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Hazelden helps restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. All who seek recovery will find it, and the stigma of addiction will be overcome. Treat the whole person as well as the illness. Treat every person with dignity and respect. Continue a commitment to the Twelve Step fellowship. Be of service. Remain open to innovation.

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Awful , although enjoyed meeting and talking to some there , the gawd awful 12 steps is not treatment.


I had no idea how blessed I was to end up at Hazelden in 1983 . I had been committed to the state mental hospital and was quickly turning into a throw away girl . Their unconditional love and knowledg...


Hazelden was amazing! Hands down, the best treatment I have been to!


Someday soon hopefully treatment centers will stop using the AAA model. It absolutely does not work waste of money very very disillusioned and hoping other people don’t fall into the same trap


Hazelden Betty Ford Center City, Minnesota: If you do not subscribe to the dogma of AA and surrender your life to a completely fabricated “higher power,” then this is not the facility for you t...


The lodge facility is amazing. The counselors are terrible, tho.


$40 Grand for what??? A 28 day long AA meeting. Better off going with a therapist and meds and actually be successful.


My 21 year old daughter spent 60 days at Hazelden in late 2018. She was/is a heroin addict, and had been in six, 30-day rehab programs and lived at 3 different sober living facilities before Hazelden....


They are a joke . I have been in recovery for over 30 years and sent my nephew there. All they care about is the money. We you try to call you get the Minnesota office and they are very rude. My nephe...


This place is the biggest rip off around. Extremely low grade accommodations and unsubstantiated professionals working at the center this is the worst tens of thousands of dollars that I have spent at...


HD Oregon facility, sober 7 years despite that experience NOT because of it. They advertised a “trauma track” for treatment of dual diagnosis PTSD, excellent psychiatric and medical care. I am a p...


This was my son's tenth or eleventh treatment and his fourth time at a Hazelden facility.Center City is literally a "slice of heaven." In every way the facility exudes peace and serenity; from the set...


I am a quiet person that does not complain. Hansen I did not receive any individual treatment from them at all. Only after you have been there for more than 30 days do they even pay attention to yo...


The only issue I have with Hazelden is very poor communication and follow-up with long term Alumni. You are missing huge opportunity for support. I donated several thousand dollars over several years....


Before ever stepping foot on a Hazelden campus, make certain to find out the length pf stay permitted by your insurance company for residential treatment. The day program is NOT the same as residentia...


Hazelden Center City was a Blessing for my daughter for which we are Grateful and Thankful to her Counselor as well as all the Staff during her recovery. Admissions was so Caring and Welcomed us as if...


My son has been a poly-substance abuser for 20 years. His drug of choice is methamphetamine. He was admitted to Hazelden and was there for 28 days. In that first phase of treatment they only determine...


My daughter went through two unsuccessful attempts at treatment here a couple of years ago for heroin addiction and was successful the third time with the cor 12 program. She was inpatient for 33 days...


The California location has a lot more continuity and stability between counselors and room and board. I feel like a number not someone they are committed to help get well. I hate to say it but it fee...


Good friend had gone through treatment before and it didn't work for him until he went to Hazeldon.They did not tolerate which is what I think the posh treatment centers he's been to had done before w...


More support for young children of alcoholics during program BEFORE loved one discharged to home. Resources was a strength. Identifying length of treatment was a weakness ....especially if first time....


very good, comprehenive. very good holistic program, and help with te skills needed once discharged.


Good. Strengths:Good reputation. Wekaness:Location


I recently completed treatment at center city. Very high quality services. The woman in the business office was so helpful--very kind, knowledgable--a gem. I absolutely recommend their treatment if yo...


I have been to multiple treatment centers and have been sober ever since attending Hazelden in MN. The facility was great and the staff even better. I was treated with dignity and respect and they und...


This place is honest to God a living hell. Staff are a complete mess and act like they’d rather be anywhere else then where they are. You basically spend a small fortune to live in a niceish apartme...


Worse place ever they tell you that everything is going to get better! That is a fat out lie! . On Admission to center city I told them only 70% was covered by my insurance they stayed don’t worry t...


the only good thing about the place is if you stay you collect 30 days clean, unless your being maintained on suboxone. during those 30 days that cost atleast $1000 a day you never even actually atten...


After an expensive stay, my daughter did ok (not using drugs but more of a dry drunk). We complained that she needed dual diagnosis treatment, but never got any nor did she get involved in a 12 step p...


Very old school and my son lost his alcohol addiction but left with a severe kratom addiction that he used at hazelden and they did not even test for it.


If you want it they will show you the way


Hazelton has a stellar reputation in addiction services. Unfortunately it has used this reputation to " franchise " its treatment for the masses. There is very little individual therapy especially for...


Do you really really like AA and the twelve steps? Are you a die hard 12 stepper? Do you want to say a prayer to ole bill Wilson 20 times a day? Then Hazeldon is the place for you! The lectures and t...


My husband was sent to the Center City location on a "corporate deal" and was unable to check himself out and the staff knew that. He has a medical condition that requires treatments weekly by a speci...


I am 40 years old. I am what I would consider to be a normal guy, farmer daddy, friend, college grad, I drank all my life but in mid to late 30's it became a problem. I switched from beer to vodka and...


6-29-17, 7:00 Renwal AA Meeting. I don't think the 3rd Step of AA should is meant to empower the group leader to consistently promote his belief in the Native American Spirituality. With Hazelden clie...


The program was effective, meals were good.


AA education & food Expensive, too structured


Overall a pretty poor experience here. If you don't conform to the 12 steps immediately, there will be an X on your back and the staff will make your life a living hell. They talk up there mental heal...


I seen my son so happy now and he as open up more now plus them 4 days i was there i seen how hard them people work on turning there life over to the better ways in life and im so greatful for what th...


Until and unless the patient is willing to admit being powerless to the addiction, I don't believe anyone-Hazelden staff, family members, or anybody else can deliver sobriety. I did not read all of th...


This placed saved my life. Sober almost 7 years. They planted the seed and when I was released I atttended AA meeting daily. I worked the program. It was the hardest thing I ever did. Made me sad tto ...


Naturally, the program only works to the extent that you are motivated. They will give you all the help you need. Detox is comfortable and effective. The staff is friendly and supportive. The accomoda...


Hazelden should be shut down. They do it care about the patients at all. The techs are rude and overworked...It\'s all about money. The food is gross, the accommodations are mediocre, and the staff is...


Wow is all I can say. Tried to get my son into Hazeldon because I had heard good things about them and that they were the best. I read the reviews prior to contacting them. I thought perhaps sour grap...


Hazelden in MN is a stoic, remnant of former rehab facilities; I am a two-time patient there, and six-time patient at Betty Ford. The acquisition of BFC was demonstrative of its downfall. I now onl...


Therapuetic sessions involved playing \"Apples to Apples\" Seriously? ? $1400/day? Don\'t pet the tame deer!!!!!! You will be repremanded Ashtmatics beware\" smoking is wide-spread, Decore-1970\...


Excellent place which saved my life.


The people at Hazelden may be the most dishonest people I\'ve ever encountered. They will tell you that the teens in their care do not mix with the adult addicts. Not true...They will tell you that yo...




I was very disappointed with almost every aspect of this facility and program. My daughter volunteered to seek help for her addition to Zanax, Adderall, Opiates, alcohol and other recreational drugs...


Accommodating, clean, respectful Too many clients. Wonderful experience with friendly, respectful, and helpful staff that are willing to work with you and meet your needs. Felt a part of the program.


I have been sober and clean since the first day I arrived in 1983 . 32 beautiful years of sobriety . I thank hazelden for a concrete foundation for change


Bait and switch. Told me my insurance was approved on check in then three days later said wasn\'t and would cost $1000 a day to stay. Found out ins pays them 495 a day for hospitalization so they tell...


My son was at Hazelden for almost 8 weeks. He came home this past Sunday. Sadly to say, he is worse than when he went. They did little to help him find continuing help. I am very disappointed and ups...


This place saved my life. If you are serious about recovery, you will find it in Hazelden. Wonderful, caring staff. Right down to housekeeping. People are kind and sincere. You get out what you put in...


Good facility


Aftercare was good. Can't smoke The entire staff was there for me no matter what the need


It worked! I would recommend this to anyone!


Experienced professionals


Proven record. High cost. My brother in law got effective treatment there. Thank you.


They are well-trained and experienced. They didn't have many options as far as religion goes. I don't feel comfortable writing something about them since it was a long time ago.


Counselors were helpful. It wasn't wheelchair accessibility. I felt left out because I'm paraplegic


So welcoming. I was so scared and after 30 min I felt peace. The surroundings were beautiful and the staff amazing. The treatment was exactly what I needed. Its individual based on my needs. I can't s...


Quality of programs and depth of staff. No reason why you shouldn't stay sober after being here. The best of the best.


Reputation, knowledge, training, care giving, food, community. Felt like they try to keep you there once you've entered. Everything costs extra. Hazelden taught me that I have a disease from which the...


Compassionate staff. Costly. As good as it gates...in general most rehabs only 12% succesfull


Great aftercare Older facility This is a great place to begin your recovery


Great facilities They need more diversity It was a great faculty and experience


This place is MONEY HUNGRY!!! and I left in a much worse place, the place I went after hazleden said they had to \'undo everything this place did'. They made me worse!!!!


As far as I am concerned this is nothing but an over priced vacation land.


It was recommended that I go to day treatment after impatient. I stayed for a week and wanted to go to the lodge earlier than recommended. They said I couldn\'t because I needed a higher level of trea...


I came with much hope. Learned in many ways my stay was all about money. Left depressed and angry. I would not recomend and suggest buying a big book and attending meetings would be as successful. Rea...


Great facility.


An overall good facility.


We'll run/ organized. I went for alcohol treatment. They have a lot of supports still in place.


Hazelden was the best thing to happen to my family during that tough year. They do a great job with everything! Beautiful location and Great program.


Strengths: Experience, knowledge, dedication. Weaknesses: AA program, no focus on other ways to get sober. Great staff, speakers are awesome. Need money. Everyone smokes


Strengths: Beautiful setting, gives Addict a true chance at recovery through aftercare services, great 12 step support, good Family week options. Weaknesses: It is a country club feeling very luxuriou...


they were not educated on sexual health. it was a very large rehab but the staff is very competant.


Need to improve aftercare.


intense programs to help those with addictions. more assistance for those without insurance. I've had family members attend the treatment program at Hazelden and it always worked, although it may have...


very good approach to treatment. expensive. It is a nice facility with many resources, however, you need to have the means to pay for it.


Very professionally run. Unaffordable to most.


Does the trick but very limited on activities. Positive experie.


experienced staff. caring and professional.


uses Big Book principals. could offer more counseling. For me it was perfect. They kept you very busy and you learned a lot about, addiction, treatment and recovery. They gave me great tools to work w...


A decent facility, but could use improvement.


It knows what it's doing. Expense.


Strengths: Programming, Faculty, Facilities. If you are serious about getting sober then this is the place to go. If you don't stay sober it's on you, not them, they are the best.


Strengths:Groups, lectures, loving environment, caring staff. More excersis time.


BE AWARE!!!!!! Nursing staff is nice, food is decent, but there is NO! coordination between management staff and Doctors. 3 Doctors quit this summer. Not one doctor or staff coordinator can tell yo...


Here is the ugly truth about rehab centers. Confidentiality is very poor. It seems like very few people know this and even doctor friends didn\'t know. If you are single, don\'t have any reason to be ...


Staff was great. wonderful program for my brother


Great intensive therapy sessions. This treatment center has great intensive one-on-one and group therapy sessions. They also let family members attend and start the healing process which is beneficial...


Good success rate. Cost was a downfall. it is a great safe enviorment in a wonderfg. The food is great. The rural setting is beautiful. it is both an educational and spititual experience. it is a 12 s...


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is dedicated to helping our patients overcome addiction, we have locations around the nation and are leading the advocacy and research around addiction as a disease.


They gave me scholarship funding for the cost above what the insurance company would pay. I have been clean and sober for over ten years, so that speaks volumes. A lot of the people that were in treat...


Long term treatment. Great staff, doctors and trained therapists. Beautiful place to be. They offer after care and alumni activities. Maybe funding could be improved...financial difficulties for offer...


It is the corner stone for all treatment centers. It was very educational.


It was in a good location, but it didn't help.


It was a low key and clam place with wonderful staff. They were very helpful with helping us get our loved one to agree to go for treatment. However, it was sooo expensive.


They had a great family program and speakers; however, my brother did not recover.


It was run like a prison. Person admitted becomes completely helpless in their treatment- staff does not share information readily with patient. Patient go through withdrawal with minimal support.


I would not recommend this facility.


The amenities were great but there were a variety of weaknesses. It's geared toward rich people as are most of the facilities.


They really address your problem and they promote strong support.


The staff was great but the cost was high.


A lot of caring staff and there is a lot of group support building that goes on to help one stay sober once out of treatment. It's easy to stay sober when in treatment. Should teach more life lessons ...


It was extremely effective.


Established. Good speakers. High cost. Need better dual dx tx. I was unable to stay as long as needed due to insurance.


It was an overall excellent facility.


It was top shelf. I relapsed after 60 days but am sober now.


The big book was key. I am sober.


Very spiritual. Treatment of the individual vs. common practice. Excellent medical treatment of withdraw symptoms. Beautiful grounds and facility as a whole.


An overall great facility.


It was a great facility.


They hold you hostage for a long period of time. The program is too formulaic with treatment decisions made at the time of entry so that a protocol is followed. Medical treatment is suboptimal.


Hazelden saved my life. I spent 28 days there and got the concept and truth of the fact that I had a disease that was not curable and I could ahve a daily reprieve. It has worked since 5-24-1995.


It was clean and the people were nice. I recovered fast. However, there could have been better treatment options.


Location far away from metropolitan area. Beautiful setting. Plenty of wide open spaces. Excellent counseling. Great facility. Costs, not really a weakness but a drawback for some who would benefi...


The people are kind; however, the facility was dirty.


Hazelden is a very well-run facility. Their programs take the needs of the clients and their families into consideration. The after care programs were a bit redundant. I don't think there was enough...


They are so helpful, pleasant, warm and inviting. It was a nice atmosphere with a great staff.


Be careful and interview them. The staffing was great but they lacked empathy.


They address the reasons why, abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a disease, how you can fight it like fighting cancer or other debilitating conditions. In addition they helped identify other issues...


The staff was good. However, I felt isolated and trapped. Oh what a glorious day it was when I left. It was like a release from prison.


It helped keep my family member sober.


Expertise in CD and MH with support across wide continuum of care. Same as most in that they have to deal with insurance calling the shots which lessens patient care.


They would contact my Ins. and recommend I need to stay longer then 4 weeks and I ended staying 12 wks.


Enjoyed the holistic inclusion.


I cannot overstate my appreciation for this facility. I think it's a magical place with a tremendous peer approach. I visit reunions annually and do an annual fundraiser for its benefit. I had an ext...


My sobriety date is 2-23-03, I entered the facility 1-08-03. I am satisfied with the end result.


I had a great experience at Hazelden. I have kept in contact with several of my recovery peers since leaving. I have also kept in contact with my individual counselor.


Based on the AA 12 step program. Completed the first 5 AA steps while in treatment.


Clean and peaceful setting. Good counselors who set up good individual treatment programs for individuals. It has a great reputation and overall program.


Over 90% of staff is in recovery. Enjoyed facility but it was expensive.


Enjoyed the 12-step program.


HBFF has the reputation it does for a reason. I am a former patient, and my life was saved by this amazing organization. To be able to work here now is the best possible way for me to share my exper...


Enjoyed in the inpatient medical detox. High quality facility.


Stayed out for two years.


We had a good experience. Great family program.


Not successful after three stays


Was very effective


There was little follow up. Since insurance wouldn't continue to pay for additional services. Need to continue treatment after release and offer transitional housing to help transition back after trea...


Excellent quality and care. Wonderful and peaceful place.


Had excellent family educational programs.


It's a very reputable facility. It works.


I did not know she was there until she had completed her rehab. It worked for our friend. She stopped using.


My 1-1 counselor called me to check my status before he left USA for his home. Would recommend this place for care.


$30,000 for 28 days - he relapsed 2 months after getting home. 28 days is not enough to an addict.


Hazelden is a 12 step based treatment facility. 12 step meetings are what is available on the outside once treatment is completed. To me, AA and the 12 steps are the solution to recovery. Hazelden tea...


Good individual attention. Alignment with the whole group was good


They are truly the best, hands down. They use the 12 steps of AA. Great discharge planning, also extensive follow-up with discharged patients. They have a high rate of success.


Safe place to recover.


Very supportive staff.


Hazelden treated me like family, with respect, dignity and made me feel valuable. They built a strong sense of trust and respect before I even arrived, which was carried thru the entire duration of my...


Outdated, too generic of programs. Need more LGBT options Alternatives to 12 step programs.


Great place!


Still alcohol / drug fee after 9 years.


Provided my daughter with the tools to stay clean.


Attended family weekend and were able to support our family member during his recovery process.


Good place to send a family member to recover


This treatment center changed my life. For the first time I was treated as a person with an addiction and not just a sad member of society. They got to the root of my problems and helped me form the...


Would highly recommend this place.


Hazeldon is an excellent treatment center and has high priority on recovery.


Good place to go recover.


Hazelden gave me the tools to understand my disease and a program (AA) to save my life after treatment. It saved my life.


Would recommend this place to anyone needing care


Connected me with outpatient treatment- approximately 6 weeks when I left to help me stay clean.


Taught me how to enjoy life w/out chemicals. Most professional and nicest facility with incredible support


Facility uses a 12-Step approach, which for my daughter ultimately did not work well; however, Hazelden helped her understanding and dealing with the issue....Ultimately my daughter changed her behavi...


Facility was great....(but) patient didn't receive any after-care. 30 day treatment is not long enough to learn how to sustain from an addiction.


I remain very grateful to the Hazelden foundation and their staff, who helped me to get sober and stay sober. If I were to relapse, I would definitely go back there!


Hazelden save my life...provided me with vaulable tools, and gave me the strength to be honest about who I was.


The facility is great, my counselor was not...My counselor had very little interaction with me compared to my dorm-mates. I even had a consultation with her and the chief Counselor and felt very cheat...


Everything about Hazelden was great. I've been sober for 3 yrs. It worked for me.


This treatment center offers a serene healing environment. You have peer interactions as well as professional staff. The food is great (without pampers like a club med) You first go through a series o...


My wife to be encouraged me to go to treatment and I'm glad I did....I would definitely go back if I ever needed to.


Very professional and personal, no monkey business. This is a serious illness and (treatment requires) undivided attention and effort.


The care and support of the staff at Hazelden gave me the tools to make recovery my life. I am forever grateful

Areas of Focus
Addiction treatment for attorneys, judges and other legal professionals

At Hazelden, you will find the personalized care, unparalleled expertise, and peer support you need to rebuild your life and preserve your legal career. Get your life back from addiction at Hazelden.

Specialized integrated treatment for addiction and trauma

At Hazelden's Springbrook campus, men and women coping with the pain of unresolved trauma benefit from more than 60 years of addiction treatment expertise along with highly-specialized, fully-integrated clinical care for co-occurring trauma disorders. This innovative approach has given Hazelden unmatched experience in leading men, women, youth, and families through the chaos, fear, and isolation of addiction and trauma--and into new life in recovery.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Mark G. Mishek
    Mark G. Mishek - President and CEO

    Mark G. Mishek is a Minnesota native with extensive executive-level experience in health care. Mishek was named President and CEO of Hazelden in August 2008 by the Hazelden Board of Trustees and officially assumed this role in November 2008. With the merger of Hazelden and the Betty Ford Center in February 2014, Mishek became President and CEO of the newly-formed Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Mishek's career in health care spans 30+ years. He came to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation from the Allina Hospitals & Clinics system, where he held various senior positions, including President of United Hospital of St. Paul, Executive Vice President for Law & Public Affairs and General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary. "The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is an outstanding organization with a rich legacy and a bright future," said Mishek. "I am honored and grateful each day to lead such a highly respected, mission-driven company. Our organization truly is an international leader in helping people sustain lifelong recovery to addiction to alcohol and other drugs. I'm excited to continue to build upon our strong foundation, started over 60 years ago, to assure that the message of hope and recovery reaches the broadest possible audience." Mishek earned a B.A. degree with high honors from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. degree with honors from the University of Minnesota Law School. He is the former chair of the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a past board member of Portico Healthnet, Capital City Partnership and ClearWay Minnesota. He lives with his family in St. Paul and is in long-term recovery from the disease of addiction.

  • Photo of John Driscoll
    John Driscoll - Executive Director of Adult Services at Hazelden's Center City

    John Driscoll has worked in the treatment field since 1991 and at Hazelden since 1999. He has been a counselor, manager, and director in Recovery Services and is now the Executive Director of Adult Services at Hazelden's Center City, MN facility. Prior to his employment at Hazelden, Driscoll started and directed a long term treatment program for women and their children in Chicago. Driscoll is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Northern Michigan University, and attended the clinical psychology graduate program at Marquette University in Milwaukee where he completed all but his thesis for his MA in clinical psychology. In 2009 he earned an MBA from Hamline University.