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Malvern Institute has helped families struggling with the disease of addiction since 1948. We achieve treatment success through an unrivaled dedication to clinical care. We believe comprehensive recovery is best served through a complete understanding of addiction through a continuum of care model. Malvern treats all patients with compassion and respect, inspiring hope and joy in recovery.

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This was the worst experience of my life. Upon entering the staff mostly nursing treated me like a common criminal. All my medication that was brought by me was thrown away or stolen. When I left the ...


My counselor was the best and lead me onto the path of sobriety and happiness


The Roc program really cares. The support provided by the Roc program not only to him but to the entire family, well after he had finished the program attests to the true nature of the dedication of t...


Upon arriving to this rehab, to make a drop off for a family member, I was so rudely not greeted by a receptionist. She was huffing and puffing and made me feel completely uncomfortable after just dri...


I left Malvern on Jan. 31 2019. I had a fairly good experience there. The staff was helpful and efficient. The amenities need some work. An example..I had only 2 hot showers in the 20 days I was there...


Malvern Institute is focused on money and that's it. I worked there 9 years and due to constant turnover at the corporate level (I had 12 supervisors in my time there), the value is no longer placed o...


Nursing could not get the medication correct at all. The patients run the facility. CA’s were a joke. Counselors were way too busy for any kind of real therapy or healing for patients. Food was scar...


Ruined lives. Worst thing that ever happened to my family. Beware. A loved one had a pill problem. No more pills. Left her beautiful family for druggie losers. All thanks to her new friends at Malvern...


Unfortunately Rehab Centers are a "for profit" organizations and sometimes folks have no other alternative but to be placed in such a facility. Malvern seemed to be understaffed with trying to deal wi...


This place is a dump. Moldy carpets and rooms, dingy common areas. The food is terrible. There is nothing cutting edge, advanced or holistic type treatment. They push pharmaceuticals on you continuous...


This is a place I wouldn’t recommend for anyone as a patient and as a staff member. Patient are running the place. Staff members are fighting with each other the place is chaotic! When it comes to t...


Malvern institute is a wonderful place (for a rehab). The staff is very caring & willing to help in any way they can.


Poor run down building, lack of counselors who really are concerned about patients, Overall just a real scary place! Beware!


Run down, no heat, supervisors ignore patients Some staff too young and disrespectful. All the good CA’s Are leaving. Take your loved one elsewhere!


I had a good stay at , malvern thank you for every thing.


I am grateful for everyone here making my recovery sucessful. The community and small group were great. I appreciate the staff and nursing and the cooks.


All the C.A's are awesome


Poorly ran. Phones are also making their way in. Staff not doing their jobs, new people not being properly searched. Very chaotic rules are not enforced.


CA's were all amazing !Staff was exceptional when it came to anything and any situation. They were always friendly ! I was not impressed by one staff member she needs to learn how to talk to someone ...


Rehab was more than i expected. Had a great recovery and made lots of friends


Malvern is a great place to get help and stay sober. If you want to save you're life please come!


Could use a bit more rules enforcement.


Was as expected


Staff was extremely accomadating and professional.One CA was very empathetic to our needs and joe the counselor was the best


Good program. I wonf be back. Thank you.


The staff and the community really helped me change my perspective on life. I couldn't have asked for a better place to have gone to treatment for the first time. I go here


Excellent CA`s. Overall great facility with knowledgeable counselors and knowledgd of 12 step programs.


Staff was professional and curious


Staff was awesome loved my counselor


Awesome staff


Good food and drinks great people


Get a gym please. Not that i plan on coming back to use it


All the clinical aids are amazingly helpful b and the night staff had a major part in helping me. I had an amazing counsler. Helped so much in a smooth transition and aftercare.


Great food. Great staff. Good groups, meetings and speakers.


Everything was very accomodating for my sobriety process


I loved one staff member, she is the best


Great staff and program was excellent,


The staff is the best thing about this plave. So supportive and instructive.


Nurses and staff were amazing


Great experience. A truly wonderful place they got me drug free and sober. This place has saved my life my wife and kids are so glad to have me back home in 100% . I would recommend this place to anyo...


Great counselors, staff and food.


Excellent staff, excellent food, structured program


Second shift staff is the best


This rehab was the most pleasant stay as opposed to others i i have been, staff is awesome and the food is great.


Staff is awesome


I highly recommend anyone seeking treatment to come to Malvern.


Everything was great


Everything was good.


Staff, housekeeping, kitchen and maintenance were great. They showed me nothing but respect throughout my treatment. I can easily say they have started me on a life saving path. I will miss the staff ...


Excellent staff and nursing. The food rocks!


Great service and care


Thanks guys!


All staff members were extremely helpful and considerate


I ve been in three differant rehabs n by far this is the best one all around treatment staff and the camunaty ty guys very much i hope to be one of the people coming back to share me success store ty ...


Impeccable overall treatment from councelor and clinical staff to nursing and physicians. I am leaving after a 31 day stay with tools aquired to maintain my sobriety. Malvern assisted with making all ...


Wished for stronger counseling


I attended Malvern on king road last year and it was a great experience. Granted the building is old and definitely needs updating, but the staff and other patients have become friends. I was also the...


This was the first rehab that I attended (King Road), and looking back, I can see how mediocre it really was. It’s the oldest rehab in Pennsylvania, and it shows, with outdated facilities (including...


I asked for a private room, was provided one for 2 days, my room was gone through with out my knowledge and everything was disheveled. I was Over mediated and after asking that my sleep meds be lowere...


The facility is a complete dump in a 1920's era building with zero upgrades. Rooms are bare bones, awful beds and zero natural light or anywhere in the building. Food is awful. Clinical staff only wan...


The facility may have some points however we did not find them. The counselors were not motivated to a scared and vulnerable patient. The communication is horrible with family even with full consent. ...


We waited over 4 hours to have a loved one admitted to the Willow Grove location. Insurance was verified at the beginning of the week but made us wait another three hours to call it in again. Staff wa...


The first 25 hours I was completely ignored! Most of the nurses were awful! We the patients were belittled, humiliated, judged or ignored by the nurses...As for the staff, few good ones but the others...


I dropped my wife off thinking she was in good hands! My first visit, she looked and felt as sick as she did after 9 days! Took her immediately out and took her to Valley Forge! She is finally in g...


Allentown out patient is awful. The guy that runs it stinks!!!


Stay away!!! Awful. Awful. Awful.


I would not recommend. Never listened. Counselor took cell calls during our family meeting. We asked them to get daughter in lining term rehab . Said if she wants drugs she will find anywhere. Told fi...


It's kind of comfortable and attractive. Staff confused and treatment proved quite ineffective. Very disappointing; overrated !!


No nonsense, set limits and stuck to them. Very willing to speak and work with family members after patient gives permission. Mental health evaluation did not take place due to scheduling even though ...


Friendliness, acceptance, meetings. Lack of enough staff, lack of adequate (minimal) psychiatric care, lack of family involvement. I had an overall good experience. My 28 days there could have been i...


Close to Home which was a strength. Bathrooms NOT clean! Consulars were not always avaliable


Most of the consuelors were addicts themselves, so they could relate better. Food, except for the breakfast was very bad. There was not enough one on one, you really had to want to get better and seek...


They focused on each person separately for their needs, nice place. My husband was there for a 3 month program. Came out a lot better, made him think of others instead of just himself. They wanted hi...


attended counsel sessions Pottstown & I would never refer anyone to their service. For a facility that should be focused on care & helpfulness to the people they counsel I felt no help at all. No phon...


In a word, TERRIBLE!!! Find another rehab facility.


It was good.


The Counselors were all very caring and involved. Could use some dehumidifiers or something to get out the musty/moldy smell of the carpets. I found the treatment fair, not enjoyable, but fair. I cho...


My son was discharged without any type of after care plan. We were told a plan was in place, but not surprised there wasn\'t since there was no communication at all during his stay. Sad my son wasted ...


The staff, schedule, nutrition and location were all wonderful. However, the facility may be a little too small. The staff and their connection with surrounding communities are impressive.


It was a very comfortable facility that facilitated excellent recovery. However, there were no exercise options.


The counselors were excellent. It could have been a little cleaner. I also think a little more one-on-one counseling would have been helpful.


The people at the facility seem to care about their patients. The facility is well kept and in a nice, homey location. The people there are very friendly. A downfall of the facility is that because i...


I liked the facility and it was close to my home. All of the counselors were in recovery. It has been 27 years since I was there; I had a really good time and loved the staff. Has it changed? I don't ...


There were many young (18 to 20s) people at this facility. As an older (late 40s) person, I felt that much time was wasted on policing immature adults and less focus on treatment. Strengths were the ...


Changed my life! Started me on the road to sobriety. I had a very positive and effective experience. The staff was knowledgable and caring. I didn't know much about addiction prior to entering treatme...


It is an amazing place with great help and it saved my life. Great program


Overall,very effective


From the director on down. everyone was in some form of recovery. Doctors included

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of David Lumpkin, M.S.W., L.S.W
    David Lumpkin, M.S.W., L.S.W - Executive Director - King Road campus

    David Lumpkin, M.S.W., L.S.W, is the Executive Director at our King Road campus. He joined Malvern Institute as a primary counselor in 2011. Two years later, David became the site supervisor of the Berwyn outpatient site until he was named executive director at King Road March 2017. His career has strongly focused on clinical treatment and patient care all along the treatment continuum, from outpatient therapy, to inpatient detoxification and residential services, to addiction treatment research. His clinical training focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Prior to joining Malvern, David developed professionally at the VA hospital of Syracuse, New York, Mercy Philadelphia Hospital, and the Charles O’Brien Treatment Research Center of the University of Pennsylvania medical school. David has a B.A. in Psychology from Syracuse University and a Master of Social Work from University of Pennsylvania.