Eagleville Hospital

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100 Eagleville Road
Eagleville, PA 19403
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I worked there as a student nurse. The care was good.


Yes I\'m looking for my boyfriend who\'s been missing since. Friday can someone let me know if he\'s there n can he call me @ 484-714-2737 no one knows the pain n sorrow I\'m gone threw looking for hi...


If you ama how long before you can return I made a mistake in leaving and want to go back had my head capped up and ended up leaving but want to go back in can someone let me know


I was unsatisfied with the care as I was being treated for alcohol abuse/alcoholism, during my entire stay I never attended an AA meeting. All meetings in the area where I was were Narcotics Anonymous...


they are very good n care for each person too, it was the best treatment of which got me clean n now im clean for years


Knew a fried who was there, entered rehab for fear of being arrested.


Separates male females, Good meetings, Has things to keep busy. Food stinks.Too many people in a room. Don't check enough to see people breaking rules


Caring staff, not enough beds. Seems to be one of the better run facilities


Good program


dual diagnosis and handling different types of problems other than drugs and alcohol, excellent facility they really helped me out


Treatment in addiction was good but no WiFi useage. This is my #1 choice


Effective but depression was an issue for me


Organized, respectful, understanding, clean and easy admittance but unorganized, no free time. Eagleville was a rock for me at a disturbing time of my life. I continue to this day to use tools that I ...


Location and ease of admission was a strength but they didn't address all issues.


The facility's strengths are they have great programs of all sorts for any patient. The facility's weaknesses are they sometimes do not give enough encouragement to the patient on not giving up. I'd s...

T g d

Eagleville hospital is a joke, its Horrible, I wouldn\'t send my dog there, patients that go there beware, go to white deer run, so think before going to eagleville. hospital


I went to eagleville last year for detox. Stayed 5 days felt like a lifetime. And left with a huge black and blue from them taking my blood. Staff treated me like I was an inmate in prison. It was he...


One of my family members attended there and i visited him and the staff were horrible and rude, there were two nice nurses but everyone else were very rude. Not to mention the outside looks so nice bu...


It was helpful in all ways. It was a good facility if you need it.


Do not go here, I relapsed after 9 months after I went to a faith based program. Instead of gonna back to that place I went to Florida. They keep you busy during the day but offer no aftercare program...


Overall, highly recommended to all seeking treatment. The counseling, cleanliness, safety and treatment programming were all excellent.


I believe this facility is awesome and has great counselors that are ex addicts/alcoholics which in my opinion are better equipped to help other addicts and/or alcoholics. The counseling and 12-step i...


I never stayed there a close family member did and she hated it there! She signed her self out and went back to the drugs! The N/A meetings and the fact that it was open to the public was a benefit.


The facility could use improvement.


I know how NOT to drink. Ask professionals for recommendations.


It is worthwhile.


I worked as a Certified Peer Specialist with people who have substance abuse and mental illness. Overall, I would rate this facility a B- . They have qualified doctors and staff. The patients have ma...


I've been in this industry for over ten years and have built three different types of facilities. This is by far the worst in terms of detox protocol especially for alcohol dependency or benzos... Gue...


The facility includes staff members who are themselves in recovery, which can be a vitally important aspect to a client’s treatment. Overall I would say that Eagleville is a well-balanced treatment ...

Anne K

Case managers ... were wonderful in my daughter's discharge planning. [Staff member] especially was very knowledgable and empathetic. I have seen other facilities with posh surroundings, but posh surr...


Overall program was excellent. Staff was exceptionally competent and very empathetic. Medical treatment was superb. For an institution, food was very delicious, courteously served, nutritious and g...


I have been to seven rehab facilities and this was the best one.


This and many rehabs work if you stay long enough. We find this facility, like all rehabs, are expensive and don't treat addicts long enough. 90 days covered by insurance is the best way. It is big en...


I've been to 7 (rehabs) it was the best one.


I have been sober for 739 days...Overall program was excellent. Staff was exceptionally competent, very empathetic. Medical treatment was superb. For an institution, food was very tasty, courteousl...


My sister is considered fully recovered by all family members


No 12 step mtg. Disgusting living conditions. 3 people to a room and personal belongings every where. Broken mirrors, dirt and mold everywhere. Not enough counseling or life solutions discussed. No af...


I would recommend to others because they rock!


Top notch


Worth the cost of stay....I'm still clean!