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Treatment Insights

Each member of our staff is dedicated to giving clients the tools they need to succeed. Supportive and informed, they work closely with our clients to build personalized treatment plans that work. By utilizing a unique blend of traditional and holistic treatment methods, we help clients spark a personal transformation that can last a lifetime. Clean Path Behavioral Health believes that change is possible for anyone, and every client deserves the specialized care, attention, and guidance needed to discover a renewed sense of hope and purpose in life.

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Caring and awesome staff. Thanks


DO NOT GO HERE!! I left before I completed the program. When I left, they did not release my LIFE SAVING MEDICATIONS to me. None of them were narcotics. I came in with bottles I had already paid for s...


The food is horrible and the staff sucks


You saved my life!..... I was broken.hopeless and ready to die... when I called...a man h gave me hope...he got me in touch with someone who said there's a way out...then who told me I have a place fo...


STAY AWAY from this place. The housing facilities are horrible and ill equipped. The majority of the staff members lack training and the house staff are sloppy, unorganized children. There is no gym a...


My review is this , LEAVE MY NIECE ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calling her 5 times a day , putting false hope into her mind , you don't know what we've dealt with , you don't know what she n...


This place is the worst if you want to buy drugs go here it's at every house and the staff don't care they encourage you to relapse so they can keep milking your insurance company and they don't teach...


I came from an inpatient program and spoke to them on the phone and went there for sober living. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional and helped me get to the point where I could cope wi...


Don\'t go to detox at this place...stay away. Doctors don\'t take the time to thoroughly talk to you or exam you... Find another place, but not this place


Very educated and caring staff members. I've worked here for over a year and this facility is absolutely amazing. Everybody is very caring and willing to help the clients as much as possible. We reall...


Allowing flexibility with clients not having logistics dept. the facility allows clients a lot of leniency towards their recovery & offers suggestion


Caring people. My experience as a employee was mostly good with the exception of a few people that the clients don't really have to deal with I loved working for CPR and will miss it I won't miss ever...


Great quality of care fr the clients Puts the needs of the client first Needs better locations Great place to come for treatment


The facility has a great team that is focused on individualized care for each patient.I feel like each client is treated for their specific needs. Using evidence based program helps the patients integ...


The staff is amazing. They truly care about the clients progress and recovery. The facility is beautiful and has a great central location. I cannot think of many weaknesses. From the first call wit...


Best facility ever No weaknesses Best place to work and recovery


Client care is number one Communication, consistency were both lacking.


Integrity, caring, willing, supportive, clean, friendly staff members, above average accommodations


We truly care about our clients well being. This is an amazing company with a vision to help other succeed in recovery and life. The employees are amazing, the CEO is amazing! Amazing company to work ...


Positive vibes and happy employees. I think that Clean Path Recovery is an excellent outpatient treatment program with great success stories




I believe the facility focuses on the overall recovery of the client and will treat the needs of the client at the highest level of care without a constant focus on the profitability of the patient. ...


Caring Staff, Experienced Staff, SLE & Tx Facilities are up to date, Spotless, Inviting, Big Rent & food is paid for if you live in the SL & attend treatment. The staff is friendly, and truly care ab...


All of my co workers are great and everyone works well together which the clients really benefit from. The facility is great all the employees work really hard. All the clinicians take really good ca...


Staff were great. Location was poor. CPBH has highly trained staff that continually make every effort to put client care as top priority.


Pursue Growth and Learning, Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Been Passionate and Determined, Been Humble.I would strongly recommend Clea...


safe and sober environment, clean and comfortable houses and treatment centers, well trained team very helpful, transportation, communication, food cards, great therapist, great case managers, great ...


Dedicated support staff, experience, clean facilities, dedication to recovery. I have worked her since October and continue to see exemplary standards striving for excellence in recovery and helping ...


This facility has an experienced staff with an acute understanding of addiction and the problems that come from addiction The facility is new and still making corrections in their programming to make ...


Caring, Educated, clean, Helpful, Involved and helpful. CPBH goes above and beyond the standard for quality care. none i can think of Clean Path strives to accommodate the addict/alcoholic to reach th...

Areas of Focus

For many individuals seeking substance abuse treatment, Detoxification is the initial step to beginning a successful recovery process. Drug and alcohol detox is the safest option to cleanse the body of any harmful substances. Trying to quit alcohol and drugs without observation is very dangerous as withdrawal symptoms vary and can be fatal if not treated under the correct supervision. Clean Path Recovery’s sub-acute detox program provides the means for clients to undergo professional and safe drug and alcohol detox to assure the beginning of a successful treatment process. When you arrive at our facility, a thorough initial intake will be completed. Depending on the drug of choice and the length of use will help us to determine the duration of time the detoxification process will take. Usually this process can be completed in as little as three to five days. You will be fully evaluated by a Medical Doctor to assist you during the detoxification process. Detox does not have to be uncomfortable and Clean Path Recovery will assure that it isn't. Our sub-acute detox and residential facilities are beautiful and comfortable home-like settings with 24 hour medically assisted monitoring and transportation provided to and from our therapy and education centers. One of the benefits of a detox program is that your personal treatment plan can be customized to suit your specific situation. Every patient has different needs. For example, a drug detox program may be based on the amount and types of drugs you are currently using. This is an important point because opiate detoxification can be quite different from alcohol detoxification. Your personalized detox program may also be designed to include other factors such as relevant medical or psychological conditions. Every potential client is tested to assure they are drug and alcohol free upon intake. When a potential client does test positive for a substance, Clean Path Recovery will assist them with a detoxification program.

Residential Treatment

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to get-away from your normal environment which may be riddled with temptation to use, unhealthy habits and destructive relationships. Located in beautiful Orange County, California Clean Path Recovery offers a complete full-service residential program for individuals seeking the serenity required for a successful recovery experience. At Clean Path Recovery, every client is individually treated with the utmost equal respect and dignity, fostering new ways to approach life’s trials and tribulations. We empower our clients to cultivate healthy relationships at the nucleus of family and social support. With education, training, and community, Clean Path Recovery provides the client a deeper understanding of self and the tools needed to be a positive contribution to society. The minute you walk into one of our residences you’ll feel welcome, and they are so nicely appointed and comfortable - you’ll immediately feel right at home. Clean Path Recovery offers the healthy living environment you need to thrive! Clean Path Recovery’s program offers a balance of individual, group and family therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, group excursions and activities, exercise, delicious healthy chef prepared meals and time for rest and relaxation.