Keystone Treatment Center

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1010 E. 2nd Street
Canton, SD 57013
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My son had attentive one on one counseling plus group


They had great services for expanding and practicing spirituality. The building was not a very good building. Had a low number of staff. Food was not good tasting. The staff were disrespectful and t...


It helps me cope with my problems well it kind of eliminates me from going online or doing things that would jeopardize my rehab but i guess its a good thing but its my weakness I was there for about ...


Group and family counseling. This treatment center is excellent


The program was great the scheduling was well put together and the procedures are far you can leave if you want no one is making you stay When you first get their ye Friday week you can sleep or say ...


not a traditional Native American program as promised. treatment of patients by staff was bad. fell short all the way around.


This place was more concerned about what payment method than helping my wife. They said she was rehabed after 30 days there. 4 days later it got worse. Do not waste your time there.


My wife went there for 30 days, counselors said she was clean and and would be sober. Concerned I asked if they were positive. They told me yes, my wife was good to go. Less than 3 days later it was l...


The facility is outdated. They allow too many men to check in, which overloads their nurses and counselors. Due to the large numbers, patients are not getting the needed counseling (individual). Th...


The food could use some work. More healthy options would be nice such as fresh vegetables on the salad bar.


this was a terrible experience. Very little to none as far as counseling goes.Everything you pay for can be done for free at anyAA meeting. Outdated and bad living accomodations. Do not go here!!!!


My son was there over a year ago i would definitely would not recommend this facility for anyone under 18! Poor supervision untrained counsellors. No communication with parents.


Antiquated outdated former run down college campus! I met prisoners in here that wanted to go back to the State Penitentiary rather than do their time in this horrible place. I was there in the Winter...


I cannot say enough how good the staff was at Keystone. ALL staff were excellent from kitchen people to director of operations.


Many weaknesses of the facility. Poor quality of staff.


Strengths: Counselors, Nurses, Doctors and Admin. And speaker meetings. Improvements needed: Offering more classes,ie yoga, nutrition, relaxation. This facility helped my daughter and she is now 7 mos...


If a person wants to change their life, Keystone is the place to go. They have a really good program overall. Better than the place where I did outpatient. The food is kind of blah.


It was the right program at the right time for me. It worked for me, but the physical facility itself was not nice.


Positive staff interactions. My family member had a positive experience.


They are very deliberate in their counseling. However, they are are quite expensive. I was there and had a good experience. They even did numerous follow up calls to make sure I was doing well.


They have a high success rate; however, the waiting list is a downfall. I loved the AA or NA meetings we had every night. There was always a good speaker.


I would recommend this facility; they had a wonderful 12-Step program.


As an atheist, the whole AA thing doesn't work for me. It is a rundown place with mostly patients that are thugs who are only there to avoid jail.


I believe a longer stay than 30 days is needed for maximum result. I would prefer a treatment facility with more exposure to leisure activities, physical exercise options/facilities and information co...


My family member seemed to like the facility.


Their approach is non confrontational and in a manner of an AA/ NA group that is more like camp. If I were to need this place again, they would welcome me with open arms and treat me like every other ...


We had 5 group meetings per day. I enjoyed our leisure activities but I felt that the staff could have been more supportive and the facility could have offered more holistic opportunities.