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The substance abuse and mental health treatment philosophy at Harbor Oaks Hospital is rooted in current best practices and evidence based research. Chemical dependency and mental health disorders are treatable diseases. These disorders can be acute or chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal. These disorders often co-occur. Chemical dependency and mental illness frequently go hand in hand and have a direct physical, emotional, spiritual and social impact on individuals and their families. When these disorders occur in combination with other behavioral and/or medical health difficulties, their impact is heightened.

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Apparently the policy is, the Doctor is a supreme being that the parents of patients cannot speak to. Everything is second hand information. I don\'t know if they are keeping notes of the phone calls ...


I placed my alcoholic husband there twice. The staff was phenomenal. They were incredibly patient, kind and understanding. I attended many of the family events and found them helpful too. I highly rec...


Not the best facility but the program is where you get the most out of it.


Hands down the best treatment facility I've ever been to. The program is very educating and personalized to suit what YOU need to work on. The staff is over the top friendly and the atmosphere is very...


I just left the substance abuse unit and must share to prevent others that truly want to start their recovery path to NOT pick this in-patient facility. 80% of patients are there for 3 meals and a cot...


They have art class for 1 hour then 1 social work group the rest of the time is spent doing nothing. Was there for 1 week, seen the doctor for max 3min a day. At discharge noone went over anything wi...


Bring patience when working with this facility! It took 10+ hours for intake process, half hour or longer to try to speak with someone via phone on each attempt; little to no interaction with staff an...


Thanks harbor oaks for getting me claen and sober!


Outstanding job and very knowledgeable staff members. Who go out of their way with everyone who needs to be rehabilitated.


if you want to get help and are real about it then go to harber oaks. it took me a long time to go get help but i did and i feel good. i have a job and my kids back. one day at a time.


I would just like to say, i have an 8 year old boy with severe anger issues, along with a few other diagnosis'...he was sent there for 3 weeks because he came after me with a knife saying "he would ki...


Dr is a quack don’t care about you at all he just wants a paycheck


Best experience of my life. No more drinking and I learned so much from the other patients that had it much worse than me. -drinking and drugs. The staff was friendly and took care of me. Food is gre...


Harbor Oaks in New Baltimore is an absolutely HORRID place!!! Do not send your child here thinking they will be well taken care of and safe, they won't be. Very prison-like environment . The staff was...


i felt like crap the first few days but then got better. hope i never use again. i have good support.


My sister was here twice, the second time worked.


the food was real salty and the beds were not comfy. but other than that i am clean and sober thats what matters the most


Besides being far away, which I guess its good to be away from trouble it was a positive experience. The place is old, but I was not there for a vacation. I learned a lot about myself and how to cope....


I was not going to go to harber oaks until I spoke to them on the phone. They made my experience the best it could be. If you want treament call them, they will make it happen.


Harbor Oaks is one of the only treatment centers that I have been to where people really care about me. I spent 14 days getting clean and sober, and still am 4 months later.


One of the best places i have ever been they have some of the best counslers this place changed my life. was some of the best people i have met in life.


I was sent here by my parents in December 2016 after being involved in a near-death car accident and having a manic episode ensue after. This place was horrible. Yes-there was some very friendly staff...


I attended harbor oaks in February 2017. The overall experience helped me find better coping skills with my suicidal thought and anxiety. The morning and afternoon staff were amazing but the night sta...


Very under staffed. 24-32 patients to 3 (maybe staff) Staff seem exhausted from constant obligation to be mandated. I’ve witnessed multiple incidents that could have been avoided. It’s a ba...


I was sent here under suicide watch along with other health issues a few years ago. They lied to me and the hospital social workers by making their place look like it was a relaxing Hollywood spa retr...


My son spent two weeks at this hospital for treatment. I was a little leery about having him go here after some of the reviews I read, but then I though to myself these people are seeking treatment so...


I was a patient a few years ago and it was the worst experience of my life. I am still having nightmares. Problems: dirty, had to stand in line for an hour for meds, actually given WRONG med!! By nurs...


Good to be clean


It is far but worth it


They allow smoking outside so that helped


The unit is old, but people are kind


Sober for 30 days so far!


Came here for detox and rehab, everything was great from the staff to soem new friends i met. But they need to update that place, it is old.


The only help I got from this horrible place was from fellow patients. The nurses did nothing to help me what so ever. I found myself scared to feel because they took everything as a diagnosis. I s...


I\'m a 48yr old female tht found myself in a scary place, Harbor Oaks. This facility is by far the worst place one could go to seek any type of help w chemical dependency and/or mental health interven...


Horrible, horrible hospital. My son was in twice--no improvement, plus the staff was completely inattentive and there was an incident that I can\'t discuss. Will never, ever, send my son back.


I highly recommend against stepping foot in this place , the First doctor that assessed me made ridiculously rude comments at me, and as I was sitting there, told me \"it\'s time for you to leave...


I have been to harbor oaks mental hospital and it was horrible I was never the same when I came out I went in and I loved my family I came out and I just looked at them and I just hated them I still h...


the staff was rude the doctor refused to talk to me.


I was admitted to this hospital against my will under suicide watch. Ironically, during my stay here i have never felt more anxious and suicidal in my life. The staff is unattentive and lazy. There is...


It was really good. they provided food and good accomadations the staff was kinda not good


They had a variety of programs. Staff didn't seem very concerned with accomplishing anything. There needs to be more structure.


They were nice and all bla bla but aside from them I don\'t know about everyone else but I think think a kid being sent away expesualy to a freaking mental hospital will make any change it just showed...


The facility was very accountable. I believe the environment could be more welcoming. This was a scary time in the lives of my family members and the staff was very gracious and understood our concern...


The staff was well trained and informed and knew how to handle every situation. The lack of funds towards a better facility was a weakness. They were very assistive through the entire process and I wi...


My brother was admitted to this facility under suicide watch. He wanted to jump off of a bridge and end his life. After only 2 days of treatment and asessment he was deemed okay and referred to the su...


Harbour Oaks was an extremely important factor in my being sober today. They gave me support, treated patients with respect, and gave me plenty of tools to use on the outside. They are truly a bless...

Areas of Focus
Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.