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Lakeside Behavioral Health System exists to provide quality psychiatric and addiction healthcare services that: Patients will recommend to family and friends, Physicians will prefer for their patients, Payers will select for their members, Employees will be proud of.

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Not happy with the staff at Lakeside, This will be the third time my Mother has been treated there , the first two times went well , but after today she will not be back again.


Short because of insurance limitations


Would NOT recommend


Worse hosiptial for a adolescents.


It actually wasn\'t that bad staff was somewhat okay Food was decent I actually gained weight the other girls That were in there were pretty nice. Didn\'t really have programs That focused on anxi...


I regret sending my son here. Someone made false allegations against me... The food is horrible, gave me and my other son upset stomachs. I felt like the workers were only there after our money, and w...


BEWARE: Nothing like getting the help you need from Lakeside and then they send you to a Collections Agency, EVEN IF YOU ARE PAYING THEM ON A REGULAR BASIS! I guess THEY DON\'T CARE about you after yo...


This place is the worst place you could possibly go to. My sister went willingly to try and get help over a horrible break up that really did her in. When she was in the hospital they told her she wo...


I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. I would have 3 minute meeting with my psychiatrist. After I was released from this prison I unfortunately mage an appointment with the same psychiatrist...


Security wanted to check my car for weapons. Last day, they took me for an MRI. Technician said wait a minute so you can take a disc to your doctor. Driver said she didn\'t have time.Told me it would ...




Friendly people that truly want to help. They need to keep the violent patients separate from each other From the moment I checked a loved one in I knew they were in great hands.


Great programs and staff. It helped a close loved one


Great for recovery Theyre great people


The is modern and up to date. The staff there is competent. It is not real cheap to go there. A family member went there. When I visited this person there, she was very happy with the place and the ...


The physical facilities and the staff there. the cost to go there for treatment is expensive. This facility is in a nice location. And I myself was very much inspired by the physical setting of this ...




at the time, this facility helped me become a drug-free person


Nutrition and food the food is terrible !!


They have little on activities and don't allow you to watch much tv


Good nurses Seem understaffed


Detox program was very helpfull. Boring classes with repeat information. Treatment is only going to work if you are actually ready to get sober.


The locaruoon The cost was expensive. The admissions process for a person in crisis was not easy to negotiate. They acted as if they did not want to help us to avert a potentially dangerous situation....


counselors that understand and the sponsers once you leave i personally did not find any except maybe for the price this facility helps people who want help and are willing to commit to getting clean ...


education and security it has different treatment for childrens and adults


Very helpful and friendly staff Very sterile environment Was helpful


Hands on, personal touch, spiritual Time limted, which was a negative. My mother was an alcoholic and lake side helped me to cope while my mother received excellent care. I strongly recommend 😊


we had several meetings a day, we would discuss our strenght and weaknesses


My daughter was released from this tragedy on today. She had been there for a week, when she was supposed to only be there for a few days. Communication is nada and only 1 or 2 people treat them with ...


I spent two weeks at LS in 2016. It was extremely beneficial for me. The staff was helpful and kind, but there are rules they must enforce naturally. The Dr and his resident were great. They took time...


The detox was to go sit & watch TV. I left.


I asked my mother to drive me from a neighboring state so that I could detox off my pain meds for a severe pain condition. Our plan was to check it out and leave if it was a substandard hospital. The ...


Went there for my anxiety and depression. There for 3 and a half days and i had over 10 panic attacks. staff's rudeness and discomfort was unbearable. Advisors yelled and showed no care. It was horrib...


Not enough ways for people who can't afford it to receive treatment. They included family in treatment which was wonderful.


It helped me in my need to stop using drugs. The classes were wonderful but the food was a downfall.


Some staff members were extremely caring. However, I did not feel that the treatment was fully successful for myself and others.


In my situation, I honestly was taught that I had a serious problems. My stay was helpful in most ways. It positively improved my well- being as a person.


They can help a person in a short time.


The counseling was great. It works if you apply yourself, otherwise it's a waste of time.


I think the treatments should focus on more long term improvement than just monetary help.


For me the biggest advantage was closeness to home and the staff, especially the "under" staff were very helpful. Be courteous to the "understaff" because they are the ones who help you through this....


They have lots of experience. However, the location was a downfall.


I went in for depression and the staff was very bossy for the most part and I didn't feel like they cared about how I was feeling at all. For as much money that I paid I could have been treated much b...


I went to the trp program almost 2 years ago and I would have to say this was the worst... I felt as if I was just a number or a insurance claim to these people... This was my first experience with re...


The facility is good. Several of the counselors are absolutely outstanding. Several should seek another career path. I got more out of aftercare than I did my 7 days of inpatient detox.


Much more interested in financial gain than patient progress/well being. Nice campus; lousy staff. Facility has low long-term success rate and poorly qualified staff. Much more interested in money t...


My husband was a recovering alcoholic himself and it was mainly him who was a major factor in decision in my step son going there there. He was very knowledgeable about rehab facilities and his son ha...


It did not help. It feels like a jail due to the cages and magnetic locking doors, even though this is a voluntary treatment center. It makes you feel like you are being forced to recover rather than ...


Good, supportive group sessions, but very short on individualized counseling, etc. No specific treatment for treatment of depression or anxiety.


Dirty and creepy. It did not help me. When I was released I turned to yoga, holistic eating meditation. That is what helped. Leaned heavily on AA. Did not meet my needs. I was physically unsafe her...


Worst experience of my life is short of being depressed... there were no recreational activities other than a central television which no one had anything over what was on the counseling was non-exist...


$1,500 for 36 hours? Ridiculous. Just a warehouse to hold people and bill insurance companies. Terrible facility. Staff completely unsupportive.


Lakeside helped me out.

Areas of Focus
Chemical Dependency, Substance Abuse & Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occuring Disorders)

At Lakeside, we know that chemical dependency is not a character deficiency or moral weakness. It is progressive, potentially fatal disease that has long-term emotional and physical impact on the individual and the whole family. When it is accompanied by other mental health problems, it is important to treat both. At least 30% of the people who recognize their alcohol and/or drug abuse also have emotional disorders. Addictive behaviors are more likely to continue unless these disorders are recognized and treated.

Mental Health Treatment

Lakeside has long been a leader in the treatment of illnesses that effect mental health. Our programs allow each person to grow and learn from those in similar situations. Each patient gains the education, skills training and symptom management to cope effectively with their illness and life stressors. Lakeside’s Mental Health Program is an opportunity to bring joy back into their lives.

Key Staff Members

    Felicia Swauncy joined Lakeside Behavioral Health System as Chief Financial Officer in February 2007. She has served in a variety of roles in Finance for 20 years. She was previously the CFO at Health South in Memphis for two years, Director of Finance at Memphis Area Transit Authority for almost nine years and Controller at Elder Care for five years. She is a graduate of Christian Brothers University and Central Michigan University. She is a graduate and member of Leadership Memphis. She resides with her husband and three children in Memphis.

  • Photo of JOY GOLDEN

    Joy Golden is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Lakeside Behavioral Health System in Memphis, TN. Joy has worked in the healthcare industry since 1978 where she started her career at Methodist Healthcare as Corporate Human Resources Director. During her 22 years with Methodist, Joy managed labor and employee relations, risk management, benefit administration, the employee health clinic and functioned as the legal consultant for all FAA guidelines for employee health for the Hospital Air Wing Ambulance Service. She graduated from nursing school in 1996 and is currently a Registered Nurse in Tennessee. Joy has been working as a psychiatric nurse at Lakeside since 1997 during which time she has held the positions of Charge Nurse and House Supervisor. Prior to being named Chief Operating Officer, Joy served as Chief Nursing Officer. Joy taught Labor Relations and Employment Law at the University of Tennessee College of Allied Health from 1992 to 1999.