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Treatment Insights

Our goal is to dramatically improve the quality of life for those in need of addiction recovery services. Our comprehensive treatment approach is different from the minute you pick up the phone to call us. Each treatment experience is customized to the individual. Our full-time staff includes leading addiction psychiatrists in the nation, Masters and PhD level therapists and qualified nurses that are on call 24/7. The staff will assess your unique situation and choose the right combination of tools to create a personalized recovery strategy. Your treatment will involve a combination of a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation; extensive individual therapy; group and family therapy; as well as health and wellness, stress management tools and, if applicable, anti-addiction medicines.

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Enterhealth Ranch is by far the best inpatient treatment facility I have ever been to, and I have been to more than a few. I stayed at the ranch for 5 months and then did over 2 years of outpatient tr...


What a rip off!!! I have no fond memories of this place, some of the nurses lie and you are basically under their control. Even after you complain, they never make any changes. You are just another nu...


Founded by a marketing professional and charging up to $100,000 for 60 day inpatient plus 90 day outpatient care, this facility relies heavily on medicating addicts seeking help. After detox, patients...


Worse pace ever! I was drugged from the minute I arrived. They look down upon the 12 step program. I was treated horribly, given expensive tests that were not necessary and 95% of patients were told t...


The staff at the ranch and outpatient are very sincere about my individual mental and recovery needs.


My experience was horrible with this place. I wrote a check for 10 grand at check in after my boyfriend and I met with one of the counselors there. She explained everything, gave us a tour and showed ...


I have waited until I had a year of sobriety before I wrote a review of Enterhealth (I was there for 90 days January-April 2018). I had my last drink on January 20, 2018, I am still sober and could no...


On 4/7/18, I celebrated my 9th birthday in recovery. I went to three other treatment centers prior to Enterhealth and did not have the skills to cope with my addiction. Enterhealth's approach changed ...


Patient last year, treatment has been succesful for 9mo so far. I had some serious issues with one physician and complained. I notice that person is gone now. Overall recommend if the patient has the ...


Please beware of entering treatment at Enterhealth. I was inpatient at the Ranch. My therapist led me to believe I was in a safe / talk about anything environment and manipulated me into sharing stori...


Do not go to this place! Expensive and they will pit you between family members to try to keep you there. If they know you have money then they will try to keep you there. The management does not care...


My family member was cared for at Enterhealth for 6 weeks. The 6 weeks he was there he was cared for and treated with the utmost satisfaction. He continues to use what he has learned there to combat d...


I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor and refer to Enterhealth. Although there are many facilities and options in the area, if someone has means my first referral is Enterhealth because I know...


Enterhealth Ranch (ER) is not an effective or affordable treatment facility for substance abuse... I wonder why it doesn't work when you tell a drug addict something to the effect in Oh those 12 step ...


Great place. Highly recommended.


Not effective.


AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!! This place is an absolute joke. If you have a loved one in need, please look elsewhere for a real program that can help. The only concern they have is taking your money.... A...


My adult son just celebrated 15 months of sobriety after three weeks of inpatient rehab and two months of outpatient. rehab at Enterhealth. The combination of meds for depression and anxiety which h...


Don\'t waste your money on this place. Many better less expensive places.


Life is hard and people need help they don\'t need to go to a ranch. They whole thing is a is a lie. I didn\'t get a clean room. It is a waste of money. If they saved me I would not be writing this...


Strengths: Tailored to the individual, not exclusively 12 step, science based. Weaknesses: Expensive, limited internet access. I think more facilities should follow this model, in particular offering ...


DO NOT GO HERE!!! I was admitted and only stayed 72 hours(paid for 14 days) as I was never seen by a Dr. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE as this facility is a fraud!


45 days inpatient, over five months IOP and individual therapy, and ... Life's no better.


Enterhealth was the best thing that ever happened to me. My therapist worked hard and diligently every day. The staff is beyond friendly and hard working. They always go out of their way to help you,...


I have significant concerns regarding this facility. Specifically they push a treatment that used to be called prometa; they are now calling it GABASYNC. This is not FDA approved and was developed by ...


I've been to EnterHealth four times (unfortunately) and while they claim to have new age "brain healing" drugs, they didn't work for me. I even tried their $3000 injections. Last time I went there f...


It is a great facility and helped me. I am still sober and have not relapsed. However, it was very expensive. The counselors, accommodations and medical staff were strengths.


Offered group all day every day.


Enterhealth's approach is multi-faceted and scientific using the latest knowledge in addiction and appropriate therapies. The staff is extremely professional and well-qualified. They seem very effecti...

Areas of Focus
Relational & Family Therapy Support

Alcohol and drug addiction research suggests that appropriate family involvement and support is a critical component for long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. As part of the addiction recovery process, Enterhealth offers individualized family therapy sessions as well as educational support for families in a group setting. Clients and family members are taught to rebuild and establish healthy relationships by learning how to assertively communicate feelings and needs. This allows clients and families to develop a connection with others, creating a strong support system for their drug or alcohol addiction recovery and lifelong sobriety.

Addiction disease model

The addiction disease model defines drug and alcohol addiction as a unique, irreversible and progressive disease that cannot be cured, but can be arrested through abstinence. There is evidence that, in certain individuals, each incidence of substance abuse chemically alters the brain causing them to become dependent upon the substance. The disease model demonstrates a progressive process where, over time, addicts experience powerful cravings and when they don't respond quickly enough, strong and sometimes deadly withdrawal symptoms occur. Continued use can also result in irreversible damage to the brain, liver, kidneys and other vital organs.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA
    Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA - Chief Medical Strategist

    Dr. Urschel is chief medical strategist at Enterhealth, LLC and one of the most influential and coveted speakers nationally on substance abuse and the latest opportunities that exist today to treat the disease of addiction. Dr. Urschel’s comprehensive approach to treating addiction, along with his determination to educate those in the industry who are less than willing to embrace innovative treatment methods, were the impetus to create Enterhealth, an addiction disease management company. He has guided Enterhealth to create the world’s finest residential treatment program for dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, recognized by industry publications, peers, national talk show hosts and even competitors. Dr. Urschel and the clinical team at Enterhealth are currently implementing the most advanced, science-based treatment protocols, incorporating pharmacotherapy into client-centered treatment plans that address the psychological, spiritual and relational aspects of addiction.

  • Photo of David M. Kniffen, Jr
    David M. Kniffen, Jr - President

    Kniffen leads all facets of the company’s delivery services, including substance abuse treatment centers, counseling, and online recovery services through Enterhealth.com. Kniffen’s experience includes positions as senior vice president of corporate development and general counsel for The Point Group, a Dallas-based marketing communications firm, and attorney with the Dallas law firm of Meadows, Owens, Collier, Reed, Cousins and Blau. He earned an undergraduate degree in marketing from Southern Methodist University and is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University School of Law. Kniffen also holds a Master of Law degree from New York University School of Law.