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Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Holy Hill has been providing quality mental health and substance abuse treatment for more than 35 years. The facility offers programs for adults, adolescents and children, and is committed to improving the quality of life for each and every client that walks through the door. Addiction treatment combines traditional group therapy with 12-Step facilitation and peer-to-peer support.

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This is a fraudulent health care facility, it is dirty. I did not receive adequate clinical care, only enough face time to insure a prolonged stay. Their objective is to keep beds full. From a 7 hour ...


VERY POORLY RAN. Staff is rude. Most of the time they don’t answer the phone for you to talk to relative/loved ones. Son checked in on Wednesday and they didn’t clean his room until Friday. How sa...


I was in Holly Hills during the coronavirus. It was horrendous!! Most of the food that was served was not nutritious. They gave me a roommate that was in a full blown manic episode. Poor woman was doi...


This Was one Rehab/Mental Hospital that I will NEVER put my kid in. I had filled out a test wrong, The worker told me that I would not get to go home because of this. Messed me up worse than before I ...


There's a reason for all the bad reviews. They all say the same thing. This hospital is for making money.....that's it. Their main focus is to keep the beds full so they can continue to run their busi...


Its a sad day in NC and a sad day in America when we send our disturbed children to a cattle holding stall and call it a hospital. Dorothea Dix was a prison holding cell for disturbed patients and so ...


They don’t know what they are doing.


No treatment overfilled for drugs I never got. Most help rude and would not give answers horrible place


When I stayed here it was horrible. It felt like a punishment. The staff here were highly disrespectful! Worst place ever.


This place was miserable. I was told that I was being dramatic because I had cut myself over losing my sister. She died. Yep, definitely dramatic. They told me to grow up and that guys don’t want de...


I put 4 stars because the only place that is perfect is heaven. I have read several reviews and am surprised at how negative they were. I went because of depression and anxiety and for a suicide attem...


It was more like punishment than treatment. The staff ignored the patients when we asked for anything at all. They locked us out of our rooms at 7:30 am and didn't unlock them for us until 9:00 pm so ...


I was @ Holly Hill twice for depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts along with substance abuse. I was there close to 21 days & maybe just maybe saw a doctor twice. When I did see him it was for 5 min...


I probably love this facility the most. I am their number one fan. Thank you!


i was there earlier this year and it was horrible. i was not voluntary, but luckily was only there for three days. i seen the doctor once and all he told me was " you dont belong here". during my chec...




FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HERE. I'd give no stars if possible, anyone here that has a medical license should have it revoked. I checked myself in to see if it was the help I needed so ...


It’s like jail. Only 1/3rd of the staff or maybe half tops care about the patients and make time a little about the patients. One doctor diagonsed everyone with the same mental illness and if you do...


I rate this facility low primarily because my love one was promised counselling and therapy for anxiety by trained professionals. Therapy was limited to only four 5-minute sessions with a psychiatrist...


This was the worst experience of my life. The food was horrible, the facility was not clean. The doctors did not help and only asked how are you sleeping and any suicidal thoughts. There was no outsid...


Wish I could give a negative number of treatment effectiveness. Therapy sessions were lead my techs not nurses or doctors. Often sessions were never planned or even held because techs were too busy....


This place is a joke. My daughter was placed here for a week. We tried getting the help she needed and every time we contacted this place, we could never get through. But when it came down to having h...


The psychiatrist is a joke and treatment is ineffective.


Worst hospital ever! My family member was ivc a few times and each visit was worst than the last. Every time, she came out worse than when she went in. Staff is rude. I can only imagined that the MDs ...


The check in procedure is horrible! When I had a meltdown because of it they didn't even notice. No one ever came back to check on me. The staff was very unprofessional.


Staff was great during the stay. Drs and counselors were very good and helpful. Now a month later, I received a bill in the mail that I did not expect - when I called the billing dept. they were rude ...


They just warehoused my son for a week


Disorganized.. No groups just fill out paper so their supervisor OK..everything runs late most time they skip it..was there 7 days 4 incidents they lock their self in a med room while pt treating it u...


Horrible place. We were basically just locked in the day room all day, almost never did any actual therapy. Food was bad, and no accommodations for those with eating disorders (which they claim to tre...


The geriatric ward is a mess, and should lose accreditation. and Doctor is a horrrible psychiatrist. Only people who are locked in and can not run away are his patients. Shame on all of you


I was just released, after 8 days, from Holy Hell for an attempted suicide. First, I had to wait 3 hours in admissions before anyone talked to me. When I finally got to 2West, it was after supper. No ...


Stayed for 8 days in 2017 for suicide and self-harm. The entire time was spent in the "group" room, coloring and being judged by the staff. Got to meet with the staff doctor 3 times only, and each of ...


I was in holly hills getting treatment it was OK. Staff was laying as hell. Food Bad . Doctor were bad dont care. O and my aunt suitcase was stolen by one of the staff members. Because there keep it l...


This was a very poor treatment center. Our child was here for 5 weeks after a suicide attempt. There was a possibility that he had a psychosis from Adderall. The first night they gave him Adderall and...


What a horrible place to take your child. I highly disrecommend it. They make you feel absolutely terrible about yourselfl. There is zero support and no adults or staff able to assist you with your ne...


This place is a hell hole I would Not recommend it To anyone


Holly hill is NOT the place to get help in North Carolina . They do not take the adolescent patients seriously and lock them in a room all day. The people working are NOT qualified by any means and do...


This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I came for a total of seven days and of these seven days, i spent six crying in the corner. No matter what i do the taste remains in my mouth. This pl...


I was recently discharged from this hospital. Very bad experience. You only meet with your doctor once a day for 10 minutes at the most. Doctors do not spend much time at all and easily misdiagnose yo...


Always unstaffed patients are not receiving quality care. Show major favoritism. Staff member left keys on desk and patient took them and escaped with is grounds for immediate termination employee was...


I Just came out of of HH yesterday, 11/15/17. WORST 7 DAYS OF MY LIFE.


This placr is awful. There is absolutely no compassion. I believe that people do not get the care that they beed nor do they go by the schedule as far as classes available. Very very disappointed.

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We picked up our son yesterday and his comments on his experience at the holly hill children's hospital west wing. We got to watch movies and tv all day. We got dessert with every meal, we had arts an...


It is a terrible place, I was there 7 days. There was no such thing as help. The place was never clean. The food my dog would not eat. Please don't send a loved one the. It needs to be shut down. The ...


Had scheduled appt at 11 am on 9/2/17. Arrived at 10:50 am. Receptionist was nice. After sitting in waiting room for 1.5hrs without anyone from hospital staff speaking to me. There were a total of 3 o...


Instead of focusing on my treatment these people focused on my phone. They told me i couldnt use my phone at home until they thought i was ready instead of focusing on my anxiety and depression. They ...


Coming here was my biggest regret. Everyone wonders why people don't seek for help; places like Holly Hill are why. I came in with self inflicted wounds and asked for something to cover/treat them wit...


I got off all my meds here effectively and then went out west to Cali and they put me on meds and I'm now tapering off. Holly Hill was better than of the most expensive facilities. I've been to the be...


why are the people who reside here are on so many instutiors and im having problems with one of them they keep making me wanna leave.


The room and hallways were filthy. No attention to cleanliness, which was very odd for a hospital. The staff was mostly pleasant. The billing was sloppy. I paid my bill in a very efficient manner foll...


i have been sent here for "self harm" according to my psychologist (which i was in 4th grade and i was tapping a book against my head). upon entering there were multiple people smoking in the receptio...


I can\'t put into words the passion with which I hate this place. You\'re going to involuntarily commit me to a hospital and then charge me over $1500, after my insurance picked up 80% (Yeah, do the m...


The meals are not age appropriate for the children and the company contracted to provide food services cuts corners and provides substandard service and poor quality food.


they all lie this place isnt as good as they make it seem


I was admitted to this facility after I had left the hospital. I would not recommend this hospital to anybody. It\'s extremely unsafe- and the staff is a split of caring, and staff who could care less...

E. R.

We took our son to the children\'s hospital this week. The service from staff was exemplary. They were patient with my questions and were friendly. However, the entertainment in the waiting room seeme...


I spent a full week in Holly Hill in early November 2016. The mental health techicians were generally mean, short, and not understanding of those in the facility. The food was absolutely awful. The...


This establishment is a revolving door for insurance money, beware! So many people I met there told me that they stayed just till insurance days were used up then were booted out.... I checked in of...


Great experience for our Autistic son. We visited our Son every other day. (he was there for a while). We never witnessed staff treating the kids with disrespect. Which made us feel better. One g...


Returned to a different hospital after spending two weeks here. Treatment was not effective, it was actually quite traumatizing. Accommodations and amenities were unsatisfactory. Meals and nutrition ...


I was transferred from a local hospital to Holly Hill where I stayed in the adolescent unit for a week. I have been to many different behavioral health units/ psychiatric care units and I feel that Ho...


Holly Hills Hospital NC is a MESS. The staff do not care about patients, loved ones, or even those simply seeking help and advice. ...Dietary needs were not met nor inquired for and met; the patient w...


My son was involuntary committed and put under the care of the doctor, who should have been retired long ago. First time I saw him I thought he was one of the patients. When my wife tried speaking w...


Due to personal reasons, my wife was admitted to this hospital recently. To start with, the staff was very rude. Especially the weekend staff, they were the worst. Staff members were very short and se...


worst time of my life and didnt really help me in the end


I am a survivor with your excellent service god bless you and god bless america. my name means survivor. good health and enjoying my time


Lots of counselor Not a lot of activities. Visitation rules are strick Good treatment


I had a meltdown one morning in January 2016. I called 911, and being rather new to the area, I just told them to take me somewhere where I could get help. They took me to Holly Hills. Yes, it did,s...


Please find somewhere else!!! Holly Hill didn\'t help me whatsoever, and I (after two years) am still struggling. The nurses were snappy and overworked, the doctors too quick to diagnose. Toilets were...


EXTREMLEY dissapointed in the care give at holly hill, the place was a wreck and the \"doctors\" were a joke definitely not a good place to get sober if anything I am 100% worse than before I came to ...


This place was awful. My room had crusted vomit on the floor, the toilet was out of order for nearly three days and the main areas were shabby at best. Many of the nurses were rude and overworked, tho...


I stayed in this facility for 7 days in the one of the adolescent units. These were packed and during the day we were divided by our sex despite our genders (would not recommend to anyone of LGBT+ ori...


I found the nursing staff apathetic at best. In my 5 days in \"treatment\", I spent a total of 3 minutes talking with the doctor prescribing my medication. Group therapy was run by an intern, and ou...


Kept everything in order. Could have better food. My experience was well needed and directed me into the path I am now, the staff was very easy to get along with .


friendly, good treatment, lots of resources, caring.Need coffee, better food. This place helped me through a rough time and I am grateful for the resources they provided me with.


Well maintained facility inside and outside Well trained staff Good therapy programs. Under staffed. Not enough seating in the visitation area. The age groups need to be adjusted. Over all it was a ...


Staff meetings were rude.


They had good structure. They made my time there very pleasant.


Mental Health is a priority. Do not keep long enough to really treat the problem. The one who was admitted was discharged too soon. Shortly after discharge, they committed suicide as the answer to t...


It's a racket


Well trained staff, excellent food; top notch security. Discharges too early but in many cases due to insurance limitations. My son was involuntarily commited. I cannot reccomend the adolescent ward a...


They were able to answer my questions and my familys they were able to help with my sons problem. Just a few more people on staff needed. They help you work through your issues. What ever you were run...


It could be good but a serious overhaul is desperately needed. Food was good but the counseling was bad.


Staff is good. Facility is shabby.


I was extremely nervous about entering the facility, but the aides were very welcoming & encouraging. I felt comfortable sharing private, personal experiences.


I would not go to this facility for depression. I feel the best treatment is private one on one counseling. It was too expensive for the counseling and the short stay, that I was there.


It didn't work. Would not recommend it.

Areas of Focus
Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.


The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps – the first three of which are situational, the next four addressing the practical issues created by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on making amends for hurting others. Steps 10 and 11 involve a deeper examination of the previous steps and the final step is focused on helping others avoid and recover from addiction.

Key Staff Members
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    Thomas Cornwall, MD - Medical Director and Clinical Director for Child Services

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    Jessica Lincoln, LCSW - Director of Clinical Services