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The Lukens Institute provides substance abuse disorder treatment services for adult men and women. Treatment at Lukens is designed to address the core emotional issues underlying addiction. Services include drug and alcohol rehabilitation, dual diagnosis, outpatient care, partial hospitalization programs, sober living arrangements, abstinence-based counseling, relapse prevention techniques, and individual and intensive group therapy.

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One guy there is a waco. Do not go there!!!!




This place was wonderful for my rehabilitation. Staff was attentive but firm. I learned a lot of life skills necessary to be successful in my recovery. Definitely recommend this rehab to anyone who is...


I was a client November 2014. The treatment I recieved was awesome. All expenses not covered by insurance were to be non billable per ad on the radio. I recieved a Bill April 2016. I am not paying!


I was a client October 2015. Most of the speakers & one on one therapy was really good. But many scams. On average out of the 10 clients I kept in contact with ended up with a 10 grand out of pocket b...


Disorganized, rude, unprofessional. Lots of lies. They are in it to make money and do a good job of that...Case workers are clueless. You will watch the Amy winehouse vifeo 10 plus times. One therapis...


The DR has not been with the Lukens Institute since December of 2014. They continue to use his name without him OR his method.


I was a patient at the Executive Recovery Center from February 24th to March 2nd 2016. I was summarily discharged from the Center because I suffer from Paruresis (an inability to urinate with someone...


... the only reason they are there is to make money. They make a lot of promises not one ever kept. Don\'t even think about it


They could have saved my life. Instead, they had me leave because of an insurance technicality that was largely bogus. (my therapist) fought with all her might for me. The corporate executives are app...


After attending over 20 rehabilitation facilities, as a patient, I would rank this program as one of the bottom three. The other two are Phoenix House in Rhode Island, and Alina Lodge in New Jersey. S...


I just came home after my stay at lukens. Oct of 2015. Treatment was very good. If you truly go to get better you will. The staff did not put up with trouble makers, some were asked to leave. There wa...


My overall experience coming in through Aid in Recovery was a nightmare and a very long flight, hours sitting and waiting for a ride, and eventual sleep deprevation (not alcohol related). I was actua...


The Leukens institue should be called Wall Street Rehab. The sincerely only care about billing you and your insurance company. - The food is subpar, and non nutritive garbage. - They accept way...


First off, let me say I was a really patient/human cattle at this facility. Do not believe the shills who give this place 5 out of 5 stars. The therapy staff are *mostly* very good, very knowledgeable...


It saddens my heart when I see negative feedback on Lukens Institute! Let me tell you Lukens Institute will save your life! The most loving professional staff with PhD and Masters and years of experie...


While some of the accommodations are\"standards of luxury,"other properties are not. Request Riverbend or Condos if you want a pool or waterfront. Or you could be shuffled into this property that has ...


The Lukens Institute has the best therapists and psychologists. The problem is the poor scheduling, poor housing, and the chef is only at the residences for dinner. The other problem is that they hire...


Staff is amazing and willing to help in any way they can. The therapists are top notch and get to the core issues that lead to addiction. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to go through t...


I have found Lukens to be very helpful. The outings on the weekends are a great learning experience. My therapist was simply beyond the best. This is my first rehab and last. I recommend Lukens to ...


I came here and the staff are people I'll remember for a lifetime. I was also able to talk with the techs and staff helping with the house which was nice, as it was an escape from daily therapy. The t...


Extremely helpful at getting me to focus on my core issues. Many people in recovery suffer from emotional scars. They use drugs or alcohol as a way to treat themselves. I was one of these guys, but I ...


Great place to heal your mind and meet great people that will be positive in your life. The staff was the best! Thank you so much for helping me deal with my every day situations.


First let me say there is just no other therapy method like Lukens. I have been to several treatment centers and have never experienced the type of therapy that they do. The doctors, nurses, and staff...


The therapy at Lukens is the best I've ever encountered. I have worked on my core issues and core emotions and now have an understanding of why I drank. With this understanding I can better face my pr...


Therapy and techs are first rate. Rest of staff leaves a lot to be desired.


The strong support system I made with my roommates was a strength of my experience. However it was overcrowded, under staffed and I had a horrible time.


I am forever grateful for this program. I went in broken and truly believed I was just someone who could never recover. All the staff members showed me compassion, respect and the attention that I ha...


The Lukens saved my life. It is the best place I have ever been. I have been to several treatment centers in Florida and this by far was one of the best places. All the staff, doctors and everyone wer...


My whole experience was a nightmare! Don't believe anything advertised, it is all false! ... Private rooms? FORGET ABOUT IT! The 2 that are provided are only there for the elite, cash paying customer...


This was a disaster. Don't believe a word they say. The operations of this facility is run like a construction site. I made the hardest decision of my life and I felt they took advantage of my need. T...


... You can attend group sessions or not, as long as your family pays the $1000/day bill they don't care what you do - look elsewhere. If you are serious about getting treatment, go somewhere else.


The therapy was great but there was much confusion on schedules, doctors, therapy, no real schedule that you can count on...Aftercare is very difficult to find as the Lukens method is not well recogni...


This place saved my life and that's an understatement. I honestly thought nothing would work for me and was certain that any treatment I chose would be the same old BS and the same old 12 step conform...