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Gateway Rehabilitation Center, a private, not-for-profit organization, is a positive force in the prevention, treatment, education and research of substance abuse and alcoholism. Since 1972, our center has thrived under the guiding spirit of its founder and medical director emeritus, Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. This renowned author and physician first opened Gateway Rehab as a 28-day, abstinence-based alcohol and drug dependence treatment center for adults. Today, Gateway Rehab is an internationally recognized leader in addiction treatment, offering an array of services for adolescents, youth, and adults with a compassionate and individualized approach.

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So I just left there 3/12 20/20 I had like three days left they said we could not have visitors due to the Coronavirus and if one person had a temperature or showed symptoms that there would be a poss...


Gateway saved my life. The therapists and staff there were so supportive and helpful and gave me so much hope. It wasn’t the greatest rehab in terms of the facility itself but the techs and counselo...


Not any of the staff return call after messages have been left numerous times. Just care about keeping patients for money purposes. Dropped off garments and patient didn't receive for over two days. S...


It's not the same as it used to be and it's changing for the worse! The new director and managers there are running it into the ground. They are letting go and firing the good employees, the ones who ...


Do not go here, the councilors are never available. The staff is the worst, they do not care about you. The only thing they are concerned with is socializing with each other. The patients are councili...


Therapy staff care a lot about the clients and their recovery. But a shift in care has made the program more like a sub clinic. Staff is overwhelmed since departments are being laid off to save a penn...


Gateway Rehab is our premier rehab here in PA. I was there for 30 days approx 15 yrs ago and have been clean and sober since. Gateway is at the top of their field and is a very 21st Century rehab that...


When I had enough I decided to find out if I could stop using. At the time ST.France Hospital was only detox I heard about. I stayed for 13 days. It was suggested I go to Gateway. Being an addict don'...


Poor!!! Don’t go there!!!


Granddaughter spent 30 days at Gateway. It saved her life literally. If you can convince your loved one to receive treatment there, it is worth the try. It is tough for them & the family, but you have...


One size fits all opioid detox which does not work. Suboxone detox for everyone. Same length of time and same medication. Three people in a two person room. Not enough communication.


The counclors are fantastic


Staff is awesome and very helpful, the food was good most of the time, I don\'t plan on going to rehab again but if I ever have to it would be gateway.


My journey began there ~35 yrs ago. It still continues. Thanks to Gateway I am still sober. Thanks Gateway for saving my life.


detox area effective & ramsey hall for youth is great, but liberty halfway house is not at all what its cracked up to be... I was in no manner impressed as when we visited on every time allowed, young...


I entered Gateway 1/01/16 and it was the best decision I ever made. I learned allot there and I am clean. The people were great and the staff was excellent. I went in with the mind set that I was goi...


Was just reading over some reviews some good some bad this will be the second time I drop my son off at this facility the first time I picked him up early which I should not have done I realized tha...


The staff seems friendly in the initial contact with them. Afterward I had never encountered the rude people that I did by phone ever in my life. They talk down to you as if they are above you becaus...


My ex is there and it\'s apparent he is NOT getting the help he needs. Not owning ur mistakes will never get u better


Too restrictive with no breathing room. I understand the need for strict structure, but the hammering of group after group without enough qualified staff is futile. Not to mention the co-Ed group led ...


I was in IOP, which is intensive outpatient. Only difference than main campus was that I went home at night. Counsellors did not have very good people skills. Overall it was a good experience.


Close by but limited options for women. No program for atheists/ agnostics. This was our daughter's third rehab. The staff was helpful & the counselors very good. They could use more staff for family ...


Close by, limited options for women. No program for atheists/ agnostics. This was our daughter's third rehab. The staff was helpful & the counselors very good. They could use more staff for family cou...


around the clock service, great counceling,family services,and faminly counceling. too much down time, the food is not that great, they mix court appointed inmates with people paying with insurance. i...


The staff can be known to treat people bad at times (even when not deserved) I have been there a few times. Most staff very nice. Other staff can be very rude, not empathetic, and just should not be w...


The Staff Is wonderful with the job they do and are there any time the patience need them. They are great at reading between the lines and don't put up with the drama and treat the situatians fairly. ...


Close to home but outdated. I would use it


The staff has a lot of experience, are very friendly, and extremely helpful. The food is not very good. The staff is made up of mostly recovering addicts and had a lot of experience to share.


staff and programs were good. the older facility building was an issue. the professional staff


this place did not help my daughter who is a herion addict. i sent her there 4 times and they did not help her at all. i would not send anyone daughter is still an addict. but this was the on...


the rehab unit is in an apartment building with no fenced in areas but the workers cars, this rehab place is a joke and really needs to be closed down. it's a shame you place a loved one into their ca...


staff was a strength. the older facility was a weakness. read literature beforehand


they have a good alcohol program that helped my brother quit drinking, For the most part the staff is friendly and helpful. I only visited my brother once while he was there, but his wife didn't real...


Will never recommend it to anyone. This facility not only wants, but two times dropped my son off for an appointment at the hospital, and one other appointment, and never went back to pick him up...I ...


Clinical staff are helpful with questions. Billing dept. is poor and lacks good customer service.


This facility is far from great, but is 100% the best rehab within 100 miles of Pittsburgh. And I would recommend it for that reason. They have a very personal staff and friendly environment; however,...


Time there was beneficial. I just hadn't had enough yet. Started using as soon as I left. I kept the things I learned with me. Stay there was beneficial in my journey. I have 6 months and 29 days toda...


It was a great program. You weren't limited to a certain amount of time there, could've been 30 to 90 days. I was there for 30 days and went across the street to a half way house after treatment. The...


They have wonderful family participation but could use better connectivity.


It was an overall very good facility.


They help you realize your potential. They were very compassionate. The only downfall was the length of the program.


They specialize in drug treatment and the staff was great.


The family participation was great. However, they did not deal well with mental health issues. I feel they helped my son, but he ended up going back to his old ways.


The facility made sure we were fed well, had yoga classes and also kept us physically active. The counselors seem like they were very much overloaded-- you barely even got to see your personal counsel...


The programs were great. However, they need to improve their security and the in patient treatments were not long enough.


They were courteous of our needs; it was a great experience. However, they needed a different variety of nutritional foods.


10 years off and on the wagon; then something clicked and now has been drug and alcohol free for 4 years. Their recovery rate is a strength of the facility.


The meetings and parent participation were wonderful. It seems that those being treated only get better if they really want to.


It was a very good facility.


The facility is nice and clean. The rehab was nice but I question how effective treatment is.


The staff was good. The building was an old building though.


They do a good job at keeping people in treatment.


It has several satelite out patient centers for continued care. Perhaps my daughter could have been there longer; she had several failed shorter stays. The facility also could be more modernized.


They have great continued follow up in communities throughout the region. They offer a swift detox program. They are a general facility and do not offer added amenities other than basics. My loved on...


Never visited, only know of the success of the person that stayed there. It has worked from them thus far.


My cousin was treated with respect the entire time she was coming off her habit of drugs..they saved her life..My aunt and uncle were informed constantly and family was involved if we wanted to


It was a good facility but needed more family participation.


Detox is clean and comfortable. Some staff are recovering addicts themselves. The meals and residential area was great also. However, they need more outside NA meetings.


It was effective treatment but the facility was not very clean.


It was an overall great facility.


They taught a lot about addiction and how to maintain sobriety and also were very skilled in helping to deal with other issues such as with myself and the anxiety disorder I've had for years and ways ...


This facility provides effective treatment in a personalized fashion. Friendly staff, it is clean and rooms are a good size. However, there are not many exercise or extracurricular activities.


My sibling has been clean since leaving facility even though they left the program early. Sibling felt the facility was more interested in money than treatment


themselves. It was the scariest place I have ever been. I feared for my safety. Counselors inadequate (only good ones were the ones who are in recovery themselves. The others were just book smart & di...


My experience as a counselor tech was very good, but exhausting. Dealing with 25 males on a daily basis, each one having 4 different personalities, it was tough to figure out which personality I was d...


Really helped me out.


All of the counselors were very helpful and understanding. I felt they did the best that they could. They explained in depth what I needed to do to deal with my addiction and depression.


not sure I would recommend this place.


The family program is wonderful if you get involved with the program. My son went to their Half-Way House and the care there was just as great.


Overall the treatment was good. The individual counseling needs more allotment. The counselors that lead group therapist was the most helpful to me personally.


Relapsed after 4 years.


Staff with no reality based experience is useless and not respected. Those who have traveled the roads of addiction are so much more effective. Overpriced, ineffective treatment.


I learned that alcoholism is a disease and that there is nothing to be ashamed about while admitting your alcoholism as long as you are a recovering alcoholic! Sober 29 years now.


Helped me get clean.

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Out Patient

Outpatient treatment describes all addiction treatment that is not residential. Patients live at home while undergoing rehab.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.
    Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. - Founder

    Gateway Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1972 by Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., an internationally respected authority on the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependencies, and the Sisters of St. Francis. The author of more than 60 books, including collaborations with the late Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts characters, Dr. Twerski has lectured extensively on chemical dependency and other topics such as stress, self-esteem and spirituality. In addition, Dr. Twerski has traveled the world as a spokesperson for recovery on behalf of the millions who have achieved it and with goals that inspire, encourage and challenge those still finding their way.