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PaRC brings its award-winning experience and depth of expertise to the forefront of alcohol and drug treatment. Incorporating the newest medical approaches along with proven treatment models and methodologies, our clinical team and the entire staff are dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care experiences. Our goal is to improve the behavioral health of individuals and families in the community by assisting all persons adversely affected by alcohol and substance abuse onto the path of recovery and long-term sobriety.

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I came here at a very low place like most people going to rehab, and this place gave me my life back the food was good. The counselors were terrific the doctors even better. I will forever be grateful...


We took our son to this place in hope to get the best treatment for him. Our son tried weed so as good parents we tried to get him to a safe place where he could talk without fear and get the help he ...


March 11, 2014 was the last day I touched a drink. Today, 01/04/2020, I still have no desire to drink or go back to a life of addiction. If you are ready to do something about your addiction and you a...


No treatment center can help someone that doesn't want the help. If you are motivated to take control of your life and your addiction then the PaRC can put you on a path of lifelong recovery. The best...


My loved one has been in treatment here for two weeks thus far. It seems (mostly) like a good program, although there are some 'bad eggs' that get in the program and are not really interested in being...


The business side of the facility is a train-wreck. Good luck getting a straight answer from them. If you call, they will interrupt you before you can finish your question, hijack the conversation, an...


I attended the adolescent program. It claimed to be "12- step" based but really they just had the 12 steps hanging up on the wall. Honestly, just felt like a hospital/day care center for teens. For st...


I recently attended PaRC's detox program. I cannot say enough great things about the program and, in particular, the staff. The nurses and therapists are compassionate, upbeat and friendly. The progra...


This place saved my life 8 years ago. The process makes it possible to survive your issues and get back to the person you once were--if you need help, please please go to PARC and let them help you b...


I admitted my son to what I thought was the best substance abuse program in Houston. My son was assigned his counselor, Every day that I spoke to the counselor, he continued to reassure me that my son...


Teens need some compassion when trying to be rehabilitated from drugs; however, most counselors had no compassion in dealing with patients. They used humiliation as a tool in group therapy sessions wh...


Absolutely a wonderful place!! One of the women was instrumental in helping us get into the PARC. She was just wonderful, so supportive, compassionate, yet was a real professional and let us know how ...


The consoles are loving and compassionate, they do not stand for any bullshit that cane out of my mouth. The steps they have you work to get sober and to handle detox are amazing I can't think of anyt...


For a place this expensive, I\'m shocked at the lack of individual care. There is no one-on-one counseling and the twice weekly groups are led by Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors. All it takes ...


The facility was well maintained, the food was excellent. The staff was friendly and very attentive. Not enough focus on physical activities such as exercise, yoga, etc. Not able to choose a counselo...


The PaRC saved my life. They are serious in using the time, you're there to the fullest. I have friends who went to other rehabs and described their experiences and schedules. I told them it sounded l...


The staff, the Alumni Program, the environment, the gift shop, having AA meetings at the facility, were all strengths. Cost was a weakness. The PaRC provides an all-all-encompasing rehabilitation envi...


Clean, organized, personable, patient. More family involvement. I wanted to do more and be involved, but followed their rules


They Care the doctors spoke to the family and assured us they where ok. they made sure the family was good.


All the staff are very nice and knowledgeable. They are always there one way or another; by phone or in person.


Excellent and staff cares about everyone. They care about you. Want to make sure you are getting better and health.


good facilities for rehabilitation and fitness. Perhaps the only thing that would change is the schedule of visits are rare and short


Rehab doctor was a strength but the Lock down was a weakness. Good food.


There is no escape. Really didn't stay there long enough but the people was well managed maintain the peaceful environment


A good experience


food was good but not enough activities. It took a long time to get meds.


counseling programs were strengths of the facility.


good services of alternative therapies.


payment facilities were a strength of the facility.


I enjoyed the facility.


It was a very good facility.


They have an experienced staff. It is effective and shows progress through time.


Understanding staff, and they are able to accommodate. They where able to diagnose the problem in a quick time frame and come up with a solution that was beneficial and they actually cared.


They were really great with my family member; they gave great support and there were great counselors. This facility did a wonderful job; my family member been sober for over 2 years now.


They have great treatment and payment facilities. It is a good place to recover and love yourself.


Strengths included: Program, alumni association, and the number of 12 step meetings. It saved my life.


Family friendly, 12 step programs, aftercare program. I was actually taught how to live a whole new life. It has worked for 7 years now. However, there were not enough doctors for one-on-one.


Seemed to be engaged.


Great therapist. I loved going there, I just wish it closer to home and more convenient to get to. It was also overpacked.


It was a very clean facility but other than that I believe it needed many improvements.


The entire program is great and they also include family help (family program). It's an awesome place: trained staff, a wealth of information, assisted detox and fantastic nurses and doctors.


I think it was a really positive experience for my son. Family groups were very powerful. Staff are very caring and are very experienced. Staff, treatment modalities, reputation, community connections...


Addicts helping addicts, from the director on down. The staff CARES about each person. They have an understanding of addicts, very compassionate and caring. Alumni participation is a blessing and well...


I would recommend this facility for those living in the Houston area.


After 10 years of benzodiazepene prescription use (all legal)...I had tried doctors who didn't have a safe tapering program and noticed a pamphlet at a prescription addiction specialists doctors offic...


The facility has an underunderstanding, non judgemental enviorment, and amazing counselors. I enjoyed the group sessions, aftercare and the nice facility. Downfalls were that there was no holistic app...


The last time my spouse was in treatment, I had been attending Al-Anon for a little over a year. The hospital has a very involved Alumni that come back to assist the patients, sponsor, etc. The alumni...


The PaRK is extremely well staffed by top people that understand how to relate to and help people. The overall level of all people attending the facility helping and supporting each other is outstandi...


Mostly 12 step based. CEO is excellent. Not enough use of alternative evidence based therapies for related problems such as insomnia, tension, etc. Not enough specialized tracks.


Best place ever.


Most treatment programs are extremely pricy and longer term care is truly needed. Mental Health and addiction most times go hand in hand. With such short term stays, the addict is just getting clean e...


The dual diagnoses treatment mainly consisted of medicating my child to a non-functioning state that in some ways was worse than heroin addiction. $30,000 with insurance? Absurd. The staff, though w...


Offered meetings, workshops, and counseling. We were involved with her recovery by providing emotional support and reinforcing good habits.


Offered family meetings, family aftercare, three-day family program, Al-Anon meetings. Best place to send a loved one.


Management is sneaky ... Lack of patient concern, money driven.


Facility is client focused with individual treatment plans. Pain management program is the best! Facility provides all levels of care, OP clinics, aftercare and great alumni events. Hosts a great numb...


I think that if a person is ready to go to any lengths to get and stay sober that it doesn't matter much where they go. However, I know that my ability to go the PaRC (Prevention and Recovery Center)...


After leaving the facility, I continued daily groups for 4 weeks. Then aftercare program (my husband & I both) on Saturday for 1 year. Group work included. Having been in treatment before, this was th...


I choose to work the program and stay in the solution.


After care consisted of outpatient in my town.

Areas of Focus
Professionals and Executives Program

Professionals such as nurses, physicians, pilots, and executives are invited to participate in a specialized executive program designed exclusively for professionals. Program offerings include detoxification services, residential treatment, chemical dependency education, intensive outpatient services, family services, support groups, experiential therapy, and more.

Adult Recovery Program

Individuals ages 25 and above are invited to participate in a comprehensive addiction treatment program designed to attend to each client’s individual mental health and substance abuse needs. Program offerings feature life skills, relationships, grief, health education, spirituality, relapse prevention, aftercare, and more.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Matt Feehery, MBA, LCDC
    Matt Feehery, MBA, LCDC - CEO & Executive Director

    Matt Feehery has worked in the addictions treatment field since 1979, first working as a counselor for adolescents and families. He has since served as Executive Director, CEO and consultant for numerous alcohol and drug treatment organizations and psychiatric hospitals throughout the country, including the nation’s first alcohol and drug treatment center, Beech Hill Hospital in New Hampshire. Matt has been the CEO of Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center since 2002. A Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in Texas, Matt is Immediate Past President of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) and also serves on the Behavioral Health Services Council for the Texas Hospital Association (THA). His education includes a MBA in Healthcare Management. In addition to being a LCDC, Matt is an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC). Matt was inducted into the TAAP Hall of Fame in 2013 for his service and commitment to the addiction counseling profession. He received the prestigious George R. Farris Management Excellence Award from Memorial Hermann Health System in 2012, the Behavioral Healthcare Champion Award in 2011, the NAADAC Organizational Achievement Award in 2010, the TAAP Addiction Professional of the Year Award in 2005, the TAAP Counselor of the Year Award in 1995, and the Fr. Charles Wyatt-Brown Distinguished Service Award in 1981.

  • Photo of Dr. Mike Leath, R.Ph, MD
    Dr. Mike Leath, R.Ph, MD - Chief Physician

    In addition to being Chief Physician Mike Leath, R.Ph., M.D., also sees adult patients throughout all levels of care from detox, through residential and until they complete the outpatient program. Dr. Leath was first educated as a Pharmacist, graduating from the University of Houston, College of Pharmacy, in 1982. He was awarded his M.D. degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, in 1987 and completed a Family Practice Program at the University of Texas in 1990. He has worked as an ER physician and is currently working at the PaRC and at Contemporary Medicine Associates as a staff physician. He serves as Medical Director for the Pain in Recovery Program, IOP Programs and Performance Improvement.