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Located about 50 miles north of Boston in New Hampshire’s Downtown Manchester area, Farnum Center offers an array of drug and alcohol treatment services including outpatient, intensive outpatient, and medical detoxification (including Suboxone treatment). The facility’s goal is to give clients the tools they’ll need for a sustainable recovery through lectures, meetings, group discussions, uplifting seminars, and specialized presentations. Farnum Center also relies heavily on experiential therapies like exercise, music, and meditation.

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Inexperienced counselor cries COVET..gets son quarantined and treatment is Null VIOD....LEAVES INDIGENT. RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ON TAXI RIDE BACK BECAUSE NO ONE WAS RESPONSIBLE....BUT TO NOT HANDLE THE C...


The training for new nurses is sub-par, minimal education on the “philosophy” of the treatment, no computer training, no training manual to reference, no orientation checklist to follow making sur...


The people hear are so amazing, the food (the chef will definitely fatten you up with the most delicious meals ever), the house (2 homes, Ray and Webster, I went to Ray, Webster holds 42 men while Ray...


Farnum is a pathetic excuse for a treatment facility. The majority of the clinicians are simply individuals with a bachelors degree OR have been in recovery. What happened to receiving legitimate, evi...


I am a client receiving 16mgs Suboxone daily. I have taken this mg for a couple months now. I submit a U.A. weekly. I have never had a problem up until a few weeks ago. For some unknown reason my test...


Staff need to stop being afraid and speak up!!


It really helped.


It is a great program! I had a great experience and learned a lot about myself. All the staff were very helpful!


If this is your first time in treatment or your 10th this would be your best shot!


For people that have been in programs this is the best one yet. The 3p's are way better. Would you rather do 12 steps or 3. Staff are awesome!


The program itself not only gave me the ability to forgive myself but gave me the ability to realize that I was never broken to begin with. Therefore I can continue on a path without anything holding ...


I have been to multiple other treatment facilities but none like this. The Farnum center helps you change your way of thinking about the world and not just focusing on your drug use. The councilors an...


After coming to this program and learning about the three principles I wouldn't want to try any other program. This was a life changing for me and would highly recommend it to others in need of help!


Learning to stay in the present and not projecting the future or living in future.


Farnum center is cool, the staff are awesome and the food is good.


I think the Curriculum is good and solely 3P based. There are 12 steps incorporated but Farnum does not make us write our wrongs. The staff do the best they can with what they have. Its up to you weat...


This is my fourth rehab and by far the very best I have ever experienced. Every staff member in the building are so friendly and you can tell they are here to help, even the Janitors. While it is hard...


I love the staff here and how big their hearts are. The staff are fantastic people! Because there is so many people here I think a lot of things go under the radar. My experience this time was a bit d...


The staff are simply amazing here! I would like to see graduation with a male and female thing and not just broken up. We always get the guys outlook. This program has been life changing. It has got m...


All staff are very helpful and conscious of individual needs. I think that they should allow MP players not that it needs internet. They should have an ATM here in the lobby. Also it would help everyo...


Overall the staff are not just a bunch of jerks with pieces of paper. They understand and have experienced it before to know what we are going through. What you could change here is getting out of the...


The staff are understanding and helpful. They accommodate to the best of the ability with keeping peers safe and comfortable. There is a positive energy. If there is a negative person that person is u...


The positive part is the whole community is fantastic. Groups are the way to go !! The staff are amazing! The 3p's are awesome!!! I am not a fan of AA. I would not change anything here. Farnum has gre...


Like how the staff have been in addiction and can relate. Some staff treat clients differently than other


positive- saving life's and making a difference in a lot of families. A little less TV time and more hands on activities. on the weekends.


client loved that she was able to find peace with herself. Her intake wisdom was awakened. The three principles can be repetitive..add a variety.


enjoyed the concept of the three principles, would like more interaction with other units in the facility.


Staff was very helpful! It was a good experience. There was nothing bad about the program. I hope I don't have to come back but I would choose to come here.


I had a really good experience at Farnum. The staff was very helpful and caring in more ways than most facilities are. The fact that the focus was on positivity rather than focusing on the negative is...


Staff really care about clients! Some Staff have expectations on clients that they don't do them selves at the same time.


I would not change anything! From Day 1 when the 3p's were described a light went off in my head. I have not had one thought of using since in residential. Great place! Staff are amazing!!! I feel saf...


its not always fun being in this situation. This place has been better than any other place.


Ive learned to leave the past in the past. I learned to live in the present. I would not change anything.


Excited to learn 3 principles! Would recommend more field trips


The whole 3p concept is mind blowing. It is a totally different approach than the traditional one. It should be expanded and taught in more places. This is the only thing I would change. Farnum should...


Staff are very supportive! No matter what your life circumstances are. Especially in regards to aftercare. Nicole works with you right away!! I like the 3p's. During meal times there should be more ve...


I enjoyed the 3 p's. I like the alumni meetings and I love the staff! Better communication between the staff needs to be fixed overall. The meals are okay just all carbs. Come in with an open mind!!! ...


Meals are okay- its food. I am not a carb eater. I would change the groups- they are repetitive to me. I feel I tell the story every time. I am about to experience a lot of changes in life.


I enjoy the 3 principals. The way the mind works and the though process. I wish there was more to do on the weekends.


The schedule is always changing. You never know what's happening. I never knew where I was supposed to do. I did enjoy the groups and the staff!


I loved my stay at farnum and I will come back here if I had to but I wont need to. Everyone is great the staff and clients!


It has taken me some time but now I am starting to understand the vocabulary. If I could give you ANY advice go to residential.


farnum is amazing!!


My time here at the Farnum Center in Manchester,NH was an amazing experience. I have been to two other treatment centers before here and wish now that I could go back and have came here to begin with ...


I went for an initial interview and was told I would have a bed in two to three weeks that was July 17. I called every week for 3 weeks and was told not to call anymore they would call me. It is now A...


i would recommend the Farnum Center to anyone who is struggling with addiction. the staff are wonderful and i was able to gain knowledge here each day


3 principles is the way. A method I could have used years ago that could have saved me a lot of pain


Come into Farnum with an open mind. Don't take everything personally. We are all here for the same reason or else you wouldn't be here. Its only 28 days, if you let things in here get to you what will...


I would say there is a very friendly staff community, you learn a whole new outlook on life, for the most part the stay has been amazing minus trying to get in touch with my Counselor.


For the most part the Farnum Center has been great. A decent stay!


The Farnum Center is a great place. A lot of my friends should come here.


The Farnum Center is a gift of the present and future.


Very flexible! You will have your good days and bad days its how you see it. One bad day only because I was sick. Its your perception. Great place!


The Farnum Center is a nice recovery place. I would recommend anyone to come here. You sure will learn a lot about the three principles.


The tools are here to pick up, to lead a happy life in sobriety. You're responsible for your own recovery and its all of what you make of it.


My stay at the Farnum center was above average and i learned alot of tools here that will greatly influence my life.over all i had a positive experience here.


The Farnum center has already helped me so much so far, there way of teaching and applying different ways of looking at addiction to substances and addictive behaviors is different, community and indi...


I loved the Farnum center. The staff and residents where awesome.


Everything that is in involved in my day has been extremely beneficial to me. The staff is so nice and helpful. The classes and the extras such as ted talk videos and AA/NA/HA meetings has added treme...


Farnum was and awesome place to be, I"ve learned alot in my stay, The volley ball court is a great way to enjoy your time here aswell, The staff here are respectful and caring, Good place to be...


The Farnum Center in my opinion is teaching a philosophy, that all mankind should live there life by. We are taught what we call the three principles. My take on this it's the scientific approach to B...


The 3 principles was the piece I was missing to recover.


this is a program like no other. i have been to other rehabs before and this one by far takes the care. they go about our recovery in a different way. no 12 steps or religion. its definitely worth the...


Farnum Center has literally saved my life. The staff here are just incredible. They are totally dedicated in helping us to realize our potential and help us in our recovery. IF anybody out there is th...


I like the curriculum a lot better than what I thought it would be. When I came here I hopped there would be something different than AA and there was. Enlightening program! Works for other parts of y...


I don't know what I would've done if it wasn't for Farnum. They've helped me through everything. thank you Farnum!


i like the farnum center is a good place i never been to a rehab before and its a good experience to go to and the stafe is grate and the food if i had a chance to come back i would


From my point of view: if you want to stop drinking you can go to any rehab and may find success (I hope that you do) but if you want to truly change the way you think and find peace in your life I wo...


First and foremost the 3 principal philosophy is going to help me in a 12 step format even with sober time behind me.


This is a very good program! Different from any program I have been in. 3 principles have helped with my thinking and attitude. I would recommend to anyone with an addiction.


I Think the Farnum Center is a great potential way of becoming healthy. This is a great way to start your life in your sobriety. It also is a place that allows you to interact with your peers in a gro...


i feel this program was the best thing I have ever done. I have been through a lot of programs and for the first time in ten years I feel like I am going to make it through life and not have to ever g...


The Farnum Center and the 3 Principles is your ticket to living a healthy sober life. The 3 Principles doesn't just help with your addiction to drinking or drugging but teaches you how human experienc...


I have been to a few rehabs and this positive based environment along with a staff that goes above and beyond caring has made all the difference in my recovery.


this place is awesome.ive been to other programs before and had the 12 steps shoved down my throte and never really got it.the whole concept of the three principles is amazing.the staff here is very k...


I think Farnum is good. Excellent they way everyone comes together. Everything is set up nice, super awesome!!


My stay here has opened my eyes and changed my life. The staff are amazing! I wouldn't change anything!!


I loved my stay at the Farnum Center. The staff here is excellent and very knowledgeable on the 3 Principle's and explaining them. I'm very grateful I got to come here. If it wasn't for the Farnum Cen...


Like no other program I have been too. The 3 principals is something you can use in everyday life..


Farnum is amazing. The staff are great and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone in need of assistance.


Every place will have a few small issues to deal with but my only major complaint is meds in the residential program. You really need to stay on top of reordering yourself and even getting aspirin can...


awesome place, awesome staff! great program as far as the 3 principals!!!


This is the first detox program I have been to, but I love the Health Realization teaching. The health realization teaching eplains how are mind, thought and consciousness works. Farrnum employees hav...


I came to the Farnum center 29 days ago feeling hopeless and having no experience being sober. The approach they use " the 3 principles" have changed my life. The staff is amazing, the community is ju...


So far the Counselors and staff are wonderful! They treat us with respect. The RI's work with you.


relaxing, you learn a lot if you pay attention.


Excellent facility. I have been to a few and farnum center (both north and south) is an outstanding, groundbreaking program.


this program is excellent a very beneficial to my recovery


this is my second time at farnum. I came back here because I learned a lot the first time. this facility has helped me greatly. I decided to come here for a second time once I started to mess up becau...


This is the first time in my life I have ever felt treated as and accepted into a family of support. Before I came to farnum my view on life was a low level of consciousness and I have been helped and...


I like the brotherhood of the group- the 3 principles are working great in my life. Great staff. Everyone is caring!


Good environment staff and counselors are amazing 3 principles are a break through in recovery.


I believe the Farnum Center is an excellent program all around. the staff, counselors, and community as a whole are very inviting and helpful to what you need in early recovery. its no vacation as you...


I have been to over 2 dozen treatment centers in Massachusetts. But none compare to may stay at the Farnam Center. I'll be leaving here feeling extremely confident in myself and my ability to stay sob...


I have found great value in learning the three principles. As an application in daily living I believe it will provide me, along with other recovery resources, a solid foundation to live a successful,...


I must say even though this is my first rehab I am very happy with the approach of the treatment here and my experience has been wonderful.


The staff at FarNum are all very understanding and most are in recovery they get it !!!!! I have had the best time possible here they have all the resources and are always willing to help in all situa...


Farnum has taught me the 3 Principles or Health Realization...a new approach to recovery other than the 12 step approach. It has been a remarkable change for me in my thinking and perception. In the p...


The philosophy and education on the 3 Principles was very helpful and definitely useful. I would have liked them to have incorporated meditation and more Mind, Body, Spirit awareness though. We only m...


the farnum center is absoloutly amazing. I learned more about myself than in high school in such a short time. just do it if you are wondering if you need it.


My experience at Farnum Center has so far been a positive one. As I have never been to a rehab before this I have no reference point for a comparison but I believe the treatment is effective so far. T...


i loved the program and I will be successful in recovery.


The Farnum Center is not a 12 Step based Rehab. How ever I think the 3 Principles that they teach go hand in hand with the 12 Steps. The 3 Principles really opens your mind to a new way of thinking. Y...


great experiance


farnum center is a great facility. I have learned so much in my stay and am looking forward to my sober life as the new me.


Most importantly, the Farnum center made me think. It helped me reflect on the choices I have made, and told me I wasn't defined by those choices. It aided me in gaining the insight that I have the po...


great experience


I loved my experience at Farnum.


the farnham center is amazing, especially in supporting you getting aftercare set up.


im in recovery and this place is the best decision I ever made to get sober and be sober


the staff and people are very help full in every area of thhe program


I love farnum.


staffs great


Great place if your willing to work the program.


So far I love Farnum center, one of the best rehabs in new Hampshire.


Treatment was absolutely amazing!!! I would recommend this place to everyone who is struggling with addiction


I would recommend it but between the counselors not being here, no medication on time its not okay. I had a better stay last time.


this is the first place that has taught the things that I have learned and I have found it extreamly helpful not just in my recovery but in all life situations.


one counselor in particular is an amazing person, very smart, knowledgeable, and helpful with recovery....the best counselor at farnum center...in my opinion.


I liked the structure but there was not enough staff I owe my life to the staff at this center. I have been sober for over 5 years.


With the recidivism of addicts, it's hard to say what is effetive Staff is undertrained. I went thru Farnum 6 1/2 years ago, I am pleased to say that since I went, the facility has moved and has made...


I like that they had places for clients to go do things other than drugs. Exercise /work out room. There is also an outside space which is enclosed for smokers to smoke without being back into the str...


i would recommend this center to anyone that has a problem with addiction.


the farnum center has been a great help to me and my recovery the staff are great very involved and supportive


three principles is amazing. Best place Ive ever been in my life


I\'ve experienced friendship, fellowship, passionate and sincerity by the staff in everything they do I have continued feeling this way every since day one of entering The Farnum Center in Manchest...


I attended the Farnum Center and I am pleased with the experience, strength, and hope they have provided me with. There is not one staff that I think doesn\'t care. They are all wonderful supports, an...


I spent four months in another facility and did not aquire as much knowledge about my addiction as I have here in my first ten days.


My son attended the detox program and did well. We provided paperwork while he was there so he could return to work after discharge. After more than a week of discharge, they have still not completed ...


The farnum center is a wonderful place to come and start the journey to a new and sober/drug free life. All the staff really goes above and beyond for the clients. I have had the best experience and t...


The staff was friendly, the rooms comfortable, and the treatment was open and kind. I really felt welcome. The only concern I had was food felt rushed and I wish snacks (more than the overflowing amaz...


I have stayed here twice, both my stays were great. Nurses and staff are awesome!


Farnum is an extremely well done program. All of the staff does everything that they can possibly do to create a positive atmosphere. i would recommend this too any person who was considering a facili...


The Farnum Center helped me to change my life. It taught me how to take the control back in my struggle with addiction. I am beyond grateful for the caring staff and their approach to dealing with alc...


i think it is a little closed off in such a small area that it would be nice to get out into society at least once possibly twice during my stay. like maybe going to an outside meeting or church on su...


best decision i have made


I have been a resident of Farnum Treatment Center for about three weeks now and I am very thankful and so impressed with the whole facility. The staff is really helpful and want you to succeed here at...


NH needs more treatment facilities!


this program is excelent they offer a new type of treatment that is very interesting and is only practiced at a handful of facilitys i am very greatful for farnum center they saved my life!


the farnum center is a great place and has helped me with my addiction. I could not be more grateful to have come across the center.


Farnum center is great, they teach the 3 principles which not only helped my recovery but also changed the way i think/act cudos to them because i was a mess


The Farnum Center in Manchester, NH helped save my life. The staff here is very very helpful in many ways. They will work with you to get your life heading in the right direction once again. I was at...


This is the place to go. It is structured very well and organized. You will learn start to finish. I am a Army vet and they make a program that helps you as well. There effort and ability to see and a...


A decent facility that needs more holistic offerings and better family participation.


Staff is well versed on addiction treatment and recovery. They prepare you for aftercare as well as a design for relapse prevention. Affordability and lack of state funded beds were weaknesses. When I...


Teaches the 3 principles. Not enough beds available for women. The 3 principles, the 12 steps, and the 4 agreements saved my life.


Co-occuring addressed. Client/direct counselor time were downfalls. This is a great start. Be serious if you get a bed be grateful and don't waste the gift.


Caring well trained staff,good nutritious meals. Too strict. People are kicked out for ridiculous reasons. The best things Farnum Center did for me were to give me a safe place to be for my initial...


Strengths: Finances, the building and it's location. Weaknesses: Executive Staff invalidating behavior and disrespect of Staff. Staff are not supported and I know the quality and genuine nature of cli...


Medical detox was a strength of the facility. Every addict should attend.


I attended the Farnum Center in 2015. The accommodations are excellent and so are the meals. The staff is very well educated and the classes are very in formative. You are given all the tools you nee...


I attended in 2014. And I experienced none of what everyone else complained about. The staff is well educated and knowledgeable in addiction treatment. They are more than willing to help you in any wa...


I went to Farnum Center and Webster Place and I wouldn\'t recommend it. You definitely don\'t get what you paid for.


I definitely do not recommend this treatment center. Totally ineffective place. Accommodations are sub-par. Find something else!!!


This place is horrible. I concur with the other detailed review here. This place is not professional and you'll just feel worse about yourself. The counselors are unskilled and apathetic. The cost is ...


I was at the Farnum center in 2012 and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The staff are incompetent and many are not properly educated on addiction counseling... They have horrific group ...

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Cheryl Wilkie
    Cheryl Wilkie - Senior Vice President

    Dr. Cheryl Wilkie, Psy.D., MLADC has been providing substance abuse services for men and women struggling with the disease of addiction for more than twenty-one years. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Psychology and a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. She holds a Master’s level license as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Cheryl oversees Webster Place and Farnum Center. She has extensive background in this field which includes working with various populations including adult offenders in correctional facilities, pregnant and postpartum women, men and women with co-occurring disorders, and sexual and domestic abuse victims.

  • Photo of Roland Lavallee
    Roland Lavallee - Medical Director

    Roland Lavallee MD has been providing medical care for over 30 years. His training includes the addiction treatment unit at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ and his background includes Public Health Service, Family Practice, Pain Management and Medical Director for Methadone Maintenance Clinics. He has long been concerned about the myths associated with the addictive diseases and their treatment and the significant ongoing reduction in healthcare resources allotted to this. He began providing medical coverage for the Farnum Center in August 2012 and in February 2013 he welcomed the opportunity to become Medical Director of Farnum Center and Webster Place. “The longest road to recovery is the one that is never started."