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Treatment Insights

Lakeview Health is a nationally recognized, licensed and accredited, private drug and alcohol rehab center in Jacksonville, Florida. We know people can and do recover from addiction. At Lakeview Health, we offer gender-responsive treatment that lends to the specific addiction treatment needs of men and women. Lakeview Health sits on a 10+ acre campus that includes our gender-separate women’s program, the Rose of Lakeview and our men’s program, the Star of Lakeview. Additionally, we believe that a holistic approach offers people the ability to heal their mind, body, and soul, so we have a state-of-the-art wellness center and incorporate holistic therapies such as yoga, art, and mindfulness. Lakeview’s experienced and empathetic staff treats patients based on individual issues and personality traits. Lakeview employs a continuum of care treatment model that includes dual-diagnosis treatment, family, and alumni programs. You can learn more about how Lakeview Health can help you or your loved one by visiting or calling us at (877) 666-1447.

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very excellent recovery center they helped save my life i loved all of the staff,the structure is great and they do truly care about your recovery and well being. i would highly suggest this program t...


Thank you Lakeview for everything you have given me. I absolutely loved being here and especially all the staff there. Leaving all the staff was the hardest part about going there. It's said that the ...


It's about money first then maybe our health.


I owe my life to Lakeview! Without the help, education care that I received from their amazing treatment team & staff, I do not think I would be alive today! I am currently 3 years clean & sober from ...


You encouraged my daughter to cut ties with her family and friends! We are begging everyone there to return calls, e-mails something! What is happening? We love and support our child in every possible...


Do not attend this facility. They will tell you anything to get you through the door! If you need to make phone calls to set up discharge they will freeze your funds and block all phone calls. I left ...


Beautiful facility. Appreciated the opportunity for family counseling and the family workshops.


Everyone at the facility, from the therapists to the Behavior Health Associates were very helpful. Each person had their own story to tell and I could see that they had a vested interest in my recover...


First off if you don't feel like reading this just at least know that this is a great review of Lakeview. Just a brief history of myself, I come from a good family but had experienced trauma in my you...

Muriel B

I give Lakeview the credit for helping me get my life back. Lakeview not only treats your addiction but your mental health as well. They provide you with the tools to live a clean and sober life.


Lake view changed me I love the place the people are very friendly they come up to you and talk to I loved my stay their.


Lakeview saved my life, I couldn't stop drinking. Thanks to the great therapists & staff I am a year Sober today.


The folks at Lakeview treated me like gold. The turnaround in my life is a miracle and Lakeview played a very large part in many ways. I did not believe I was going to get well let alone become a pr...


Lakeview saved my life there\'s no other way to state it. Sure I made the difficult choice to walk through the door Lakeview Health made it easy to commit and stay. The staff was amazing from initial ...


This program definitely gave me the tools I needed to change my life. My sister went there a few years ago and it had changed a lot when I arrived a year ago. My Therapist was amazing and definitely h...


After receiving treatment at Lakeview in 2010 I was able to stay clean for five plus years. At that time I was somewhat unimpressed with their amenities and the food I received throughout the treatmen...


Great councilors and very good programs. Bedtime was way to early, and some of the staff members were a little rude and disrespectful. All in all I came out of it feeling that it had a positive impact...


Good counselors; i liked the atmosphere


The therapists are the truly live savers. One therapists took an great interest in helping my son. Lakeview saved my son. This program works.


Dual diagnosis? My daughter never saw a Psychiatrist, nor a complete psychiatric evaluation. Other \"therapies\" offered (horse, beach, anything off-campus) - no. Unheard of HUGE bills ( you think t...


I really have a great respect for this facility, upon arrival I was given the ultimate treatment for my chemical dependency of drugs and alcohol. I was truly ready to change my life and Lakeview offe...


They were very caring and concerned. Lakeview is one of the best treatment centers in USA; they are understanding, caring, loving and the staff is terriffic. You can't find a better place for treatmen...


I am glad I was able to overcome my addictions, but I believe it should be simpler for people w/o money or insurance to have the same chance I was able to get. I can't complain, it was not supposed t...


Lakeview saved my life. I walked in there broken, depressed, at my wits end and I let them take over every aspect of my life. I surrendered and when I did that life got easier. Role playing in the gro...


Lakeview Health has transitioned into one of the leading dual diagnosis treatment facilities in the country. They customize treatment to meet the needs of every person who comes through the door. Deto...


I really can appreciate the one on one care for your needs. They are definitely passionate about helping others. I think the best quality was the relationships staff has with clients. They are sincere...


They are in the addiction treatment business, and they did just that. The value of this place is the treatment, while the facilities are nice. This place was not a spa environment. No swimming pool, ...


Even if Lakeview were [upscale], it would not matter in the overall effectiveness of the rehab programm. The addict/alcoholic must be receptive, honest and willing to make the life changes in order to...


It was expensive, but it worked. Saved my life. Food was horrible. Very demoralizing.


Helped me out.


It just helped with everything


Awesome family of recovering addicts. Absolutely saved my life


The level of treatment that I received while at Lakeview was exceptional. They took into consideration my dietary needs. The staff were professional while still making you feel at home and relaxed and...




It was okay.

Areas of Focus
Holistic Therapy

Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Key Staff Members
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    Kevin Holbert, MD - Chief of Staff

    Kevin Holbert is chief of staff at Lakeview Health. He was named associate medical director in early 2014. He also completed an addiction medicine fellowship at Lakeview through its partnership with the University of Florida and the Division of Addiction Medicine at UF and its treatment program, the Florida Recovery Center. He has more than 10 years of experience in the addiction medicine field, which includes research publications and numerous presentations throughout the Southeast. He earned his medical degree from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. He completed residency training in family medicine and general psychiatry, as well as subspecialty training in child and adolescent, forensic, and geriatric psychiatry.

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    Amanda Jack, LMHC - Clinical Director

    Amanda Jack is a licensed mental health counselor and has been working in the mental health field with dually diagnosed patients since 2002. As clinical director, she leads the clinical team in providing quality patient care. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Ball State University. “What motivates me is helping people see value in themselves and encouraging people to share their strengths. I am fulfilled when people around me can accept and love who they are and what they contribute.”