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Treatment Insights

Our approach to treatment is based on respect for the dignity of the people we serve and the belief that addiction is a treatable disease. Every client who walks through the door has the opportunity for a fresh start, venturing out on a voyage of sobriety that is guided by a custom tailored, individual treatment plan, of which there is no duplication. Greenbriar Treatment Center will open all gates and opportunities to assist you on your path to a lifetime of recovery. Chemical Dependency and Dual Diagnosis issues do not have to control your life any longer. Help is available! We realize that you cannot change the past, but the future is yours... why not start your journey with us? At Greenbriar, we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an attitude, but a habit.

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In 2014 I completed treatment at the lighthouse for men after completing inpatient treatment at Greenbriar Treatment Center. From day one, I knew that the staff at Greenbriar were going to change my l...


The time I spent at Greenbriar, both inpatient and outpatient, has forever changed my life for the best. I will forever be grateful for all that Greenbriar did for me and my family. I now have over 7 ...


Attended In patient and Out Patient. Both are great programs. The Therapists and Counselors at the N Strabane OP Location are professional, very knowledgeable, no bullshit, caring and skilled at guidi...


The Lighthouse halfway house which is run by Greenbriar is run by an irrational lady who is discriminates against those who are there voluntarily as opposed to those who are there because of drug cour...


Very good


I thought the process laid a good foundation for my rehabilitation moving forward. My councelor was awesome.


Absolutely a joke. Worst staff and therapists of any Rehab. You will not get the care you deserve. This place should be ashamed of itself. Extremely unknowledgeable staff nurses and doctors. A terribl...


i think it was a great place to open up and let your guard down and the therapists and staff are the best around. Strengths: individual counseling, good group activities and good lessons.


Professional staff: Nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors, office personal, friendly caring people.


Greenbriar outpatient embraces the alcoholic and the addict, the counselors are the best and most effective in the area , I would recommend to anyone I just graduated after 6 full months of treatment


I did the whole 28 day stay in the summer of 2017 at Greenbriar in Washington, PA. I am still sober, thanks to all the staff and therapists and nurses and office personal for giving me my life back. O...


I'm so grateful to the staff at Greenbriar. God used them in the first part of my sobriety journey 6 years ago, and I still use what I learned there to keep going.


This is one of the best groups ive ever had. My therapist was the best. Perfect.


Staff provided informant in such a way that was easily digestible and able to retain. A strength were Therapists. Spiders was a weakness.


Treatment at outpatient center was inspiring, informative, educational, uplifting, and extremely helpful. Never felt so at home and not judged. Truly will miss attending outpatient 4 evenings a week. ...


Excellent. Staff was a strength. Food was not good.


Suffering through my addiction to alcohol for several years, my first treatment was inpatient, at Greenbriar Inpatient Treatment Center. My care was during the summer months and looking back everythin...


The staff and therapists are the reason this is such a great treatment center. Their knowledge of the disease and the genuine care and compassion for the clients makes learning and trusting so much ea...


Greenbriar helped me turn my life around. I will be forever grateful for the treatment that I received. My family couldn't be happier to have their daughter back! Greenbriar interacted equally with me...


Greenbriar saved my life. I was completely hopeless and now I have a little over 9 months clean. I was willing to put the work in to have the life I wanted.I would say everything from the time I have ...


Send your loved one somewhere else!


Inpatient program partially successful. Outpatient program totally unsuccessful!


The worst nurses with temper tantrums to grandiuos behaviors. Bad experience. Peace.


I did 30 days in Washington was terrible....I could go in to detail...but it was just terrible... Kids half my age....clearly in over their head...trying to run was rej...


With the opioid crisis the need for treatment is needed this is not the place. The most honest aspect of this place are the people being treated sadly some of which will relapse or worse. While I unde...


This place is a sham. the therapists and staff put on a great show while you are there and make it seem like they really care. They tell you things like \"please keep in touch\" or \"call me if you n...


Very great people!...The staff is great nice to have people in recovery that are not judging you . But look for how they were like you . The afternoon guy has clean time and is really powerful and mak...


I know the staff will read this even though you say you won\'t tell anyone. I was their in 2013, did meetings after I was released. Learned more bad behaviors with other members of the rehab.


Thorough, Accountability, Supportive, Outpatient options. Preparedness was ok. Good combination of toughness and flexibility from staff accomodates diversified patients. Knowledgeable staff. Great fou...


I have personally been through Greenbriar treatment center 3 times now... I simply can\'t understand where all the glowing praise is coming from. The counselors and nursing staff were very nice and he...


06/27/16 My husband was there for one week and they called me every single day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. The nursing staff called the psychiatric doctor and I use that term very loosely. The ...


Very supportive staff.


It's a very structured place you do not get out of your room to participate or help out with chores you don't get good marks on your review. And that's all part of healing and can make you stay longe...


Positive reinforcement and good staff. Curfew and other restrictions need to be revised. Great facility that has helped me.


they listened to your problems and treated you well, they helped you deal with the problems that caused your addiction not just the addiction itself


friendly, location was a problem for me. would recommend to other people


Excellent care. It is a great facility highly recommended


The people there know where you are coming from because they have been there too. Not enough relaxation time. This place helped me so much. They saved my life. And I made friends for life there.


caring, motivated , detail oriented but costly after ins. runs out. good, explain things well, good detox methods


helpful, and understanding.


this place is an absolute scam they will refuse admission for any reason they choose.


Good treatment.


I entered the facility last December prior to Xmas with the plan to stay until after the new year. Because of this, I was worried I would have to pay my deductible twice I asked Mary R. (a Greenbriar ...


I felt very used by greenbriar ,$$$ Forced me to do outpatient which my work did not require and I would not receive short term disability in outpatient . Would not give me a completion letter . =no j...


Greenbriar holds a special place in my heart. I was at the end of a dark road and had no idea where to turn. They opened up their facilities for people like me and by the end of my stay, I didn\'t wan...


I\'ve been to 6 different inpatient facilities and have gone to inpatient treatment 13 times. I would venture to say I have pretty good idea of what I am talking about. The last place I went to was GB...


I was treated at the outpatient center on 19..... And can truly say the program there saved my life and started me on my road to recovery...... I recently just celebrated four years clean


Greenbriar Treatment Center saved my life. The staff, therapists and nurses there believed in me when I was unable to believe in myself and gave me the necessary tools that have helped me achieve a li...


I strongly believe in this treatment center. I have been a patient here 3 or 4 times and they did not give up on me. If it wasn\'t for the last chance they gave me and the work the whole team put in I...


GB saved my life I was 20 years old couldn\'t go a couple hours with out a substance in and out of jail and now I have 18 months clean. I have my family back and a group of friends who truly care abou...


This place saved my life. Period. The staff members and nurses were all wonderful people and took the time to actually pay attention to me and the other patients in there equally. The therapist were l...


we work with patients with payment plans to pay their coinsurance so treatment will not be to much of a burden. Patients are responsible for their entire deduct prior to admission. We continually work...


Greenbriar accepts many different insurances. Great patient care.


Services include: Detox - Inpatient - Outpatient and Halfway House. Extremely qualified and caring staff that provide quality drug, alcohol and mental health treatment services to our conusmers


Services include: DETOX, INPATIENT, OUTPATIENT, HALFWAY HOUSE - INSURANCES ACCEPTED. A full business team handles all insurance checks and billing, so that patients are able to focus on treatment. Gre...


Well managed, experienced, many people in recovery from their own addictions.


I got to meetings with her.


Not at all impressed with this facility. Continue to let people believe they are able to cope with illness when they are not. My loved one has been in this facility 5 times and has not improved at all...


The treatment was quite effective.


The location was good but the treatment was not very effective.


I was not a participant, but a spouse and therefore cannot fairly judge. Staff and administration care about the entire family, not just the participant.


The therapists, techs, and nurses were great. Having people employed at the facility who are in recovery really helped me throughout the process. I will be celebrating 9 years sober because of the tre...


I enjoyed the counseling and 12-step program.


I think that they should try different exercises and group strategies. The groups are repetitive and I think the groups should be smaller so you can speak about your problems more and try to solve the...


Friendly staff, we'll educated in addiction, 12 step oriented. It is not a long enough program, but it got me started on the road to recovery.


The staff was great. I am still sober a year later. However, the outside time was insufficient.


The techs and counselors are great! The program is very helpful. However, the facility could be cleaner.


I needed this education to realize I have a disease. I loved the fact that being there was the first time I didn't feel alone..felt understood...I found hope and a new chance on life...forever gratefu...


I am an RN who diverted narcotics.I had to enter a treatment center as part of the state board of nursing contract. :-) Greenbriar treatment center saved my life. I attended gateway treatment center i...


Greenbriar gave me hope not to give up.I sought help in 2 other rehabs afterward but have stayed sober and clean since Aug. 30th 2007(7 yrs. 2months).


Staff was very supportive.


There group meetings 5 evenings a week.


The staff is able to create a positive atmosphere. The individual personalities coalesce to give a very broad show of recovery. 12 step community members frequently visit to speak to the groups of pat...


Too short of a stay, didn't really do much more than was already done by family.


It was an ok treatment facility, but in the end not enough....we lost our son to an overdose. I think that there are better places.


They need to incorporate Jesus.


Not for older men with ETOH addiction, it is geared for young drug addicts....Staff were more concerned with young addicts esp with drug addiction, it was made clear several times that we older men de...


I attended group therapy for 18 months as aftercare treatment.


It was not the best of facilities.


Wonderful, caring and motivated staff. The facility had alumni working on staff, and a professional top notch educated clinical staff.


I didn't enjoy the facility.


They were very focused and coming from the facility, the only important thing to me was whether I picked up or not.


I enjoyed the holistic offerings and the staff was very supportive.


I relapsed a third time and when I went in to this facility the second time I had a withdrawal seizure. The third time I relapsed, they would not take me back because they didn't have the proper medic...


I enjoyed my time & thought the care given was great at this facility. I relapsed after 3 months- I was pregnant and chose an alternative, but got back into recovery related programs.



Areas of Focus
Dual-Diagnosis Services

Clients are provided comprehensive dual-diagnosis services for co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. Licensed professionals administer evidence-based mental health services on an inpatient basis for optimal results.

Family Education Program

Clients are encouraged to include family members and loved ones in their recovery processes. During Greenbriar’s weekly family education hour, loved ones gain insight into the challenges of addiction and learn strategies for promoting sobriety.