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High Watch Recovery Center is dedicated to seeing the disease of addiction go into remission for each individual who passes through our door. We are committed to providing compassionate care as we integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine alongside the spiritual teachings of AA’s 12 Steps to give all patients the tools and foundation to live sober after leaving High Watch.

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This place is amazing. In every way.


When anyone comes to HW for help whether it’s first time or more we can say “how can we help you”?


I referred a friend to High Watch Recovery in Kent CT, it turned out to be the best decision my friend ever made a very positive experience and I would highly recommend this facility. My friend change...


Was there in 96 a beautiful place too get clean and sober and still clean too this day 2019👍🏻😎🇺🇸


They left my mom for dead and told her to go to a homeless shelter when she came to them for help High Watch Recovery you are horrible


High Watch is by far the best the choice! I wanted to recover somewhere that treated me like an actual person and not just a 'client'. During my month long stay here I was treated with the utmost r...


I spent 120 days at HighWatch, and deciding to go there was one of the best decisions of my life. I can't say enough about how great the staff is. A good amount of staff are former alcoholics/addicts ...


I spent about two years attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, going through the motions to placate family and friends, and becoming a great collector of 30-day sobriety coins before I finally su...


The treatment was absolutely outstanding. By far the best 90 days of my life. Great staff, program, activities, variety of guests, great food, clean and beautiful campus, visiting days, off-campus eve...


I thank God everyday for High Watch the place truly is the Hill of Hope


I found High Watch Recovery Center to be a genuine place of refuge in what I now know was the darkest and most painful period of my life. Broken and emotionally numb I arrived to a warm, loving and pa...


This place saved my life. The atmosphere alone has a huge impact on you. The staff, from admissions, to nursing, to milieu care very deeply about the guests, and will do all they can to help.


I spent 45 of some of the best days of my life at Highwatch. As the first 12 Step Recovery Center in the world, I must say that it is not only a tremendously special place, but a first class place wit...


High watch saved my life. The staff is incredible and they gave me the tools I needed to start me on my path of recovery. Its because of High Watch I am sober and living a healthy lifestyle. Thank You...


This place is truly amazing. I’ve been to other treatment centers but this one beyond exceeded my expectations. The staff were helpful and loving, many of them in recovery themselves. I was treated ...


The staff truly care and had my best interest in mind.


After being in and out of many different rehabs, it was at High Watch Recovery Center that I learned how to live a happy sober life for 15 years now! The staff was kind, compassionate and loving. They...


As a guest, I was treated with love and respect. This place saved my life. If you or a loved one need help, this is the best place to get that help and begin a better life.


Can't say enough good things about High Watch. Started my journey in recovery there in 2009 and have been sober ever since. Folks at met during my time at High Watch have been with me the whole way an...


All staff are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and exceptional people. They truly care about your recovery and do everything possible to provide the necessary tools needed in my sobriety. Highly...


Excellent 12-step program that includes psychiatric care. This is the original farm. Most of the staff is in recovery and that helps make it work so well.


Most of the executive staff lacks a college education, and it shows in how they treat employees and patients. Cursing in meetings and halllways, hiring and promoting unqualified friends (and their spo...


I spent about two years attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, going through the motions to placate family and friends, and becoming a great collector of 30-day sobriety coins before I finally su...


I had never been to rehab before and had no prior knowledge of AA. This place saved my life. The caring staff helped guide me on my road to recovery and I will be forever grateful.


High Watch is an amazing opportunity for those who are struggling with addiction. They combine the twelve step principles with clinical care to treat the co-occurring issue so often associated with ad...


High Watch saved my life. I now have multiple years of Recovery and I wouldn't be here without the time I spent as an Extended Guest. The staff are just people who have been through the same crap and ...


After being in and out of many different rehabs, it was at High Watch Recovery Center, that I learned how to live a brand new life. The staff was kind, loving, and compassionate. They showed me the wa...


Before I came to High Watch, I my life had crumbled around me. I was unemployed, living with my parents, and drinking around the clock. My days involved waking up, drinking, passing out, waking up, dr...


High Watch saved my life. The staff there truly cares about each and every guest, and provides them with the love and support they need to succeed.


A blessed place with wonderfully supportive staff and all the foundation you need to truly get started in recovery, if you allow yourself to let go and truly put your heart to the task. Thank you High...


Absolute amazing staff and facility. High Watch saved my life


My recovery got a great start here. It wasn't my first rehab ,but it was the best. The staff trees the guests with love and respect never talking down or punishing. Our egos were fragile enough. I lov...


High Watch is outstanding in every capacity. Highly recommend !!!


I am extremely grateful for High Watch. It gave me the start I needed towards recovery. The staff has the knowledge and spoke my language, most importantly they care and told me what I needed to hear ...


12/19/2018 I went there thinking treatment would be just a waste of time, (“I already knew everything”) but necessary In order for me to aquire the tools to deal with my sickness. I thought of th...


I want to thank High Watch for my sobriety today marks my one year. I would not have done it on my oun. Thank you for my life back..


High Watch Recovery Center is a fantastic facility all-around! I cannot say enough about the quality of the campus, the staff, and the program overall. I spent 90+ days there and have never felt bette...


High Watch simply keeps helping people get well.


I like to say that High Watch didn't only save my life, it also gave me life. I spent over 90 days there as an extended guest in early 2018, having never been to a rehab facility before and having not...


HW is amazing. The care you receive is top notch and the setting is beautiful. Everyone truly wants to help in your recovery. I highly recommend HW.


Great program. Very AA and 12 step based.


High watch is a truly special place, different than all the other rehabs i went to. The staff are mostly in recovery and understand what its like to be in treatment. They cared about me as an individu...


Serene environment, supportive community, and empathetic, nonjudgmental staff members, all working to help in a successful lifestyle change.


High Watch is a facility like no other. I got sober there in 2009. Then, as now, most of the staff are in recovery and many of the staff are former guests. No BS and a strong foundation in 12-step rec...


HWRC provides a calming atmosphere with a helpful, knowledgeable, and caring staff to allow for a great healing environment.


High Watch is an amazing Treatment Facility that offers guests the tools they need to successfully recover from their Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occuring Disorder through their full comprehensive M...


Everyday I see the best and most compassionate care being provided to the individuals who chose High Watch Recovery Center. The staff work together to provide the best experience one could hope for to...


It was a life changing experience that gave me a life beyond my wildest dreams. The staff was amazing and now I’m part of that staff and love helping guests and families have the same opportunity I ...


Way too much food all the time


Highwatch saved my life.


I had spent my entire life feeling like I needed to perform in front of people in order to gain acceptance, to the point where I lost who I fundamentally was without all the masks I chose to wear thro...


Very caring and attentive staff and a non medicalized feel. Treatment imparts effective techniques for personal change and continuous sobriety


This place saved my family members life. It is the cleanest, friendliest and amazing environment for recovering people I have ever witness. The staff are amazing and just the feeling of serenity you g...


Hands down the best facility I’ve ever been to. Sober 8 years now thanks to High Watch. They also now take insurance!


A little over 8 years ago I came up to High Watch and had my life saved by the amazing program. The majority of staff are in recovery and I felt so comfortable on the Hill of Hope and learned all the ...


This place saved and changed my life. I’m eternally grateful for my experience at High Watch


High Watch Recovery Center is a flourishing treatment facility rooted deep within the hills of Litchfield County, Ct. With a Holistic approach to treatment, High Watch prides itself on the teachings o...


High Watch saved my life. I would not have the good things in my life today if it wasn't for my sobriety. Thank you High Watch!


A lifesaver, but only if you let it be. When I went to HW after probably 25 years of alcohol struggles, two things were in my mind. 1: I would never be able to beat alcoholism, and 2: I would complete...


I can't say enough about High Watch. They helped me so very much!


This is a wonderful facility... for people who are dealing exclusively with addiction issues. However, if you suffer from moderate to severe mental illness, you will NOT find the care you need here. ...


I was extremely disappointed with High Watch'a recovery program. There was minimal support . I could have seen the same results by staying with a friend and attending AAMeetings without paying $8,000....


Rude staff, the only good part was the food. Easily the worst of the 3 rehabs Ive attended.


Focused, comfortable, and effective. Could be stronger with dual diagnosis. I have a close personal bond with this facility,


As a former two time patient at @ Highwatch and finally a year sober after a few Relapses , I'm here to tell you anyone can recover if they want to. So many petty comments here about food & attitude b...


The staff is very warm, however this is a one size fits all establishment. We spent $30,000 out of pocket because High Watch uses one diagnosis code for all patients. For this reason, our insurance ...


Great counselors and location but Costly. This is a great place.


The strength of this program is the core foundation you receive on 12 step programs and most of their staff are in recovery too. Plus the meals and accommodations are top notch. Of course the one see...


good clean area, its a good cnter with proximity to my palce and good councelling


The staff is very friendly, Place is regularly cleaned, affordable. The meals are not that great. While I was here the staff didn't make me feel out of place or like a sick person, I was treated with ...


They have you on a schedule with meetings,groups,and little but adequate free time too.The food is excellent. The staff is all recovering also but qualified I guess.I just think others who are sick sh...


Very clean and lots of one-on-one sessions. felt like they really cared about me but once you're out, they don't really follow up with you. had a great time there, recovered 100% and with zero recidiv...


This facility provides the clean break that a person struggling with addiction needs. There is an inaccessibility to urban dwellers. There is a great family awareness program that helps the loved ones...


Fantastic place! The spirit of it replaces the spirits in the booze! In spite of megalomaniac director, a wonderful, blessed place to start sobriety.


Everything was very focused and organized. Just not correct for a 66 year woman with an underlying medical condition...be very careful, though, because they will force you to go to Sharon Hospital (t...


I spent 3 weeks there in mid 2015. Staff are caring and interested in each person' s recovery. The facility was at near capacity during my time and clinical staff was clearly under pressure. I had t...


I really have nothing negative to say about this facility. The staff was welcoming, caring, and always told you what you needed to hear... Not what you wanted to hear. They did a very good job of maki...


Family weekend they offer is a waste of time.. Security is a joke.Patients are often left with hours of free time and nothing to do. Also their strict "policy" about the men and woman being kept separ...


...We were looking for a true rehabilitation based on the AA philosophy. It is at High Watch.


Beautiful setting, peaceful, educational and compassionate staff.The entire facility and staff are amazing. It's a special place.


Enjoyed their visitors policy.


My best friend went and it helped him get clean.


Very Spiritual on the hill of hope, no frills just straight AA and getting to know your spiritual connection.


Originally a wonderful treatment option... Too prescription drug oriented.


High Watch, as the first rehab based on the A.A. principles and the history of A.A throughout the facility, its hard to not have a spiritual awakening.


I did not visit the facility, but my sibling made a full recovery and now works weekends at the facility, to help others.

Areas of Focus
Holistic Therapy

Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Jerry Schwab
    Jerry Schwab - President & CEO

    Jerry has over twenty years of experience as an executive with non-profit healthcare organizations. Prior to joining High Watch, Jerry was the Executive Director of a Connecticut-based emergency medical service provider. Jerry is a licensed paramedic and served for many years as the President and Chairman of a large non-profit paramedic service in Southern Connecticut. He also serves on the State of Connecticut Alcohol & Drug Policy Council.

  • Photo of Robert Schwarz
    Robert Schwarz - Vice President of Admissions

    Rob has been with High Watch since 2007 and ensures that individuals in need of assistance can be placed with us immediately. He works directly with guests, their families and caregivers to navigate the insurance approval process and to make arrangements for self-paying individuals.