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Cottonwood Tucson is an inpatient addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment center for individuals struggling with substance or process abuse. Utilizing a combination of holistic and clinical modalities, Cottonwood Tucson seeks to provide comprehensive addiction treatment care to individuals struggling with a variety of chemical and process addictions including opiate addiction, alcoholism, impulsive spending/ shopping addiction, pathological gambling, video game addiction, spice addiction, sex addiction, bath salts addiction, and more.

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Cottonwood absolutely saved my life in 2007! Very simple... It was a life changing experience and the staff was amazing. This is not only a national gem but is internationally recognized as one of the...


Cottonwood saved my life. I felt safe and protected there. It gave me space to process trauma and provided an excellent program. I am five years clean and am very grateful for the opportunities it gav...


To summarize, my son initially came to Cottonwood to be treated for sexual addiction but also has Bipolar 1/schizoaffective disorder. He has never been away from home on his own - save his hospitaliza...


Cottonwood failed on every single level. There was no communication, the quality of therapists was exceedingly poor, the food was inedible, the activities and services promised no longer existed, the ...


My sister checked herself into Cottonwood de Tucson. I went during family week, which was a waste of time. Everything is scripted for you and I was not allowed to speak the truth or my true feeling...


I was struggling with my moods, mental health and using drugs. Cottonwood helped me to start to understand my underlying issues and taught me the coping skills I\'ll need to stop harming myself and my...


I am in recovery for 30 years and a therapist who specializes in providing professional family interventions throughout the country for over 20 years, for addiction, mental health problems, personali...


Great staff and excellent one on one therapy. I was able to finally address the trauma from my childhood and come to terms with the fact that I\'ve been self medicating with drugs and alcohol. My fami...


Cottonwood was able to treat my mood disorder. I had been self medicating with various substances so that was present as well so I appreciated that they do also offer 12 step approaches as well as SMA...


The person left unchanged. He passed away shortly after his stay. I can't say that it was the establishments fault. Just can't say how much they helped


they helped work through problems, focusing on your problem and the best way to get through it


people are really caring and friendly. the meal weren't too good, it'd be nice if the fee can be cheaper


There very good at keeping my mind off drinking. There's nothing wrong with it. It was a good rehab


Co-occurring disorders, BH license as well as SUD, Adolescent girls' program, individualized treatment plans, small, family owned, medical staff on site and internationally accredited school for adole...


My love one attended Cottonwood and we felt it was truly a beautiful transformative experience for the entire family. He received the comprehensive treatment he needed to address his addiction, trauma...


This place is a joke!! Yea, it\'s a nice facility, but in terms of treatment, not at all! I wasn\'t looking for a nice hotel, I was looking for help in my addiction. The patients run the facility and ...


After having been lost most of my life, not knowing what was truly going on I finally found Cottonwood. I suffer from mental health issues due to trauma and Cottonwood saved my life. I just couldn\'t ...


I had a family member enter treatment at this facility and was appalled by the poor care and poor communication from the staff, despite a release of information signed from my family member. As a psyc...


DO NOT GO TO COTTONWOOD TUCSON! This facility is a complete scam in my opinion. While being a patient there I was assigned poorly trained 1-1\'s, the staff and nursing unit were totally incompetent. T...


Cottonwood - Tucson does not do a good job as promised in helping us to have claims processed through their insurance. Not one of our $65k in claims have been processed/paid 5 mos later due to Cottonw...


Good food, good program, great people. Very pricey. My insurance did not cover it and my parents ended up paying for it. This is a well run world class facility, with many amenities included. The staf...


My son was at Cottonwood for 30 days and it improved his life and gave him a base for his future and his recovery. He learned so much about himself. I attended the Family Program week, it was very pow...


If sunshine and fresh air are necessary for your well-being this is a great facility. You walk outside in the desert ecosystem to get anywhere and the grounds are beautiful. The chef is fabulous and y...


It was a beautiful, state of the art facility.


It had great doctors and psychologists. It was wonderful and had me up and going in no time.


Beautiful location and intimate setting. My relative attended twice for an alcohol problem. The follow-up was poor and this is very important to me.


Excellent treatment care.


The staff were fantastic. The family week program was exceptional and helped us very much. The program got our son on the road to recovery. He will be drug free and sober for year on Nov 2.


The family week was very well run (great, effective therapists and good program) and powerful. Loved the hippo therapy particularly, very enlightening. And loved being outside so much, very open and b...


Very well done there.


My counselor was adept at dealing with a wide variety of people and circumstances. i don't think all the clinical staff was that good. I do think that their expertise with SA is wonderful, and that ...


Great treatment and groups if you are ready. Not 12 step based, does not deal as well with serious drug addictions.


Teleconference assisted in reviewing tools later on.

Areas of Focus
Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

At Cottonwood Tucson, we pride ourselves on our internationally respected co-occurring disorders program. Frequently, substance abuse and another condition, such as depression, occur together. As a first step to determine whether there is a need for co-occurring disorders treatment, each patient who enters Cottonwood participates in a detailed medical and psychiatric assessment, including a thorough physical examination with a staff physician.

Mood Disorders and Anxiety Disorders Treatment

At Cottonwood, our board certified psychiatrists and master’s level counselors help patients to identify and change maladaptive attitudes, behavior, attitudes and beliefs that can undermine their ability to produce a calm, happy mood. In our clinical work we identify core issues, uncovering and resolving longstanding psychological problems that can cause problems with mood.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Brian Welch, MBA
    Brian Welch, MBA - CEO

    Member of the Cottonwood Team since 2005. In charge of day-to-day operations at Cottonwood, Brian received a B.S. in business administration from the University of Arizona, followed by an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Brian is a long-time resident of Tucson and likes to spend time with his wife and two young daughters. Brian also likes to play golf and cycle when he can find the time.

  • Photo of Lauren Dubs
    Lauren Dubs - Chief Financial Officer

    Member of the Cottonwood Team since 1999. A longtime resident of Tucson, Lauren oversees financial operations for Cottonwood. She received a B.A. in accounting from the University of Arizona and enjoys spending time with her little boy and girl.