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My son was there for 28 days, well, actually 30 and neither I or my son have any complaints. They gave my son the tools he needed to cope and helped him find an Oxford house to live in. They were very...


The population of the treatment house was much younger, had heroin addiction issues and were disrespectful to other residents and counselors. I would have tried to keep the recovering alcoholics, who...


It worked for me. This June 23 will be 5 years I'm clean & 5 years since I left this facility. So maybe some of the strictness paid off. Very strict with smoking & I was bored a lot of the time. Not a...


Great counseling Great speakers. Take patients to outside meetings, Has outdoor activities. Great family counseling and participation, detox is in a different place then rehab. This facility saved my...


Good doctors, caring. Needs personalized treatment. Endeavor House is truly a world-class program. I checked in to the program broken and was given all the tools I needed to recreate my life. I had be...


Clean and effective but expensive. good place to get clean


I spoke to a woman staff member and she gave me the billing department number .I called spoke to a male staff member and you owe me $2,185.40 since October 2015. I am paying hefty charge card intere...


My son was at Enveavor 3 times and every time they sent him home and he kept frelapesing. They did not address his problems with drugs. I also was overcharged $2185.40 and have been waiting months for...


Attended Endeavor House twice, second time not by my choosing. First off, the detox program is miserable, you are stuck inside a virtual hospital and not allowed outside a lot to see the sun and get f...


Bad experience. Individual counselor spread false rumor which resulted in my not being accepted to my aftercare program. severely depressed, I had thoughts of suicide, but pulled myself together with...


I entered here at the lowest possible time in my life .I was older the most of the folks here an still was treated as I had little or no say in my plan for recovery . After doing my detox as I had sig...


It was an excellent experience at a Endeavor House and I’ve benefited greatly from my time at Endeavor House. The staff are amazing people and I can’t thank them enough.


Excellent Family Dynamic – The extraordinary staff at Endeavor House produces a weekly family session that is the most comprehensive and quality educational program regarding addiction we have ever ...


I worked here...the place is a joke....I couldn\'t use the bathroom at work...it was so dirty..the cleaning staff do NOTHING ALL DAY!, I left after 3 months last year


What a great place to be if you are an addict. Hey, they don\'t tolerate drug use at Endeavor House and yes they do kick out those who try to sneak in some because there are other patients who do wan...


I don\'t know where to start, but I will give the honest truth of my experiences at this establishment. I will first tell you the nice things about the place. One counselor was a great help. She wa...


My stay at Endeavor House rehab center was very nice. The staff is really professional. I like the location. It’s a very calm and peaceful place for recovery.


Endeavor House rehab center is the place where I’ve changed my life. When I think about the past, I wonder how depressed it was. Thank you for saving me.


I’d like to thank physicians of Endeavor House rehab center. They’ve changed my life. Now I’ve been sober for 3 years. If I’m in trouble, I can always visit group therapies. One of the most im...


My relatives and friends didn’t trust me. I was wasting all the money on drugs. It was a real horrible place for everyone. Endeavor House rehab center helped me to overcome addiction. I’m really h...


I could never think that I would become a drug addict. When I suffered from addiction, I couldn’t believe that I would be cured. Nevertheless, after my stay at Endeavor House rehab center, I haven...


My experience at Endeavor House has been great! The staff is very receptive to people’s needs and the groups offer great insight into the issues surrounding addiction and subsequent sobriety.


I have felt really welcome here and the staff has been very understanding. The location of this place is beautiful! This has to be one of the best treatment facilities available, if not THE best!


They are warm, very intelligent, present, and compassionate. They are great listeners and have the ability to make you feel comfortable and safe to talk about things you typically would not. Recommend...


This has become a very special place in my heart. I have made many friends and hope to continue the road of recovery after I leave here.


I highly recommend anyone who is battling addiction to visit Endeavor House. I can’t say enough how much better my life is today.


I spent many years wallowing in my addiction to alcohol. Buried in self-pity, defeated, and attempting to avoid reality at all costs. This separated me from friends, family, and God. I did not get sob...


Great way to kick start your recovery. But recovery doesn’t end the minute you leave. It’s a good way to get a good dose of the change that is needed for full recovery. Staff is knowledgeable and ...

Kyle M.

I was truly amazed at how great this place was! I went into rehab totally scared, angry, and extremely worried. The center is nice, the food is pretty good, the staff is very nice and accommodating, a...

Amy C.

Once I contacted Endeavor House, they made me feel that I was coming to the right place. Endeavor House has given me a chance to heal.

Jolene B.

Endeavor House was a gift from God. I went to other treatment centers and I felt pushed against a wall. This place saved my life.


This is my second treatment facility and hopefully my last. Endeavor House is an exceptional facility. I would highly recommend Endeavor House to anyone in need of help getting their life in balance. ...


My experience at Endeavor House was excellent. I believe that I have the tools to stay sober. I know that Endeavor House has provided me with an excellent start to sobriety and a happy life.


I was extremely nervous upon arriving at Endeavor House. Everyone made me feel welcome. I would recommend Endeavor House to anyone who wants to recover from their addictions.


I am very happy to be a customer of this great company. I highly recommend them.


Never introduced the BIg Book or any other important info. No banners with the 12 steps or traditions. Need to separate children, teens and adults! No direct help/teachings for a specific addiction. I...


The food is disgusting. They are understaffed and the staff that is there seems miserable. You will rarely if ever see a clinician and you basically spend all day with an unlicensed residential aide. ...


Endeavor house was not a positive experience for my daughter. ...BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE DON'T GO HERE


I would rather be in prison. Patients are treated like garbage


FOUL. This place is filthy! The staff is degrading and disrespectful ...You are treated like trash...The beds, bathrooms, kitchen, and couches are filthy...You are trapped, scared, alone, and rarely s...