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For over 40 years, Gosnold has been serving individuals and families affected by addiction. We understand addiction as a chronic disease that requires lifelong care and management. Our full continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs enables us to treat individuals at all stages of the illness and our Reaching Out family program brings hope and support to families. A dedicated and caring staff using evidence based practices can help patients and family members develop and understand the changes that can lead to life long remission. Gosnold supports you for the life of your recovery.

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Let me start off by saying this: Just because your loved one didn’t get it this time around is not the fault of this facility. They do their damndest & the staff care about the patients. Wasn’t e...


I greatly benefited from my time at Gosnold this past spring and would like to share a little feedback if it might help others. The journey is tough, but I’ve been to two other programs and this tim...


In a perverse way it works it was so bad I never want to go back and will hopefully stay sober. Food good medical care good but the patients run the facility and those in charge look the other way. Ma...


Very unprofessional. Run by people in "recovery," who don't seem to have the education needed to understand how the brain and nervous system work. Addicts are usually very selfish people, and without ...


Worst faculty ever do not send your loved one in this faculty, staff have no education on substance use disorder, drugs being sold in facility, it’s only for profit faculty, no family communication ...


im,a worker


My loved one was there twice first time went through treatment and was told he should stay he needed more. A friend rand relative cohersed him to go back a few years later. Was picked up by a Recover...


Gosnold started my journey into recovery and I finally realized that alcohol had owned me and going away to Cataumet facility was my best shot at getting my life back. The program showed me through me...


This place is a total joke. There is no management or program structure at all! They help the junkies, convicts, etc ween off all kinds of opiates by giving them drugs. If you have an alcohol problem ...


I found Gosnold to be an excellent detox facility. Excelent staff, nursing, councelors, dining etc...They do keep you busy with many group and small group meetings. Some one on one counceling, and hel...


Gosnold & The Emerson House saved my life, and the life of my unborn son. I was a pregnant, homeless junkie, with no hope of ever having a life worth living. The staff took me into their arms and hear...


This program saved my life.


I can't save enough about recovering champions. It was a tough but wnderful. The holistic approach teaches about life.


If you are really serious about getting sober, this isn't the place for you. Most people were involuntary placed there by either the courts or family members.


I went to the Emerson house in 2012 and have been clean and sober ever since. When I went there I was absolutely broken and ready to finally take the suggestions To go into post detox treatment. The ...


I was a client at Emerson House with my son 2013 were there for 6mths.It was the best thing I've ever done For myself and him. The tools that they give you to live life sober is great. The staff is th...


I had s wondetful experience at Gosnold and was given the tools and motivation to comtinue on my path to recovery.


Other than the majority of people being \"treated there\",I voluntarily checked myself in. The others were mostly court appointed and it seemed like a reunion for them. They all knew each other becaus...


This place I cannot say anything bad as it does so good for people that need treatment so how can one trash it, But...When a person wakes up at 530 am works outside til 5 pm in 90 plus temp and then...


Excellent family inclusion; quality facilities; great aftercare planning process; accepts insurances and works to make their prices affordable. More structure and accountability for addicts attending ...


Longevity, experience, empathy, counseling, and health awareness. Limited by insurance regulations and state rules, politics. Me sister has been there.


Professional staff. They got me in quickly.


Great food, great staff. I was at gosnold for 5 days at the detox and 3 months at the millerhouse witch is part of gosnold.


I have been to multiple inpatient rehabs in my state of Massachusetts and Gosnold is one of the best facilities in the state. I went first to the Gosnold detox and then to the Emerson House and was in...


Staff is not well trained. They had clean good programs.


They were compassionate and have knowledge of what your going through.


The one on one counseling. The food was good for people with food allergies. They want to be involved with the after care and treatment. They want to encourage after care.


The location was nice, but there was a lack of outside resources.


Had a decent experience there.


Lack of proper supervision over uncontrolled substances being brought in and over the patients actions.


I told a nurse about an issue with pills because I was approached she said she knew this but no time to watch the other patients. I told her to higher someone no funding. So in other words don\'t sen...


I worked at Gosnold in 2006. The CEO had such a passion for helping the client\'s. Most CEO\'s don\'t really care about helping people, Its usually about the money. The staff is awesome food is great ...


They have experienced staff. Sober 9 years now all because of the support I received from my after care therapist. However, there is not enough aftercare support.


It's far away from anything so it's like a retreat, getting away and getting better and staff was really nice. Need to keep people longer. 7 days on suboxone and then you're out. The place was clean a...


Strong alumni group which offers support to former patients...Gosnold is probably the best detox an rehab facility in Mass. Always available to speak to ...The people working at Gosnold truly care abo...


It was an overall good facility.


Strengths include: relapse plan, family involvement on Sundays, individual counseling, meetings, meetings, meetings. However, the food could have been better and there could have been a little more al...


All of the counselors were in recovery. It was a good facility with wonderful groups and support. However, I needed more time there.


Well trained staff with programs for various co-afflictions like HIV, co-dependency, dual diagnosis, anger management. Very well run. There is no public assistance accepted and it's expensive if one h...


The location was great. The staff was inexperienced.


The structure was great. However, the mental health treatment could have used improvement. They offer classes in addiction.


It is a wonderful place to recover in a beautiful location. The basic counseling and no frills approach was great. However, there are privacy issues and crowding.


The staff was one hundred percent dedicated to helping each of us in the way the best suited our cases. I am honored to have been a part of this place and so very grateful for Gosnold.


Sticking to the rules of the facility was a positive aspect; however, it did not work for him.


The facility is run extremely well and the staff were tough but fair. I was given every chance to enhance my recovery. It was a no frills approach. The size was a downfall.


Straightforward program. Detox to rehab, food and the staff were great and helpful. However, there is no caffeine.


Experienced and compassionate staff. It was based on money; we need more affordable treatment centers.


I believe this is a top notch program. Everybody in there was extremely happy with the services, including myself. They offered to set me up with aftercare upon my discharge as well. The detox was won...


I thought it was an overall good facility


Gosnald on Cape Cod saved my life....I was skeptical at first but after up to prenent time I feel it was the best decision I've ever made


Strengths include: Reputation,community awareness,very large outreach program and treatment aftercare centers.The downfall is that management is not truly in touch with the people who are front line c...


Do not go here if you are looking to detox. Aftercare treatment may by adequate, but if you are looking to detox DO NOT GO HERE.


Only detox facility I've been to, and so far has worked for me. Taught me a lot about myself and helped me identify with others going through the same thing. The staff really gave a damn — they made...


Was given a lot of respect at Gosnold.


The one on one counseling was the best.


attend family support groups. They were helpful.


Not the best, not the worst.




It would be difficult to improve upon. Transitional coaching played a huge part.


I feel that the facility lacked in support provided to family members. There should be an active mtg offered right at the facility, it would only benefit the individual with their recovery. I know m...


physical appearance has changed


Best food kitchen on the east Coast

Areas of Focus
Addiction Support Services for Family and Friends

The Reaching Out family program offers addiction education, support groups, community forums, intervention counseling and recovery coaching.An educated and supportive family has a positive impact on treatment outcomes. Support groups enable family members to share their experiences and learn ways to help them manage the challenges of addiction and early recovery.

Individual Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a personalized service between an individual in early recovery and an experienced professional knowledgeable about addiction and familiar with recovery resources.

Key Staff Members
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    Michael R. Barnett MD - Medical Director

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    Raymond V. Tamasi - President/Chief Executive Officer