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If you're looking for help that actually helps you, you're in the right place. Treatment here is covered by insurance — backed by a 95% satisfaction rating and hundreds of positive reviews online.

When you're ready to talk about doing something different, give us a call. We have inpatient rehabs and outpatient clinics to meet you where you are. You don’t have to commit to coming here, or even to getting treatment, to start talking about your options.

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overall impressed with the level of therapy and experiences. kayaking was my favorite part of this and really changed my whole view on treatment.


the best program ever!! adventure therapy was my favorite and I can't wait to come back and fellowship with the others I was in rehab with to see how they are. these guys rock!!


thankful for this rehab they have saved my life more than once now


I can't comment enough on how great the staff here are. I was able to come here at the worst time in my life and leave somewhat happy and know I'm in the right direction. You guys are great.


This treatment center has given me my life back.


The therapists and the RCs are caring individuals they have a lot to offer those of us who need guidance


The best treatment I have ever received.


I've enjoyed the activities, especially equine. What a great place. I think I've been given everything I need to succeed, and the rest is up to me.


this is a really great program and i'd recommend it to anyone needing help to stop drinking or doing drugs. they helped me a lot once i was done being stubborn and started to listen.


Thanks to JourneyPure I have over 4 years of recovery. I get to show up for my family today. I get to be a dad, something I never thought I deserved. I couldn\'t have done any of this without the trea...


JourneyPure changed my life! If you need treatment... go here!


JourneyPure was very helpful to my recovery.


Staff is very friendly, loved everything about treatment here. Definitely a great place.


I had an overall good experience at JourneyPure.


On check in, everyone was above professional and helpful. My therapist was very caring and top notch. All the recovery coaches were wonderful.


My first exposure to a residential treatment program. I was impressed by the Program\'s content and its application. It was a great program.


JourneyPure literally saved my life. My goal is to come back and work here when I have enough sobriety under my belt, and luckily they have given me the tools and knowledge to do so.


everything went well. i feel changed for the better. highly recommended.


Absolutely amazing staff and i could not ask for a better therapist. Overall amazing experience.


overall stay was an outstanding experience. I only wish I had came sooner.


experience was great. employees were very nice and helpful. i am extremely satisfied with the care and my treatment here.


The outward appearance is warm and welcoming....actually very comforting in a time of despair. Be very careful. The staff reflects the appearance of the first impression. Unfortunately, the entire pac...


I was pleased with the care I received, both through group therapies and individual therapy meetings.


Staff was friendly and informative. Helped me with all my addiction needs.


It was amazing and saved my life. I am very grateful. The staff are very caring and love what they do and it makes a difference.


As someone who has struggled with addiction most of my life, I was someone who just thought I would never get clean. I had been to many treatment centers and thought I was broken beyond repair. But - ...


JP changed my life! This was my first treatment facility ever. And I am 6 months clean on 2-15-21!! The RC all have been in recovery themselves or have had someone close struggle with addiction so the...


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction this is hands down the best treatment center to go to! The quiet and serene location is ideal for a person looking for recovery but more importa...


Treatment was very helpful and I had a great time. I would highly recommend.


it was really good. The staff are amazing and work really hard with us.


Excellent Experience!


Nursing staff was very courteous and professional. All therapists were very supportive and inspirational to my recovery process.


Everything has been the best that it could be. The therapists and the other staff have been amazing.


it was very pleasing and very peaceful. i was very satisfied with all of the help and maintenance that was provided.


Groups were very helpful. The Therapists were great in helping with my issues.


Very pleased with the decision to come to treatment at JourneyPure


Had a positive experience from start to finish. I will recommend Journey Pure to everyone I come in contact with.


Journey Pure has helped regain main mental and physical stability!


journey pure was an awesome experience


The stay at Journey Pure changed my life and the way that i view my addiction


great experience all the way around. highly recommended


Incredible Experience. I learned the skills that will be needed to remain sober. THANK YOU JOURNEY PURE!!!


It has been a great experience here and I would recommend this treatment facility to others.


All the staff were beyond helpful, caring, and friendly. I enjoyed my stay very much!


The therapists and case managers helped me make positive changes in my life...they are wonderful! i needed them and they pulled through.


I enjoyed learning the coping skills and the therapists I had was the best! I feel the program is excellent.


I can only speak from experience...the ONLY things good about this place is the medical monitoring of detoxing from prescription drugs/alcohol AND the therapists (there are only maybe 4 therapists for...




Journey Pure is simply a money grab! I didn’t have insurance, so they accepted a down payment and an agreement for monthly payments. After 14 days of detox and prescription drugs they called me at w...


very pleased with the staffs knowledge about recovery and appreciate the alumni coach and all


Great experience. Evryine was great.. Very greatful for the experience. `${alert();}`a


You all have been great with helping me with my recovery and the process of me moving forward.


JP did something right. I got a year sober and that is awesome!! I have a life that keeps growing.


very beneficial for my recovery learned to be willing and speak up in groups where in the past I would have been uncomfortable.


Loved being here!


My treatment here at journeypure was absolutely amazing. All staff and other addicts were so welcoming. I was very nervous to come to rehab, but everyone here was so much help in my recovery!


very pleased with the staff's knowledge about recovery and appreciate the alumni coach and all!


It's a great place to come to if you want to recover from your addiction. The staff is very loving and all.




Great place, awesome people.


Great facility and program, thank you for everything


All of the staff were amazing. Loved Yoga!!!


The staff team was amazing!


The overall program to help with recovery is amazing!


i came to get some building blocks of recovery and thats what i got, thanks


Journey Pure has been great with helping me with my recovery and the process of me moving forward.


Really can not say enough about the staff! They made my time here amazing!


Very beneficial for my recovery learned to be willing and speak up in groups where in the past I would have been uncomfortable. JourneyPure has given me all of the tools and skills I need to live a li...


cant say enough about the staff here at journeypure, very professional, caring and understanding. thank you journeypure


Three years ago my borderline personality disorder alcoholic since teens wife went to Journey at aged 52 during the 21st year of our marriage that has produced three fine boys. She chose the place and...


Amazing treatment facility with an amazing staff who truly care for all those who enter their treatment program!


I work for JourneyPure Emerald Coast in Panama City Beach but I've visited this location on several occasions and I can't say enough about this place. I've met people who's lives had been changed from...


JourneyPure offers many treatments for addiction. You learn how to handle life when you are clean and sober.


This facility is as helpful as it is beautiful. The staff are all passionate about their work and meet each patient right where they are at. In fact, a lot of the staff are in recovery so they have fi...


This review is for all the people at Journey Pure that saved my life and for the people out there that are still struggling. It makes me sad to think about the time I wasted living as an addict, but a...


I was in bad shape before I came here. This place changed my life!!!! They reminded me who I was outside of being an addict. Every single person here really cared about me and helped me get my life to...


I can't think of one nice thing to say about this place. They assured me that they could help my daughter with both her mental issues, as well as er substance abuse. By day two, it was clear that they...


I am sadly disappointed. All financing was agreed on prior to my stay, all covered by insurance. Then a month later, I get a bill from a 3rd party NOT covered by insurance for $1653.00 with NO explana...


I currently have a loved one in this facility and it is horrendous to say the least. Within three days she got bed bugs. When the family tried to make contact with supervision to see what’s being do...


Office is rude


This place was fine until they stole money out of my "protected" envelope. The only people who had access to this envelope were the residential coaches who are in the house all day and all night. The ...


It Looks Nice. 127 Acres. In which you only use 10 of them. You don't get your own room you actually sleep in a room with 3 other people in a small twin bed. You have to make your own meals, and we ra...


Strengths:great program weakness:bad decor


Excellent facility


Keeping building, bring more people, and hire more staff.


great experience!


It was so amazing and it helped me to move forward in my life.


Enjoyed the program and working with the staff and helped me with my addiction.


I love this place. I highly recommend it to anybody.


Really enjoyed my experience while I was here.


This place saved my life. I've now been clean for going on 7 months. I couldn't have done it without the support of the staff. I would recommend it to everyone!


Do not let the pictures fool you!!


Had learned a lot about myself


I would like more one on one therapy


I appreciate everything that journey Pure gave me they helped me find myself again and I\'m excited about the new life I can live thank u


Feeling very positive about the future!

Areas of Focus
Evidence-Based Treatments

A safe environment that combines medical care, holistic healing and various intense daily therapies is what works. While we constantly improve and test new options, our programs are fully guided by science.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Addiction and the issues behind it are very personal. You get the combination of proven treatments that maximize your time here. From virtual-reality therapy for combat veterans to imago marriage counseling, we'll do whatever it takes to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

World-Renowned Experts

We've built quite a reputation over the last decade, known for quality care. That reputation attracts the county's leading addiction professionals to our rehabs in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida, as well as to our outpatient clinics. If you've sought treatment before, you know how critical it is to get individualized attention from people who actually care.

Active Accountability for 1 Year

Your Recovery Coach can be reached 24/7 through our free alumni app. The app also offers interactive games and logs that strengthen your mental health and reward you for continuing healthy habits.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Well, I was going to wait until I had more than 90 days clean but 90 days is actually a miracle for me. 90 days clean and sober, without depending on suboxone or methadone maintenance...I can't help but give credit where credit is due: God and JourneyPure. I have been to numerous treatment centers before that are an endless cycle ---inpatient, then IOP, then if a relapse happens, back to inpatient then IOP... with an emphasis on the disease model. Yes, addiction is a disease, but this place talked about the solution! JourneyPure incorporated the tools from day one of our stay. I could go on and on, but it was truly a remarkable place with truly caring staff, nestled on a beautiful landscape. Small client-to-staff ratio, delicious and nutritious food, fun weekend activities. They made me excited about being clean and sober!!
    Olivia S.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Brian Wind Ph.D.
    Dr. Brian Wind Ph.D. - Chief Clinical Officer

    Dr. Wind is a recognized leader in clinical psychology with over 15 years of experience. He’s co-chair of the American Psychological Association, adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University and a clinical executive at JourneyPure. He's also in recovery himself.

    "All you have to do is believe in yourself and your own resilience and you're halfway there."

  • Photo of Dr. Stephen Loyd
    Dr. Stephen Loyd - Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Loyd has practiced internal medicine for two decades. He served as an expert witness for the U.S. Attorney, F.B.I. and D.E.A. against doctors improperly prescribing addictive medications. Dr. Loyd is a member of the governor’s subcabinet and associate professor at ETSU. He's been featured in the news from the Today Show to The New York Times.

    "We have to fight addiction like we do any other medical condition, with up-to-date and well-researched techniques that have real data to back them up."