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Treatment Insights

Unlike most alcohol abuse treatment programs, GO SOBER features a medication-assisted treatment program that works to restore the brain's ability to produce dopamine and experience reward. Utilizing an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, GO SOBER's primary objective is to reset those reward receptors that have been damaged by alcohol abuse and then educate patients on healthier means of generating reward responses. This process requires patients to address diet and lifestyle habits, as facilitated by GO SOBER life coaching, exercise and nutrition courses.

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I am a Go Sober graduate with my 4 year anniversary coming up in July! Like most. I had tried and FAILED all the traditional so called treatments; In and Out Patient Rehab Centers, AA, many RXs, ETC.....


GoSober was the only program that made sense to me. Admitting your problem is a cliche, but it is truly the first step; however, along with that first step - as hard as it is in your state of mind dur...


I went through the GoSober program in 2016 and haven't had a drink since! I loved, loved my red wine and was so skeptical that I could lose my passion for it, but here I am, over three years later, wi...


I went through the program and did well for about 7 months. I was on a mild antidepressant during this time (due to seasonal distress disorder - lived in WA for several years with minimal sun) - advis...


Save your money-ntrained staff "counselors". Keep Looking!!!


Spoke to someone with the company only interested in the brain chemistry fix they want $10,000 to do the brain chemistry which they say Works within a week but then they want you to go through all the...


This program is awful. They are missing the most important piece of addiction the fact that addicts and alcoholics lie to themselves and others constantly. I can't believe they don't realize this.


I had been struggling to stop drinking for years with mixed results. I went through the GS program several months ago and have been sober since my program ended. I recommend the program highly.


I would not recommend this treatment. First of all they have absolutely no family involvement. Anyone that is an alcoholic or a family member of an alcoholic knows without a doubt that this is a sic...


Sober for 35 days and have lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off my \"wine belly\" so far! I am 2 pounds away from a decade ago and only 10 more to go after that - I know it will happen, and I am absolute...


Go Sober saved my life. I was making the transition from \"functional\" to \"non-functional\" alcoholic when I took advantage of their services. It has been over four months since treatment, and I no ...


I also went through the GoSober program after years of unsuccessful attempts to remain sober. I was a bit nervous at first because of the overwhelming reviews but can honestly say it works. I am at ...


I attended the Go Sober program only after trying other programs, including twelve step programs both through my medical insurance and on my own. Nothing worked. My choice came down to trying Go Sob...

Areas of Focus
Transition support

Since GO SOBER™ is out-patient based; there is no need to miss weeks or months of work or interference with important scheduled events. The complete program requires approximately 25 hours of on-site participation and a lifetime of accumulated wellness benefits. Your appointments can be scheduled at your convenience with discretion.

Medication assisted treatment

The theory behind the science is that certain neuro-receptors in the brain have become damaged from long term alcohol use. This damage causes anxiety that leads to repeat failure and more drinking. The medication is suspected to re-establish normal functioning of these damaged reward receptors, thereby stopping the anxiety causing failure. For Greg, within days of treatment, his preoccupation with drinking stopped completely and he was able to replace drinking with healthier reward producing behaviors which reinforced his sobriety.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Greg Hoffman
    Greg Hoffman - Director

    Greg started GO SOBER in March of 2011 for people who’ve decided to quit drinking but continue struggling with cravings or daily thoughts about that next drink. He continues refining the treatment model based on client experiences and emerging medical, pharmacological and behavioral science. Before GO SOBER, he held senior management positions at various technology manufacturing firms. His contribution and passion have always been establishing effective business models to deliver needed goods and services with alcohol treatment being his most recent. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Washington, a M.B.A from the University of San Diego and three U.S. patents. GO SOBER resulted from his frustration with existing treatment programs’ failure to address the true, neuro-physiological cause for repeat, unwanted drinking even in motivated individuals with the sincere desire to quit.

  • Photo of Dr. Steve Zakany
    Dr. Steve Zakany - Medical Director

    Dr. Zakany is board certified in both Family Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He is a member of the Lumenis Accredited Doctor's Network, the American Academy of Family Practice, the Colorado Academy of Family Practice and the Colorado Medical Society. Dr. Zakany serves as an official trainer for Bridge Therapy treatments for physicians in the Rocky Mountain region. He has practiced medicine in Neptune Beach Florida and Heidelberg, Germany prior to coming to Colorado in 1999. Dr. Zakany received his M.D. from the University of South Florida and B. S. degree in Chemistry is from Florida Atlantic University.