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Carbondale, PA 18407
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Just Believe Recovery Carbondale is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Carbondale PA that offers personalized treatment options. We employ licensed and experienced professionals who have the ability to diagnose and treat addiction as well as mental health disorders. By utilizing the integrative and personalized approach to addiction treatment, we’ve helped many individuals create the stepping stones toward addiction recovery. We’ve helped make it possible to move forward with those stepping stones to achieve sobriety.

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I went through Just Believe recovery center in Carbondale Pennsylvania just a little over nine months ago. After overdoses and just a life of misery it was time I got help me. Help came in the form of...


just believe was awesome I’m so glad I went there they helped me a lot and I’m going on 2 years thank u all


I was a mess in life and emotionally bankrupt. I had to find a better way to live ot else death was the only thing i would know. I didn\'t know if any rehab could help mr but I gave it only last try I...


Horrible horrible horrible, first time I was in and I will never go back, was treated like crap especially by a guy on third shift who did not like me for whatever reason I’ll never know, I wouldn...


I can’t speak for this facilities’ ability to heal and help individuals, however, the organizational aspect was a major disappointment. We waited a week from our first call to them before there we...


Horrid place to be at for treatment. No nursing that is available, no one actually cares, no one to talk to, no phone calls until 8 days, no programs of helping the addict, it was lets say a complete ...


This place was dirty, the staff unprofessional. The groups were ran as if they were an obligation to the staff. And narcotics anonymous was pushed on us patients when it has one of the lowest recovery...


Very disappointed in the service and treatment at this facility. The counselors were untrained and unresponsive, as was administration. The website says they are dual diagnosis, they are NOT and do no...


Awful place! Just drug you up and send you on for treatment with their cohorts!!! Doesn't concentrate on recovery as they let visitors confront patients just entering recovery! All rules broken!


Awful. Should be shut down, unprofessional. too many ODs while "getting help", too many staff members who cross boundaries.


Great counselors who are all about the clients recovery.


Corrupt Modes based solely on money. No personal time with councilors. Pretends it's dual diagnosis, but can't even handle 1 diagnosis. Place is filthy. Avoid this rehab completely.


Absolutely horrible establishment. Never keep anyone informed on what is going on with a family member. Also my brother overdosed in the facility and they NEVER contacted us we found out through a fri...


Just believe helped me so much to live today,it works,the staff really cares and are passionate about recovery


The staff is exceptional, dedicated,great atmosphere, comfortable beds


Disorganized, lack of counseling, facility was dirty and lack of respect for religion.


I love this facility. I learned so much and I brought everything I learned home with me. The staff is amazing. I recommend everyone to give this place a shot if they're struggling!


Im thankfully sober now but this place did not help. Sure the food was good the beds were comfortable but I was there for 30 days and did nothing but go on a smoke break every 30 mins. They are inexpe...


I will be honest and say this is the only rehab I've ever been in but also admit because of that I will NEVER choose to do inpatient again! MOST of the techs are amazing loving and generally care, how...


Very well structured, Love the facility and the views outside!


My husband just recently was at this rehab facility in PA. The techs at night are horrible he said... I would call the nurses station because their is a seven day block that you can't speak to your lo...


The place is a mess. The owner awful...


Horrible place tumbs down... its disgusting


I enjoyed the people I have met and some of the staff are the sweetest most caring people but there\'s a good amount of staff that were not helpful in any way as well as being very belittling. I am no...


Not the worst but needs improvement for sure.


The facility is a very well based 12 step program.They are a fairly new facility in carbondale and every new facility has to work out kinks that what happens when opening a new facility only open over...


Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about the disease process of addiction and help the clients work toward a long term recovery plan. They offer suggestions and solutions to the questions and pr...


The best Recovery Center Ive ever been to as a client and worked for as a staff member. The treatment i recieved was so amazing. Most of the staff being in recovery makes it so comfortable to open up....


As someone who has went through the recovery center/halfway house connected to the recovery center, I would have to say I definitely received the insight that I needed on addiction and met wonderful p...


Great place that saved my life and will do for many more that want it.


I absolutely love just believe I was a client there and today I work there! This place gave me your life back!


This facility was wonderful! They loved me until I could love myself. The food was great, the place was immaculate and the groups were so helpful. Everyone was so friendly and they truly did care. ...


Employees are recovering also. Food is good. They go out of their way to get client into treatment, rides, scholarships. They truly care about their clients from Administration to techs. Not enoug...


Truly recovery based. This program has helped me like no other. I would not be here today if it wasn\'t for the staff at Just Believe.


Well Staffed.


Staff are genuine and food services are top notch It was a hospital previously I don't have anything to add


Everyone works as team. Positive outcomes for clients No weakness. Always improving. The team comes together to help anyone who is seeking help.


Employees care for the clients no matter what position employee holds. There is always someone to talk to


Staff was nice. Need more rec therapy It is a nice place to work for. Our staff is completely dedicated to the recovery of our clients. Clients are not just a dollar sign in our facility.


Counselors and client care Under staffed I thought it was a wonderful environment and they worked with there clients after they have left the facility.


Experienced, passionate staff Haven't found any yet Massage Therapy is excellent, great staff who is experienced in 12 Step recovery, clean facility


Everyone who works there seems to be spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy. They aren't distracted by the business end of things, their only focus seems to on the wellness of patients. It is ...


Everyone is given the chance to participate in their recovery and to those clients who have successfully shown a transformation job opportunities have been offered. tech turn over is too high, company...


more recovery meetings speakers out-side meetings books readings ect.


Strong focus on client care and ability to adapt to specific client needs. This treatment center will go above and beyond for their clients. As a member of the Just Believe TEAM and having worked for ...


Even before I arrived at Just Believe Recovery Center in Carbondale, I felt relieved that people genuinely cared for me when I couldn’t care for myself. I cannot think of anyone who DIDN’T go a...


Strengths: cleanliness, counselors experience, wonderful staff. Needs more recreational therapy, should have a few co-ed groups. Wonderful place to work. All of the staff is dedicated to giving the be...


Holistic Approach. Individualized Treatment Planning. Lots of time for Individual Therapy. Biofeedback Bed. Massage Therapy. Therapists who care. Residential Program was only 28 days, I wish I could ...


Great team atmosphere which is encouraging and hopeful. Its like getting a new family and one where recovery is a real option for life. The staff is always available to talk to and help.


Family oriented Accommodating to all types of needs. Loving, friendly, and non-judge mental atmosphere. I would choose this facility for my loved one because they care so much about my recovery and ...


JBRC is a very tight knit center that treats everyone as they would want their own family treated. Communication on clients progress,behaviors and mental state is outstanding. There is always someone ...


They focus on step work & they have a staff that genuinely cares. The building used to be a hospital, so it has a little bit of an institutional feel. However the warmth of the staff makes up for it. ...


counseling was a strength and the staff experience a weakness. This program is fair and for the clients. This program also believe in second chances.


1-1 communication with clients. Techs have a better understanding of clients and can relate with them on a personal level being as how all Techs are in recovery themselves. The nursing staff are very ...


Therapists, groups and food


Kind staff, works with your budget, helps you through all levels of care. This facility is very efficient in admitting people quickly. The staff helps you through each step of the admissions process. ...


A compassionate staff that treats the clients needs. It's not a cookie cutter program. Main focus is on treatment and not amenities, I was hopeless and thought my life would never get better. I used a...


Caring, Loving Staff but Limited Outdoor Activities. This facility offers a ful continuum of care to include Detox, Residential, Sober Living (Pocket Full of Hope), Intensive Out Patient and Out Pati...


Top notch counseling, Met my needs.


The atmosphere is always positive and welcoming to all. No matter when your at in your addiction we can help. We will meet you where you're and help you get to where you want to be.


Just Believe actually cares about its clients. They don't bottom-line or withhold help. The staff all takes pride in what they do and cares about every person that walks through the doors. Just Believ...


Compassionate and Caring staff, Just Believe recovery Center Carbondale Pa is extremely qualified to help others with coming to terms with there disease. The kindness and compassion that is shown from...

Areas of Focus
Process Abuse Treatment

Not all addictions involve mood-altering chemicals. The term “process addiction” describes the unhealthy use of behaviors (including eating, gambling, sexual activity, shopping, internet use, etc.) that has spiraled out of control and into the realm of addiction.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a highly specific, research-validated form of therapy that can help people overcome traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. With EMDR, a trained practitioner uses bilateral stimulation, eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain as a patient recounts certain experiences and memories as a way to more thoroughly process uncomfortable, painful feelings.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Ms. Cynthia Bellino
    Ms. Cynthia Bellino - Executive Director

    Cindy has 20 years of experience in the field of substance abuse. She founded, developed and operated two programs: Serenity House, a women’s halfway house in Jensen Beach, Florida, and the creation of a not-for-profit program, A Pocket Full Of H.O.P.E., Inc. established in 2007 in Pennsylvania that provides housing and support for recovering addicts and their families. She is a driven and compassionate professional with 20 years of hands-on experience in the addictions field. She is consistently accountable and responsible. She is a strong decision maker who understands the importance of compassion and patience. Just Believe Recovery Center fulfills her life-long dream of finding a way to help addicts and alcoholics find their way into recovery!

  • Photo of Jean-Claude
    Jean-Claude - Clinical Director For The Outpatient Program

    Jean-Claude was awarded a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with highest honors of Summa Cum Laude from Springfield College of Massachusetts (Tampa Bay Campus). He is also a member of the oldest and preeminent international honor society in the social sciences Pi Gamma Mu. Jean-Claude’s counseling experience includes both addiction and mental health counseling. Jean-Claude is EMDR trained and currently integrates his Chaplaincy and Recovery Coach training during his daily routine. He currently serves as the Clinical Director for the outpatient program where he promotes excellence in human behavior with unparalleled standards and innovative concepts.