Fairview Treatment Center

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1101 SE Boulevard
Bayou Vista, LA 70380
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Mold everywhere


The experience was good but not effective.


Lack of strengths and was useless. One son went to a state funded and it was useless


I neede a treatment center that was more demanding of me!!!!


The program worked for my husband, strict, but very effective. My husband greatly benefited from the treatment received.


the conseling i received was great. The facility is old and somewhat out of date. The food was average overall I got what I needed which was tools to stay clean


counceling was good. the building is old the food is not that good, over all the treatment was good they know what there doing and have a good success rate


conseling was a strength. the building and cooking not so much. I received great counseling but the facility was old and run down


The councilors are well equipped and educated in all areas of treatment. The faclity itself is old and out of date. I know lots of people who have changed their lives because of what happened at Fairv...