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Treatment Insights

Fairbanks offers individualized, evidence-based treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions for adults and adolescents. Treatment begins with a personalized intake assessment to determine best course of treatment. Clients can choose from a menu of service options that range from detoxification and medication-management to residential, intensive outpatient and/or partial hospitalization programs. With emphasis on the 12 Steps, Fairbanks also provides individual and group counseling, life skills training and relapse prevention strategies.

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Family particpation was average.


My brother and sister were okay while in there to obtain release but relapsed after getting out. No visitation allowed.


My Father had an expected couple of visits there. They were as nice as they could be under the circumstances. Location to my Father


It helped my dear friend! Professionalism experienced at all levels.


Very intensive. Excellent follow up after discharge


They sobered me up, but we\'re more interested in what my insurance would cover. It\'s only counseling is AA meetings. If you\'re sick from withdrawal you aren\'t allowed to rest or recover. You MUST ...


Fairbanks is very focused on if your insurance will pay or if you will pay. They will have a financial counselor talk to you before you are admitted who will want a deposit of $500 to $2000 or more. ...


Involved family members which was nice but there were questionable dual diagnosis treatment


So many things, Great caring and empathetic staff. Programs for several different addictions or needs, help for family, and outpatient assistance. They never really leave your side once you are a memb...


Great at providing rewarding steps to healing in right manner Communication to family was nice. The cost could be better adjusted for someone who may not have insurance


treatment plan was good. great place and great staff


Great overall.


Took a more holistic approach than I expected. Intro'd you to AA, but also explored other areas of depression and addiction sources. None really It was the mental re-set I needed, but I don't think it...


the chief Doctor was great. not recovering people in leadership wouldn't recommend


Very caring staff Food rough Well taking care of facility in a very caring staff, The monitoring in the halfway house after you leave is excellent


Effectiveness and affordability were nice.


Different age programs. Involved staff. More holistic approach would be nice. I had a close family member that attended Fairbanks; it's been over two years and they are doing great.


Involved family was nice. Some outdated equipment I have positive feelings about Fairbanks.


I have had more than one family member in facility. From past experience I wish they could have afforded Harding in Ohio. Hard for outpatient follow. In the area there is not alot of choices it came ...


treatment and cures for their patient...Just a great place that cares about their patients


Extremely supportive and taught me life skills


Sat in intake for two hours only to be sent away with a family member. Excuse was that they could not reach insurance company for authorization but we were welcome to take our obviously struggling so...


Sent away after driving 2 hrs to get there..said to come back next day...REALLY. …an addict might not have tomorrow! !!!.….now it\'s said it will only be a 7 day stay because of insurance..7 days?...


Please do not send a loved one to this facility. Very unprofessional facility. Please don\'t waste your time.


This place is TERRIBLE only worried about their money! My son setting in front of them ready for treatment just released from hospital, have insurance, called the day before to make sure insurance was...


I felt that Fairbanks discriminates against HIV+ individuals who require opiate medications to manage side effects from anti-retroviral therapy.


Worst place ever! I asked for help..and they refused me..even though my insurance payed 100 percent of bill! They have their own special stipulations! Hate HATE this place!!!!


My husband and I deeply regret taking our son to Fairbanks Recovery Center, Indianapolis. Entire experience, other than admitting process, very poor. Our son\'s counseling was ineffective. He left a...


Personal, caring. No inpatient treatment. Had no problems with withdrawals, heroin.


The counselors are amazing, they offer sober living apartments, and have lots of treatment time from detox to recovery management. Need better drug testing....many experience thc levels that fluctuate...


Nice people; however, didn't enjoy the lockdown.


Knowledge was a strength of the facility. However, the speed of entry was a downfall. So far so good, stepson has stayed on the straight and narrow since leaving.


their staff was excellent. the program was outstanding.


Caring staff, attention to individual patient. At times they seemed understaffed. Attention to individuals needs was excellent. The staff kept us informed of our loved one's progress and encouraged us...


Its reputation was good, but it was costly. They treat you with dignity.


left treatment and didn't have faith in programs to help on the out.


No aftercare put in place. If you can\'t pay you can\'t get it. Staff seemed very disorganized. I asked the same questions of various levels and never received concrete answers.


This place absolutely sucks. ... I felt like they just wanted to make more money off of me. Would NOT recommend. Staff was young and uneducated in the field. Way too expensive, not worth it at all. I ...


This place is all about the money. Way too expensive!! I was actually in Fairbanks and I hated it. When I was first put in, everyone was polite and nice and nobody really argued, but by the end everyo...


It was clean and organized. However, it was too expensive for the results my family member experienced. There should be a scholarship program for people who either don't have insurance or need to stay...


This center encouraged family members to get involved in the patients' treatment, which was beneficial to my family member's success. The counselors genuinely seem to care about the patients' well-bei...


Good staff and good treatment center. However, I would have like if it was Christ centered.


The inpatient facility was wonderful. I felt my daughter got excellent help. Lots of options. I think that their Sober Living program needs an overhaul. The clients need to be more closely monitored....


You receive close personal attention. I felt welcomed there and they gave me great support. However, it was expensive.


Very well organized. Great staff. They keep you comfortable during the detox process. If you follow the schedule everyday, it is a great place to go to get started on your path to recovery. Remember t...


They offer detox and treatment. There was not enough family involvement. They need more follow-up treatment and dual-diagnosis treatment.


Good group counselors. They got me sober.


It was an overall great facility.


I went to get help and they told me their recommendation was hospitalization. I could not do that because my family could not live without my income. The horrible counselor I had said too bad, we ca...


Very satisfied for the price. The treatment I received was more than I expected going in. A lot of one on one... I felt the staff actually take care in each patient. The staff was very caring, compass...


Very very poor counselors. They are young and very entitled. My counselor took great pride in the fact that his patients averaged 8.2 days in treatment. I was told my stay would be three to six days w...


I was unfortunate in the counselor that I received. Also, the doctors made several errors in dosages in my case. Others in my group asked to be transferred away from the counselor and I should've do...


A strength was the 12 step program.


My daughter was more than cooperative but I felt that they just didn't give her enough attention. Was not pleased with the workers or the cost.


Was okay.


They are not concerned with helping the patient or their families. Very sad excuse for a rehab program. Very shameful. The treatment of patients and families was horrible.


I felt it was fair in the price and the staff appeared to know their stuff. I felt other things was going on that prevented our son from getting the appropriate help at that time. His mental status ha...


They offer affordable payment plans and will work with you. They are very caring and helped me to turn my life around.


Too expensive.


good AA support


Staff not always qualified in addictions and allowed certain people to take over family sessions.


Our child is still using.

Areas of Focus
Partners in Life-Long Recovery

At Fairbanks, we understand that recovery is a lifelong process. Fairbanks provides numerous opportunities for our alumni to stay connected and involved through advocacy, education, service work and social activities. But why stop there? No matter how long ago it has been, we want you to feel welcome to reconnect.

Treat the Individual

With a treatment program at Fairbanks that is tailored to meet your individual needs, you will receive the support and resources you need to achieve life-long recovery.

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