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Treatment Insights

Brockton Meadowbrook Campus's Men's Addiction Treatment Center is a Section 35 treatment facility, which is an intervention program for men who have been civilly committed. Services include Detoxification Unit, Clinical Stabilization Services at Acceptance Inn, and Transitional Support Services at Beginnings. The CASTLE is a short-term stabilization program for ages 13-17 with a substance use disorder diagnosis. Brockton Addiction Treatment Center offers Detoxification Services, Clinical Stabilization Services, and Outpatient Services for the Community.

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High Point was a very great place for my husband


Great staff. Decent protocol and small facility. No time outdoors. Accepts insurance (ma health) and no insurance


Strengths: 50/50 ex addict employee to book recovery teacher. pretty good placemnt caring councelors. Weaknesses: dirty to many patients not enough effort. I have been to several rehabs in the las...


Help with aftercare. Good clinitians . It's basic detox. No extras. My clean date is 3/4/11. The day I left high point. So apparently it works...lol.


initial treatment is effective. follow up is lacking effectiveness. granddaughter went there and came out clean but within months was addicted again.


Groups were a strength of the facility, but phone privileges were a downfall. It helped me on my path to recovery.


the people become family. it can sometimes be too crowded and you can feel lost. it is definitely worth it to give it a try! i had a good experience with my family member who had to go here.


Very poor holistic offerings and family participation, but it was very clean and affordable.


Low client and staff ratio. Long wait list. Advocate your needs and be honest and up front.


Activities and groups were available for people to engage in. Not enough staff. The rehab was ok.


This place was terrible. The food was disgusting and they do not treat you well here at all. I got sectioned to this dump and was struggling to sleep evernight. They make you get up at 6am every day a...


Watch out when your insur runs out. You will be told to pay in cash and they will shut u off if you don\'t pay. Becareful because they don\'t care if your sick, having problems ect...


Don't turn anyone away as far as I could see. Short term....no follow up....not enough staff. Repeat visitors are looked at like they are a burden!


They have great recommendations for further treatment and they also have commitments come in to share some experience strength and hope!!! It was a great atmosphere. A weakness of the facility was tha...


I thought it was a good facility, but it needed greater family involvement.


They do more to help you if you have been there before. They need a longer length of stay. Their under 18yr old program is excellent. They also have a facility for Section 35.


They offer a family info night once your loved one has entered and allow you to leave messages for them. A program longer than a week or two is truly needed to get in the correct mind set to begin rec...


Was a good experience. Very knowledgable staff. And down to earth. They all know how it is being an addict and understand the trials and tribulations.. Along with the problems and how hard it is to ge...


Not enough counseling due to insurance coverage. Our son used heroin again and back in jail.


Full support--unless insurance runs out--discharged immediately Poor performance factors.


Our son was sectioned to this facility and was let out after 2 weeks. It was a locked facility and was under the impression that if a person was sectioned they had to at least get treatment for 30 day...

Areas of Focus
The CASTLE (Clean And Sober Teens Living Empowered)

Short-term stabilization program for ages 13-17 with a substance use disorder. The CASTLE provides safe withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs through medication management services. Treatment includes psychiatry and pediatric medicine, dual diagnosis services, 12-Step meetings, AA and NA commitments, and other psycho-educational groups, individual and group counseling, family therapy, case management, and aftercare planning. The daily schedule incorporates classroom time with specialized teachers.

Transitional Support Services (TSS)

This transitional program provides substance abuse treatment to men admitted to MATC. The program bridges the gap between detoxification and/or step-down services (CSS) and residential rehabilitation (halfway house or sober house placement). It provides short-term residency, further stabilization after detox, next-step case management, and safe, sober placement.