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Livengrin Foundation is one of the first non-hospital facilities in Pennsylvania to treat alcoholism, and was founded on the belief that communities who help those who are suffering from addiction will ultimately become stronger and more effective. Livengrin offers both residential and outpatient programs, as well as family and alumni support to help move clients from addiction to freedom. With an experienced and caring staff, Livengrin treats each individual with the utmost care and respect that fosters long-term, sustainable recovery.

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8/14/21 Detox services Pros: Very clean Cons: Very short staff, especially weekends I stayed 1.5 days and then wanted to be discarded; as-well-as a few of other guys that had had enough. I waited t...


Why doesn\'t these reviews have dates on them? They can be from 5-10-15-20 yrs.ago. I was in there in 2000 something and they were pretty good. There\'s one nurse that\'s VERY rude and has been on t...


Facility is awful. I had a relative there and we had problems with 2 staff members ... they are controlling and withheld vital information from our loved one. When I complained on social media their V...


Livengrin refuses to address legitimate concerns and questions. Asking them a question about why they don\'t answer questions or respond to negative reviews on their Facebook page results in deletion ...


Strengths: Family programs, counselors. Some weaknesses: Food, detox rooms


When attending this program I found it very inconsistent as I tried to put my life and professional identity back together. A treatment program need offer a means to regain strength and hope. It\'s ...


Inpatient treatment and staff were very good. The health care providers program leaves a lot to be desired. The center city o/p program for health care providers, is so poor, I cannot believe that the...


Please do not go there very insensitive staff, they make it seem nice in the beginning and as soon as your family leaves they get nasty, don\'t tell you where your room is at just rummage through your...


Great staff. Follow up care lacking. They care and are well trained


Very personable but not enough beds. This rehab helped my brother tremendously! I would highly recommend it for anyone who really desires help!


It works but only 12 steps are encouraged. I went into this facility a broken man dependant on heroin. And within 28 days I was repaired enough to become a successful member of society and equiped wit...


Staff was good but costly. Check costly carefully


Nice doctors, the food wasn't good. A loved one attended


Strengths: great setting, very peaceful , eliminates distractions but needs more attention to individual needs. I think this facility was extremely valuable since my relative has not since relapsed an...


Great doctors.


It's hard to point out positives while detoxing. My brother used for opiate addiction. Very good friend for alcohol. Both eventually successful.


The one on one counseling was a strength. Not enough time with one on one sessions but Counselors are compassionate


Faculty and staff are excellent. A centralized inpatient facility and variety of outpatient locations for continued care. Good alumni followup and continued fellowship. Only private insurance accepted...


Friendly yet professional staff. Facility well naintained. Discharge planning follow up was weakness. In a suburban housing community yet feels secluded and private


They help the person and there loved to deal with issues. That were able to take my love one and get them help and countinue help after they were done in the treatment


very helpful


The facility was clean. The facility didn't include my family in the treatment process. They didn't give adequate connection to the outside world. They didn't have exercise classes. This was a low in...


My brother went there on his own, something they did got through to him but we knew he had to go on his own. He has been sober ever since!


Cleanliness was a strength. Staff could've been better. Hire people with experience


To help in get better, It's was amazing learning


They were disciplined with the meeting schedules. Not efficient with medication disputation. Staff wasn't friendly or equpped well enough for the clients in the state they're in and dealing with whil...


They were able to help my family member in a way that no one else was able to. It was 7 years ago and my family member is still in recovery and taking it day by day. They were able to do what others w...


residential drug treatment programs are the best tool available when it comes to helping a current drug addict become a recovering addict.


THE BAD: the nursing staff and so called doctor on site was clueless on benzo taper a 3 day taper DOES NOT WORK!!! I was then sent to the rehab side where the houses were beautiful and you got 3 healt...


AVOID this place at all cost you can not detox off anything in 3-5 days. Go through your doctor or for painkillers get into a suboxone program. Food was actually good along with the houses. Staff was ...


I would NOT recommend the Livengrin outpatient program. On 12/07/15 at about 10:45 AM I called this rehab to schedule an intake evaluation appointment because I am reaching out to get help & turn my l...


They helped my love one get better and into Asians living so they are more helpful. i think my loved one could of had more communication with us. LivingGreen was good for my love one what they did was...




It was worth the cost because there was Individual direction and counselors that were honest. Therapists told me exactly who I was and guided me based on what defects they saw the minute I came throug...


excellent program.


It was a good facility.


Decent facility


Great counselors. Clean and spacious rooms. Not enough non therapeutic activities. The best decision I've ever made was going to Livengrin.


Strengths include: Caring and helpful staff -very structured days -lots of groups and lectures during the day -family therapy -The Day of Enlightenment lecture to educate family members on addict...


The location was great and all who received treatment are still in recovery.


In my time at Livengrin I was provided a much needed step to transition from using to clean time. It's not easy but it can save your life if you want it to! Knowledge of addiction by a strong staff wi...


Counselors are always available. Facility is very nice and clean. Housing was exceptional. Daily classes were very informative. Aftercare classes and alumni meetings keep you involved. The food was g...


Well trained counselors. My loved one has benefitted from this facility. He uses the skills he learned in his continued recovery. However, the facility could use some updating.


The treatment was excellent, I would highly recommend it.


This facility has a very good detox program, as well as rehab program. Rehab program has amazing housing, which is separated between women and men. Strengths included: experienced staff, dual diagnosi...


The counselors were great; they helped my brother big time. The visiting hours were limited. Other than visiting hours, I can't complain.


Don't go when they can't check insurance on weekends unless u can afford to pay! Big downfall! Very disappointed in their financial staff! Didn't have enough time to see how good they could have b...


Communication and dedication was excellent. They really care about making you understand your disease. The food was terrible, but keep in mind I was there 22 years ago. I still remember every counselo...


My aftercare treatment was Intensive Outpatient Therapy for 10 weeks. This treatment facility saved my life. It is top notch and I highly recommend it to anyone , any age, to begin the process of rec...


It helped me.


I haven't had any alcohol since 5 days prior to entering.


Strengths included: Dual recovery treatment, and 12 step work, as well as small group and individually therapy. It was a caring facility.


I was here for detox. Although I was bored & miserable the time I spent with the staff always went surprisingly well. The nurses are so nice, the counselors are very professional. I left and they stil...


Great Place. The staff is wonderful. The detox area is a bit old.


You are given the tools for living sober. Use them and each day becomes easier.


Livengrin has a lot staff techs who are in recovery themselves. When discussing your problems & issues you know they know exactly how your feeling.


Strong level of concern and care for patients. Staff holds patients accountable.


I understand that personal visits can be risky, but it would have been nice to be able to see my friend. Too expensive and too easy for former patients to relapse with no added support


Facility is great but the our son is still in denial.


I wish the out of pocket costs were less. I feel $400.00 a day for detox is to high.


Good treatment.


Helped my kid become and stay clean.


This rehab has been around for a very long time and always looks to improve! Their counsolers work with the family are are wonderful to deal with. Livengren is a very professional, helpful and caring ...


Livengrin Foundation gives you every opportunity to succeed in your recovery, the counselors are there to guide you, giving you the tools for success in your recovery. not to mention the aftercare the...


I highly recommend Livengrin.


Aftercare consisted of intense outpatient at Livengrin then general outpatient.


Went to four to five group meetings per day. Helped me out a lot.

Areas of Focus
Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.


Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

Key Staff Members
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    Dr. Mark Wallen - Medical Director

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    Richard M. Pine - President & CEO