment team leader to a clinical director. Lisa lives in North Carolina with her family, and she enjoys being a part of the individualized treatment offered at Mountainview Recovery. Lisa’s philosophy consists of providing the best clinical care to clients no matter their background or disorders. She specializes in CBT, DBT, REBT, reality-based therapy, motivational interviewing, and trauma-focused therapy.

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    Ashley Meehan - Director of Operations; CSAC, ICADC

    Ashley Meehan, a Pennsylvania native, is Mountainview Recovery’s director of operations. She began working in the treatment industry as a behavioral health technician and learned very quickly that she loved spending time listening and connecting with individuals struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Ashley decided to go back to school and obtain her certification so that she could both speak to these individuals from an experiential standpoint and help them clinically. She quickly progressed in her career and moved into an admissions role, where she was able to continue connecting with individuals in need of serious help. In her admissions role, Ashley was able to better understand the function and process and procedures behind the scenes for getting these people into treatment. After several years of working in an admissions role and becoming the director, Ashley went back to school again to further her education and learn about billing, coding, and the relationships between the provider/facilities and the insurance companies. As she continued to progress in her career, she was given the opportunity to cross-train and learn about all the different roles within the organization. Ashley was even given the opportunity to fly out to different states and help with the function of their sister facilities. With a dream to manage a facility of her own, Ashley has finally found a safe place where people can grow and recover. In her heart, she truly believes that Mountainview Recovery is a place where individuals feel welcomed and loved regardless of their background and what they have been through. In short, her role as the director of operations at Mountainview Recovery is everything she ever wanted for her career and more.

  • Photo of
    Eric Meehan - Director of Admissions

    Eric Meehan was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. He completed school with honors and studied at Johnson and Wales for Culinary Arts. While in college, Eric began to experiment with drugs and alcohol. He became addicted to pain medications – an addiction that soon led him to using heroin. In light of his new addiction, Eric began doing things he never thought he would do, and he consequently became very disappointed in the person he was becoming. He knew deep down inside that this life wasn’t “right” for him; he couldn’t continue seeing the constant looks of disappointment in his family members’ eyes. By going through treatment and being honest with his family, Eric found recovery, and he has been clean and sober since January 2010. He started working in the treatment field to both share his message and give hope to individuals who do not believe recovery is possible for them. He truly loves helping people, working with families, and offering individuals the belief that hope is possible.