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Treatment Insights

Clay Crossing Foundation's mission is to provide quality extended chemical dependency treatment in a structured and supportive living environment. We welcome all male consumers, including those with co-occurring mental health conditions. Our goal is to enhance the consumer's ability to achieve sustained recovery as evidenced by maintaining abstinence from mood altering substances and increasing serenity, integrity, spirituality, and life contentment.

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Terrible place, they made us pay one month ahead claiming that we would have to pay fees if we didn't pay the total amount. We used only 1 week and they kept all the amount of the money, they lied to ...


Awful place. Dirty, run down, counselors never there, director is not compassionate at all. Staff don't know nothing. I was off my meds for a week because staff didn't know what to do. Was supposed to...


DO NOT send your loved one here. If you are looking at this place, please do not consider it! They are liars! There is ZERO security! Drugs freely come in despite their “inspection process”. Unpro...


This place ain’t bad at all except for a few staff members. One just treats everybody like you’re nothing. Another thinks he knows everything and told me I was going to fail at my sobriety and cal...


My son was there for 2 months. I paid for treatment in advanced. He has insurance that will pay for 80% of it. Clay Crossing assured me they would provide me with the paperwork to bill the insurance. ...


Clay Crossing is a beautiful environment with some the most qualified and caring staff in the state. Miracles happen here


Great staff that really cares for each individual and their needs. Peaceful and calm ranch setting very helpful for healing.


Clay Crossing has some of the best counselors and staff anywhere, they really care about each guy there. They have been very successful helping men for 20 years. Facilities are very comfortable, dorm ...


Thank you for being so caring to our son! It was better than we had hoped. He has been in a 2 others and didn't work at it but his counselors got through to him. He is still doing well, better than we...


When I went to Clay Crossing I felt worthless. I didnt care if I lived or died. I didnt think anybody else cared either. My first 2 weeks I didnt do the program. I did nothing but feel sorry for mysel...


I chose Clay Crossing for my husband and it was a great choice. We were close to divorcing if he didn't get help. He didn't want to go but after the first week he was glad he did. The counselors are g...


I was skeptical about coming after reading some reviews but I'm glad that I did. I learned things about my addiction that I never knew about. I learned why triggers are triggers and how to handle them...


This was a great place for our son. He did not want to go to Rehab but they won him over and after 30 days he begin to work their program and ended up doing vey well and is sober after nearly a year. ...


Wonderful rehab facility. Excellent treatment program and great staff.


Clay Crossing was great for me, I went there 5 months ago and I\'m very happy that I did. They really helped me get my life together and prepared me to stay clean. I went back there last week to ce...


My sister found Clay Crossing and sent her son there for three months of treatment. It was even better than we expected and couldn\'t say enough good things about the staff, they treated us like fami...


One of the many terrible rehab rackets in this country! Basically just an overpriced adult summer camp. All they want is to take a families money! They take advantage of people who are in a desperate ...


Great place!! Our son did really well there and is continuing to live life without drugs. He is doing well in school again. The counselors are amazing, I love them! If guys want to change their ...


Very very bad.


Great place for our son! Loved what they did for him and the counselors were wonderful, very caring. It is rustic but very effective and the food was great, he gained 20 lb that he needed.


A friend recommended we send our son to Clay Crossing. Our friend had gone through their program last year and has done so good since. Our son loved it and the staff worked miracles on him, he came ...


Clay Crossing staff went out of their way to make my husband feel that he was worthwhile and he could regain all he had lost over the years. They were more like family to us, they showed how much the...


Clay Crossing was life saver for me! They really welcomed me and helped me to understand what I needed to do to live a sober life. My life and the lives of my family was in shambles when I got ther...


Overall a good program


From day 1 we were treated with respect at Clay Crossing. The staff is so friendly and willing to help with even the little things like getting laundry soap for my brother when he ran out before we co...


Good program but needs a better holistic offering


They lied to us. I was supposed to be in 90 day residential and then moved to phase 2 transitional but they tried to keep me in residential for the money. They would not file our insurance they only...


This facility may have been an effective treatment center long years ago, but not now. Run down, no effective counseling, counselors, or over-site. Designed to get your money only. Taking advantage...


Clay Crossing was my last chance. I was gonna die. Counselor and staff were great. I have m life and family back. Sober 138 days and still going. Thank you Clay Crossing


Saved my life. I didn\'t want to go. Didn\'t think I needed to go. Relapsed once and then got my act together. I did my program and classes and groups. My counselor was awesome and patient with me but...


I could not be more pleased with how they helped my son. We brought him there after a friend encouraged us to do so. Their son loved it there and is doing so well at home and on his job. He has near...


Horrible counseling. Terrible facilities. The place is falling apart. The staff put no effort into helping their patients. It\'s a revolving door of hopelessness.


I am doing so well since my stay at Clay Crossing, they were great for me and my family. I loved how well the Counselors understood my issues and how to help me. I\'d send a family member to get h...


I was a resident at Clay Crossing for 6 months. I am 9 years 364 days sober. I am greatful for that time and realize its up to (Me) daily to continue forward. Although it is true there was no RN on du...


When we took our loved one to Clay Crossing we expected things to be as they were advertised on their website. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is no security . We had to pay most of th...


We knew within days that this program wasn't a right fit for our son. He suffers from severe mental illness as well as addiction. There is no nurse on staff to hand out their meds. We were told a CNA ...

Areas of Focus
Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Individual Therapy

This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.

Key Staff Members
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