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Rock Creek, OH 44084
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Glenbeigh, an outpatient facility located in Northeast Ohio, provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs utilizing an abstinence-based, disease concept model of treatment. Glenbeigh focuses not only on the patient, but also on the family and friends affected by the disease of addiction. By treating each patient as a whole person and developing a deep understanding of each individual’s issues, Glenbeigh helps move clients from addiction to healthy, productive lives. Glenbeigh is a not for profit organization that depends on the generosity of community donors.

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A young girl, kind of chubby who gave classes on the second floor in Relapse Prevention called me several vile names in front of the class because I was a retired Police Officer. I can\'t get this out...


A phenomenal experience for me. A lot of ups and downs throughout the process. Good people that do whatever they can to help. My personal recommendation would be to do whatever you can do to make it 4...


I went into GB In Denial, Kicking and Screaming, seeing all these patients laughing and talking. I thought they had all lost it. My denial was hard to break and my Escape plans Plentiful, it took only...


Best thing I did to achieve sobriety was choosing this facility. The staff was extremely helpful and caring during my stay. 9 years sober since 2011.


place was great until I go to know my counselor. He was rude , disrespectful, he lied on my discharge plan and told me I would fail . I am still clean and thank God I didn't let the counselor at glenb...


Decent program . Needs more ( cbt's, rebt etc .)evidence based treatment and a little less stepping 12 step style


I WAS a licensed healthcare professional. The medical director at the time spent 5 minutes with the social worker on my third day there, then diagnosed me with "addiction" and told me I was "in denial...


Best treatment center ever!!!


I went to Glenbeigh and this is the bottom line. They will only detox you. That is all that you should expect. The rest is up to you and how you choose to stay sober. Rehab is a misnomer because you w...


Glenbeigh was great to me I see a lot of negative on these reviews treatment is all what you put into it you are there for you nothing else I was here three times finally something clicked I have been...


I went to this place hard headed and that was was my own fault. i didn't give it a chance. for the most part.your not allowed to make a phone call for the first 48 hours while you are there. on the se...


I went to Glen Beigh in 2016 and then again in 2018 I an coming up on 6 months Clean and asober I see sone of these comments and I think its ridiculous that you bash a place that saves your life and i...


Went to Glen Beigh in April. Had the most incredible counselor, was a wealth of knowledge. Offered me insight to my alcoholism and helped me with my life problems.. They offer meditation, art therapy,...


Pros: Very clean, plenty of nutritious meals and snacks. Husband seemed to enjoy the lectures. Cons: not enough time being counseled. Wife called counselors numerous times and always put into voice m...


Remove this review or not it is the truth. It is correct as said on this forum in the past that Glenbeigh is not nearly the sanctuary it claims. I was a patient for 28 days and not one time did I get ...


The treatment seemed to be great for inpatient. Once in outpatient, the Glenbeigh facilities fall short. nice facility, healthy meals, keeps the patients busy, allows contact with family. Don't truly ...




Good intentions, but.... 1) absolutely no flexibility of the schedule or recognition that older adults (50's+) may have slightly different needs, especially when it comes to detox and the need for res...


I can't believe insurance companies actually pay for this, It's an old nursing home where they hold a bunch of 1st step groups and collect $28000 A POP!!, no different than going to an AA meeting. Exc...




Glenbeigh served my family and I well. Every place has deficiencies whether in cost or amenities, but the value of the facility lies in the providers and staff it employs. This is where Glenbeigh shin...


Not sure what the program inside is like but the aftercare program does not test individuals regularly enough that they can’t cheat the system. I’ve seen my friend go back here several times witho...


Glenbeigh is vastly understaffed and provides no referrals or after care whatsoever. The in-patients receive treatment without any depth or context.


Glenbeigh was one of the worst places that I spent my time in. I am a professional with the highest degree in my field and I know how to treat people. The support staff, nurses, and even the custodial...


My son was here more than once. The staff is very caring, food is decent, facilities very clean and nice. Opiate addiction is very difficult to treat, and it takes many relapses for most. Overall I wo...


I stayed 8 days at Glenbeigh dually addicted to alcohol and benzo's and couldn't wait to leave the facility. I HIGHLY recommend you make sure your counselor is an alcoholic or drug addict. That goes...


Wonderful place


I went here in 2013 when I had medical mutual as my insurance and they helped me a lot. Well I lost my insurance and now I'm 100$ medicaid. I needed treatment again. Guess who doesn't accept medicaid?...


I have complained that you did NOT withdraw me from Klonopin correctly when I was at your faculity in 2008. It is now clearly comfirmed I was correct. YOU WERE WRONG!!! HOW SHAMEFUL OF YOU!!!


Glenbeigh was great, the counselors, the staff, and the nursing. They all rightly deserve an A+. However, as an alcoholic, I admit that many times I felt a fish out of water because the vast majority ...


I stayed here for 2 weeks going in very nervous. Not knowing what to expect. Since this was my first time in treatment. But the start was extremely professional and helpful. The lectures, meetings, an...


Merry Christmas to the entire Glenbeigh (Rock Creek) Family, especially the Nurses. The Staff is excellent. Nurses are exceptional and I wish them and their families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Ye...


If you are an opiate/ heroin addict please do not go to this facility! The detox is terrible and they leave you sick in your room, it was the most terrible rehab facility I have been to. Yes, it was c...


Don\'t go here. Nurses are awful, rude, and disrespectful. I felt anxious the entire time I was there. This program is way too rigid. I felt like I was in prison.


This facility saved my life. I had gone to another rehab center before but never was I treated as well as this one. The knowledge of the doctors, nurses and staff , who were almost all recovered a...


I liked that they gave our family the opportunity to help with his recovery. I don't have any. It seemed like a good program. It seemed like a good environment and it was nice they allowed family to g...


Program needs improvement.


accommodations were a strength, expenses not so much. It just was not inclusive enough. the counselors did not talk about the real stuff of addiction. Plus the cost was crazy expensive.


Alcohol and drug treatment, Great detoxification system


Work well with insurance and has programs for those that had financial difficulty.


I encourage everyone with an addiction to get help. When children are involved in a situation where their parent is an addict. Get the parent help and out of the house ASAP. For their safety.


Strengths: Focus on sobriety. Weaknesses: Expecting to much to fast. This facility care about their clients, and willing to provide support when needed.


Their Staff was good but not tough enough. Was an enriching experience


Staff is very nice but you're able to leave facility. Nice, clean, good food, nice staff, great treatment


In depth coping mechanization which was a strength. No outsiders was a weakness. I feel that this facility has help me with my addictions.


They treat alcohol dependence, drug dependence and offer family treatment programs. I feel they need to be a bit more strict in the rules, that if you break the rules and are not working the program, ...


not for profit. good 90 day program, looks very nice outside.


Friendly staff but Expensive. It was Good


Horrible place. I was sent there for opiate addiction... All in all it was unorganized, unfriendly, and lacked any kind of focus or plan. Kids and old men just wandered the halls all day and if a gu...


Complete and utter waste of time and money. The one question I was asked most by both inmates and staff \"how many times have you been through here?\" I believe this speaks volumes. Repeat business...


Most staff care & have a clue, with true authenticity as recovering addicts. However, before pending $$$ here, do your homework. Glenbeigh has saved many lives. Yes, I know mistakes will be excused aw...


This place was terrible!!! The food was no good and most of the staff was rude. Strange co-ed rules and very un organized. Nurses have no respect. I felt most people on staff felt they were better tha...


No training for people with eating disorders. Food was unhealthy. Was not really dual/ diagnosis so I couldn\'t be on my anxiety med while there, def took away from it helping. It was good that we ha...


It was a very good facility overall.


It was an overall great facility but they need more holistic options and it was very expensive.


Everything was great. Wonderful Staff all the way from Maintance to the CEO. Excellent Dining and Food. Great Gym to work out in. Beautiful Setting outside couple of ponds to fish or just relax as you...


They helped with detox and rehabilitation.


They have many trained counselors; it is a great facility with a comprehensive program. However, there is not enough counseling for family members, too much mixing of young and old, and the food is to...


They kept me busy, I learned a lot and the food was top notch. However, there was a lot of walking. It is a good place to get sober.


They had Choco Tacos, which was nice. However, the quality of care, facilities, safety and staff were all weaknesses of the facility. There was a lot of disruption and inappropriate behavior among pat...


I think it's a good facility.


Friendly staff and good nutrition for meal choices. They need more one on one counseling and activities. Also need more monies available for treatment for people who don't have insurance. A lower copa...


They deal well with dual-diagnosis and provide great aftercare. I was very pleased overall.


Strengths include: knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate counselors, individual care, frequent drug screens and mandatory 12 step meetings. I would not be clean and sober today without Gelnbeigh (...


Treatment saved my life. The program is great, but some of the staff has questionable behavior. ... These guys should be fired. Other than that, the program was awesome for me.


I've been clean for over 5 years. I've seen so many addicts come through there and go on to live happy and productive lives. Workers are generally recovering addicts themselves.


My husband was in treatment and would get frustrated with the workers because they were not listening to his needs and I think that's important in treatment. Some of the people that work there seem to...


This facility offers a very therapeutic setting. Working to meet the goals of each individual client. The majority of the staff is very professional and seems genuinely concerned about the treatment ...


It didn't work for my ex husband and they didn't do any kind of follow up. They do have great family and friends treatment though/


Affiliated with The Cleveland Clinic. Quality of staff. Pleasant surroundings, good food. Only available with insurance and requires a copay upon admission.


Great facility, saved my life. Strengths included: Counselor Assistants , the Beautiful surroundings, Keep busy (teach routine), Great counselors, Nursing staff, Meetings. Downfalls included: Food (ta...


They encourage family to partake in being informed and have the most educated counselors, that are mostly recovering addicts themselves! Not only a 30 day in patient stay, they also offer 3 quarter wa...


It is a nice facility with nice people that make you feel comfortable. I just wish they had more to do than the ok meetings.


I felt very welcomed and safe. Outstanding staff, very organized program. Fantastic staff, excellent food. However, they need more one on one counseling.


I tried and was unable to get sober without treatment. The time I spent there set the foundation for me in a 12 Step program and I've been sober since Sept 17, 2011. Most staff are in recovery themsel...


They have a good drug treatment program. They do not have enough down time.


I had a really positive experience; their drug rehabilitation is excellent.


Safety and security seemed to be a focus. It was not a very clean facility.


Everything was wonderful. This is one of the best facilities in the country and I have worked at some great facilities.


This facility took a family member of mine when others would not accept him. They also accepted his insurance. I felt the staff was professional but also very caring and empathetic. They offer a vari...


They were caring and well-intentioned. However, it was costly and there was a high failure rate. They could have benefited from better follow-up after release.


I had one of the best experiences of my life at Glenbeigh. It truly is one of the best in the country. It's costly, but well worth it. They give you all you need to feel better, learn, and recover. If...


Ridiculous excuse for a staff. The staff was rude and refused to investigate the situation of our family member being treated wrongfully further. The bullies were never reprimanded. Do not go here unl...


Great food, great facility, great people. Beautiful facility, knowledgeable and compassionate staff. However, it was costly.


Glenbeigh is definitely a patient focused rehab facility. They are very organized and most of their staff are highly skilled and trained. They were very sensitive to my situation and addressed my prob...


Very professional.


Glenbeigh is definitely a patient focused rehab facility. They are very organized and most of their staff are highly skilled and trained. They were very sensitive to my situation and addressed my prob...


Outstanding place to get care.


I am still sober almost 5 years later. It is one of the best, most comprehensive programs I have ever encountered.


They gave me the tools i needed to live a sober life.


Great staff!


Offer great family counseling services.


This is one of the best rehabs I've found. All day family programs every Sunday.


Excellent care and addiction education. Care for dual diagnosis and on site step down housing. They were wonderful! Offer family counseling, education, free time together.


I am grateful to the facility for making the 12-step program available to my family member by a source that wasn't too close to the problem to assist with it. I have seen a major difference in him. ...


Counseling sessions for the family to attend.


I used to work in healthcare and knew that they were a top-rated facility that would be able to meet my needs. They developed care plans for me as well as written materials and IOP information. Glenbe...


My personal information was conveyed when it shouldn't have been. I only found out of this in group from someone else. Staff never apologized.


A very good facility.

Areas of Focus
Glenbeigh's Inpatient Treatment Program

These specialty programs offer innovative treatment solutions for patients with particular needs so that women, licensed professionals, pain management patients, dual diagnosis patients, and relapse prevention patients can all find programs tailored to their special needs.

Women’s Services

Treatment at Glenbeigh addresses the special needs of these women, which may include a history of trauma, domestic violence, self-esteem issues or shame created by the cultural bias toward addicted women. Glenbeigh provides alcohol and drug addicted women with an environment where they feel “safe” and comfortable talking about problems they may never have faced before. Special facilities and services for women in inpatient treatment and extended residential care include housing in a separate wing of the hospital where they have their own lounge areas to ensure privacy. Female therapists and all female counseling groups provide the opportunity to gain support from other women in order to deal with sensitive issues and begin the healing process.