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Located at the base of the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut, Mountainside Treatment Center offers comprehensive treatment programs for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Mountainside combines evidence-based methodology with the latest advances in the treatment field to provide an experience unlike any other. Mountainside’s integrative care philosophy ensures that each client follows a program specifically designed to meet his or her individual needs and issues. With a professional and dedicated staff, Mountainside is committed to helping clients achieve lasting, meaningful recovery from addiction.

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Mountainside was a great experience and they set me up to live a happy and useful life after treatment!


I went through Mountainside in 2008 for 51 weeks after a couple, brief unsuccessful visits. I lost most of my speech from drinking by age 25, but now back to normal and approaching 12 years sober. I l...


This place could not have been my worst nightmare. They messed up my meds three different times. They ended up not giving me my packages because they didn’t have enough staff to go through them. The...


MTC saved my life! I am so proud to be 4 years sober.


Mountainside not only saved my life but my husband as well!! I would forever be grateful for Mountainside.


The best place on earth that my son could have attended. My 26 year old son went through their detox program and then residential program and ultimately into outpatient and he is celebrating his 2 yea...


My son Bryan has been at Mountainside since November of 2018.Bryan currently is in the Extended Care Program. There has been such a significant change in him it's unbelievable this of course this is d...


I am an alumni. Most staff members are very nice. The nurses in detox are mostly nice if you absolutely follow their rules. They do like to let you know that they are in charge and will quickly get na...


I would not recommend. My brother agreed to treatment, stayed a few days and then, like most addicts, decided he wanted to get out of there. They charged him 3,224 dollars for an early discharge. What...


I would never recommend this facility. We paid in full for a 12 week outpatient program when we were told they do not accept our insurance. Then they submit claims to our insurance and we receive reim...


I am writing to praise the Recovery Coaching Program. A staff member has been supportive and accessible during the 6 month period following release. She is warm, but firm. She knows the 'hot button' i...


The most unprofessional and cruel experience. It took days to get my son to agree to go to rehab and Mountainside seemed great on the uptake. However after phone intake questionnaire we were admitted ...


Mountainside has a three fold program (Mind, Body and Soul) for our three fold illness. The staff are wonderful. The CEO, has established and maintains a powerful program of selfcare and stabilization...


This facility opened as men's only, so the accommodations and male centric approach to care are abundantly biased. The women couldn't even read a New York Times newspaper which was only available to t...


Horrible customer service with family communications. Have no considerate for the actual mind state of patients.


My son was losing his battle with ophoids due to needing them after a serious surgery. A friend mentioned Mountainside and I am SO GLAD she did. He was not treated like a loser but someone who was rea...


My son entered thus facility with the assumption there would be no out-of-pocket expense to him. Staff refused to buy groceries for 5 days leaving his group with nothing to eat but cereal & ramen nood...


Do not go to this facility ...they told me that my insurance covered everything and that everything was fine forward 2 months and now I have a 25,000$ bill on my credit report. These people ta...


I have positive and negative things I feel about Mountainside. It was my first Rehab. I checked in June, 2017 for 30 day treatment. I was lucky to get a great individual counselor, who really took tim...


Negligent management of my 18 year old daughter's case and her release. They kicked her out before we could arrange for transportation. Irresponsible. My daughter was devastated and so were we.


Beautiful Place. Decent Housing. 50% Of The Staff Were Okay. The Rest Had No Idea What They Were Doing. Access To Medical And Psych Was Way Difficult. Had 2 Seperate Cases Of Privacy Situations... rel...


My daughter was seriously hooked on heroin. She tried two other rehabs but each time she got out, she went back to drugs within days. It was an endless struggle. She knew she needed help and, like us,...


Facilities, Alumni relations, Good / Caring people were all strengths. Cost was a downfall. There is a loyal group of us that have bonded together because of or connection to Mountainside. We keep in ...


This facility was great!


Offers a multi discipline approach to recovery which addresses mind, body and spiritual needs. Allows too much personal choice in determining curriculum which resulted in undisciplined individuals lot...


Openness, understanding, fairness were all strengths. Evening meetings could have been better. They do a great job, I am very fortunate to have gone there compared to other places I have heard about


Openness, understanding, fairness were all strengths. Evening meetings could have been better. They do a great job, I am very fortunate to have gone there compared to other places I have heard about


Offers clients choices Vague financial disclosure Friendly staff,approachable,good dictation of time,flexible schedule,well guided,clean,not overly strict,not enough supervision in the tv lounge thing...


Facilities, Alumni relations, Good / Caring people were all strengths. Cost was a downfall. There is a loyal group of us that have bonded together because of or connection to Mountainside. We keep in ...


Staff and program Some of the facility and policies The program is outstanding, the staff is highly trained and the facility is in wonderful shape. Is it perfect no, but is there that is? I would high...


mind body spirit was a strength. upper management involvement could have been better. it was a mystical place!


Absolutely wonderful mind body spirituality staff. Loved the morning "meditations" which were discussions based on a wide range of New Age and literary texts. Lovely location. Hiking and other activit...


Mind body spirit program was great. Top heavy management could improve.


My 18 year old daughter was there and was asked to leave without notice. They called us and said she was in the lobby and needed to get picked up. They left her to fend for herself which tells me th...


I came here two years ago and this place truly changed my life. It really begins and ends with the quality of the staff at Mountainside. The Adventure Based Counseling is second to none, and provided ...


I can\'t say enough- From the genuine staff that would always stop to say Hi to my counselor that always made time for me. This facility was amazing. The food to the groups are the best I\'ve ever exp...


I came to Mountainside about a year or so ago and had a pleasant time. I think the best part was the facility itself and the therapists in detox and residential. Today I work the steps and am involved...


I have mixed feelings about this place. Beautiful grounds, friendly staff. Then I get to the detox unit. I wait three days to see the doctor who is a condescending little man. Most of the nurses w...


They\'re all about the money simple as that


Just got a bill for $9,875 for 3 days of alcohol evaluation.....I hope it\'s a billing error.


Incredibly dedicated, empathetic, knowledgeable and helpful start from "top" to "bottom". Wide variety of approaches and options and the ability to choose and focus on those that speak to you. Excel...


Amazing faculty, good connectivity. Traffic outside the building is a nightmare. I thought they did a good job overall with what they are given.c


Convenience was nice.


Staff is attentive. Treatments were good Some parts of treatment dragged on. It helped when no one else would. Affordable and easy to get to. Staff was great


It was conventional therapy


Croup seccion was nice. It help me get better change my life


Dedicated and professional staff They don't accept all insurance plans. If you have the correct insurance, it is a very affordable choice. The staff is very dedicated to their patients and conducts ...


Strengths: Updated rooms, dining hall, common areas; Relaxed, pleasant surroundings free from outside distractions; extended care includes employment in facility-run restaurant. Weaknesses: Treatment ...


One on one was a strength but No phone or internet I am clean from still 7 years later


Great environment peaceful place to recover. Needs to spend more time about issues with clients. Staff was great ad very nice


Spirituality was a strength. I am grateful I had the opportunity. I have over 7 years of sobriety since leaving the facility. I still live in the town. I lived in a sober house for one year after and ...


very clean with people who seem to care a lot, the food was no big deal, people that care also a nice setting


Proximity was good. Treatments were a weakness. Has potential to be very good


Staff was a strength. Contact response time should improve. Great place overall


nice Staff, nice facility, decor was a weakness. My brother had an overall good, productive experience and would highly recommend.


If you could get past the admissions people then I would give a higher rating. My daughter completed treatment a year ago but fell \"off the wagon\". Having been to an out of state place that didn\'t ...


Bottom line for me is my wife started drinking within 2 weeks of discharge from mountainside. I never heard from them after she left. I could have been the particular circumstances with my wife, b...


I was an inpatient at Mountainside in 2012 and this place saved my life. The staff cared and the fact that most of them were in recovery helped because I felt like they really understood my situation....


I am currently an out-patient client at Mountainside. I thought that by spending the $1,800 out-patient tuition, I would get access to world class medical and psychiatric care. I understand that t...


I was just watching a popular reality show where a celeb had a cell phone. What bull. I stayed 28 days and not only couldn\'t have phone, but was practically strip searched. I couldn\'t even bring a m...


I needed to be removed from society in order to stop using. I was angry and did not want to be there.The food was good so that I stayed. After 2-days the fog started to lift, and I figured I may as we...


Facility is located away from all distractions. The staff is well trained, professional and compassionate. They have an outdoor challenge course that patients can use. Only downfall was that it was lo...


I was there twice relapsed both times. It was not their fault. They made every effort. I refused. I am doing well now and using the tools I learned from them. Outstanding staff and facilities.


I attended a sober house as aftercare.


Mountainside ripoff!! All they care about is taking your money. They lost their way when they went for profit. Everyone pays a different price.


They have some very educated and talented staff; many are very caring, however the administration there is extremely rigid and passive-aggressive. They don't respect the patient who asks questions or ...


Mountainside changed and literally saved my life. I am forever grateful to the staff and facility. I would go back in a second and would recommend it for anyone struggling with addiction.


My sister struggled with addiction for 25 years and finally received inpatient treatment a year ago. I thank God for Mountainside. My sister really wanted sobriety and she found it through her own pro...


I have achieved multiple years of sobriety and started my journey in Canaan Connecticut. While there I was given tools to live a sober life. I have a debt of gratitude to Mountainside!


After my detox and 28 days at Mountainside it was more than apparent, this facility does not support sobriety...every thing comes with a cost...Your aftercare will solely be based on how deep your poc...


An ideal place to begin my recovery. Regardless, I had to want to get sober, and today I have to want to STAY sober.


This center is staffed mostly by individuals in recovery. It is a positive atmosphere which empowers residents. It offers activities such as hiking, ropes courses, and sweat lodges. They have 12 st...


The group meetings were excellent at helping the patients deal with our emotions. I am very thankful that I went to Mountainside. So many different cases of drugs and alcohol addiction get treated he...


Pure and simple, I needed to get sober and I needed a place that would not only help me to do that but give me the tools I need to stay that way. Mountainside checked all the boxes!


Beautiful place, amazing people who will work with you every way possible to get you clean and sober AND stay that way!

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Randall Dwenger, MD
    Randall Dwenger, MD - Medical Director

    Throughout his 30-year career, Randall has built extensive knowledge in psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and individual psychotherapy services. His career path has led him to a variety of experiences, from his development and management of a detox center to his psychiatric work with veterans. He has been the Consulting Psychiatrist at Mountainside since 2008 and believes that there is great hope that each person who wants to recover has the ability to do so. At Mountainside, he provides guidance and leadership over the detoxification program, ensuring that safe and efficient services and practices are provided to our clients.

  • Photo of Sarah Osbourne, LPC, LADC, NCC, MATS
    Sarah Osbourne, LPC, LADC, NCC, MATS - Director, Clinical Operations

    Sarah holds a dual Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Counselor Education. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist. Sarah has extensive experience working with individuals suffering from addiction, including those with co-occurring disorders, personality disorders, and a history of trauma. As the Clinical Director, Sarah oversees all clinical programming in detox, residential and out-patient treatment. In partnership with the Program Development team, she develops and coordinates programming updates to ensure all clients are receiving the highest quality care and treatment interventions. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys gardening, running with her dog, learning about Buddhism, and reading about neuropsychology.