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Paying for Treatment
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Treatment Insights

Our mission is to help people, families and communities heal. Patients here get evidence-based, dual-diagnosis addiction treatment and compassionate care. Our high standards attract well-known behavioral health professionals from across the country. Their commitments to ethics and patient success are backed by the highest accreditation and affiliations in the industry.

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The following is based on a combination of Surveys of Alumni, Staff, Loved Ones, and Reviews and Ratings from around the web.

Reviews at a Glance

Areas of Focus
Medical Detox

The first step is getting the drugs and alcohol out of your system. This usually takes a few days. Know that with medical detox, withdrawal symptoms are kept manageable. It’s nothing like stopping cold turkey.

Inpatient Treatment

After detox, your focus shifts from the physical addiction to stopping the destructive mental cycles. The majority of your time is spent in therapy and educational groups. It’s not as boring as it sounds. In fact, it’s a relief to talk to people that understand and it feels good to make progress every day. To break up these intense sessions, therapeutic elements like music therapy, social bonding exercises, meditation and pet therapy are incorporated too.

Dual Diagnosis

Core to treatment here is figuring out the root issues that fuel your behaviors. This most typically includes depression, anxiety and trauma. Then, those separate mental health issues are treated with therapy and sometimes medications like antidepressants that rebalance the brain.

Alumni Testimonials
  • This facility saved my life. Every member of the staff is loving, caring, hardworking, and helpful in their own ways. You're not a patient at journey pure, you're a human who has value and someone will always believe in you. I could never give enough thanks to journey pure. They didn't give me my life back, they gave me a better life and I never have to use again.
    Sarah W