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Charleston, SC 29414
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The Charleston Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center with one primary purpose: to help men and women who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. CRC oversees an alcoholism and drug addiction treatment program , an alcoholism and addiction rehab, a half way house, and a sober living community for men and women in Charleston South Carolina.

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Charleston Recovery Center is the best thing that ever happened to me! Last year I saw no real purpose in life, but now I am celebrating 14 months sober and a life I never could have dreamed possible....


This place has saved my life and countless others. I am able to be a mother and a daughter today. I have the best friends I have ever had before. Best of all I have a purpose in life now... helping an...


This place has done nothing short of save my life. When I came in not only was I heartbroken from a deep level of grief, but I was completely broken as a person. I had chosen drugs to try to fill the ...


Thank you Charleston Recovery Center for saving my life. I came in to treatment broken and not knowing how to live life as a productive member of society. I have been able to use what I have learned h...


This place was great for me it offered me a true solution for my drug/ alcohol problem and didn’t just try to throw maintenance drugs at me. During my time there I was surrounded by people by who un...


I never thought anything would have made me think about changing my ways. My sister went through and she was hopeless. Shes still sober to this day more than two years later. She got me in here and I ...


I found the solution to drugs and alcohol at Charleston Recovery Center. My life of misery and depression has become a life I wake up and look forward to living everyday. The addict on addict recovery...


My sister is sober!! 😀


This Rehab is very unique and very effective. It helped me understand the root of many of my problems. The program uses the shared experience of many us to understand where we have been and how to ove...


CRC has not only set me free from the alcoholic torture I had been living in for over 10 years, the program and staff has restored my family, sense of self worth and taught me through the 12 Steps tha...


be certain to tour CRC before you sign a contract.


Charleston Recovery Center (Ashley Hope) gave me my life back. Prior to deciding where to go, I tried to research and check out as many facilities as I could. I thankfully picked Ashley Hope after re...


Place saved my life taught me how to live without drugs and how to be a responsible and depenable person.


Bottom line, I am now sober and haven't even had an urge to drink since finishing the Charleston Recovery Center's program. I used to be an all day drinker...sneaking around & hiding my drinking at wo...


No one really ever goes to rehab on a win streak; I was no exception. Before coming into this program I was broken and completely hopeless. Thanks to the Charleston Recovery Center, I've been given ho...


Before coming to the Charleston Recovery Center I used opiates everyday, had no job, no car and no money. I resorted to stealing money to support my addiction. I lived in constant guilt and shame even...


I struggled with addiction for years before coming to the Hope (CRC).I couldn't stop and I didn't understand why. The time I spent there changed my life. I learned the true nature of my problems but, ...


I tried to quit drugs and alcohol on my own for a number of years with no success. I went to several treatment centers and did everything asked of me but sobriety remained elusive. Suffering and miser...


Many of the people who have come through the Charleston Recovery Center consider it to be sacred ground. This is where actual recovery happens. This isn't a three month vacation from drugs and alcohol...


Charlston recovery is a very special place. It has giving me the peace and happiness I’ve been looking for all my life. All it took for me was a true desire to stop using drugs and alcohol. The atmo...


I owe my life to this place. I've been too multiple treatment centers that were astonishing more expensive than this place and got no where near the help and life tool's that I acquired here at Charle...


I attended CRC’s 90 day program for alcohol addiction, and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Going in, I thought a 90-Day program was excessive and not necessary. I...


As an alcoholic, I constantly tried to stay sober on my own and resisted working the twelve steps. This always lead to a relapse. At Ashley Hope you immediately start working the steps when you enter ...


I attended CRC for 81 days. Yes, I left 9 days before completing the program. The following is my experience. I’ll try to be brief and informative at the same time. Treatment Effectiveness: Well,...


My son is so happy and thriving in this environment. Not only do I have him back but a much more aware, version. I am so happy and feel grateful and blessed to them for taking him in. Xp


My daughter was here for 4 months in 2016. She liked it and seemed to be successful. Yet, one week after leaving, she relapsed and almost died. The food is donated and the house is pretty run down. My...


My friend attended CRC and came back a changed person. I highly recommend it!


I'm almost 2 years sober today because of this place. I was taken in just as I was, loved, and taught how to live life and to pass it on to others. Highly recommended to anyone.


I researched several regional facilities to combat my alcohol addiction and chose Charleston Recovery Center. The explanation was thorough in regards to their program of recovery, pricing, and residen...


My name is Makyla and I'm an alcoholic and an addict. I am 26 years old and I have been in and out of detox and treatment centers since I was 19 years old. Charleston Recovery Center has saved my life...


I have been using drugs since I was a teenager. I attempted to quit on my own and went to multiple treatment centers. Nothing seemed to work. I was hopeless and ready to give up. My friends told me ab...


Affordable and effective!


The CRC saves lives. I'm so grateful for their service and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Master of taking advantage of the disadvantaged. Some things never change.


I am a 67-year-old woman. This program is working for me. I have been sober for three years. I am grateful that through the 12 steps I understand this disease and am able to help others, and that my o...


August 2017 I arrived here broken and desperate for help. What I found here is truly unbelievable and I am on able to put it into words. What it is is a power much bigger than all of us but what it ha...


When i first arrived here I was desperate. I had no idea how i ended up in charleston recovery center. I was lost, confused and scared. The staff, directors and residents welcomed we with open arms. T...


This is by far the realist rehab i’ve been to and I’ve been to a 30k a month rehab and there is absolutely no comparison between the two. I’ve been given the tools to not only stay sober but mak...


I've gone through other rehabs and treatment programs but this place and saved my life and shown me how to enjoy this new way of life. The things I've learned and the way this program is done here has...


I was skeptical before coming into this program because I expected a place that was run by people who didn’t understand addiction! I quickly found out that I was very wrong! The program is run and o...


Not only did this place save my life, it taught me how to live. I was addicted to everything imaginable the day I checked in. Now, I'm sober, happy, and am no longer being suffocated by powerlessness,...


This place saved my life! I had been using drugs for 18 years, I was broken and hopeless. This place has given me hope, and brought joy to my life!


This place truly saved my life!! I have been to several treatments centers thruout my life and there is no place like this. Charleston recovery center truly taught me how to live life and I have never...


Beware !!! Very unorganized Men n and woman are all together. The house is dirty and the traits everyone and uses the F-bomb all the time! It's a train wreck!@


I have been honored to witness so many amazing men and women recover and help others recover here. Families reunited, legal problems solved, lives restructured are everyday occurrences. Countless resi...


Words can’t describe the respect and gratitude I have for the wonderful staff at The Hope. I couldn’t be more impressed with the deep level of care and understanding that was given to me and count...


The CRC is like a second family... This place has helped dozens like me to recover and I can't recommend it enough!


The staff is very helpful. The food is fantastic and home cooked daily. They have given me another shot at life that I never thought I would have again. I owe my life to this place and would highly re...


The staff treats you like inmates in prison. They are rude and even yell at patients. The food is horrible. The facility is dilapidated.


When I arrived at the center I was at the end of my rope. My addiction to opiates at 52 years of age was my master. I had lost faith in myself and everyone else.I have read some of the bad reviews and...


Beautiful outdoor space, a sand volleyball court, a variety of meal types, multiple meetings throughout the day to help us connect to our higher power. The other residents & staff become like family b...


My son and daughter in-law have both found hope and freedom from alcoholism through the Charleston Recovery Center. You can trust them with your family members care.


This is probably the best AA/12 Step treatment program in Charleston. AA can be confusing at first so their intensive direction provides a great start to recovery. I am very grateful for the CRC.


It\'s clear that the staff cares about the residents & giving them the tools needed to start over. Very affordable compared to most rehab facilities. If you\'re willing to start recovery it will work ...


My friend took his wife here when she was struggling with alcohol. He didn\'t know what to expect but after the 90 day program she came back a new person. I can tell a difference in both of them since...


A dear friend of mine recently went here. She was totally hopeless and very sick. They nursed her back to life and now she\'s helping others. I highly recommend the Charleston Recovery Center!


The Hope is such a special place... so many people have started their journey of recovery here. I can\'t say enough good things about their dedication to teaching the program and the residents!


My best friend just finished this program and she is happier and healthier than I\'ve seen her in years!


Only myself and God knows the hopelessness, futility and uselessness I felt inside myself before coming into Charleston Recovery Center. I thought death was the only option from where my drug addictio...


U had bedbugs when I was there, expired food from the food bank, and no direction for "real life."


I went to Charleston Recovery Center for the full 90 day program and by the end of my stay I decided to stay 5 more months because I enjoyed the community so much. I visit almost everyday. I have been...


This place saved my life. I have 10 months sober thanks to Charleston recovery center. They brought me through the 12 steps and taught me how to live life to the fullest. They gave me a purpose in lif...


It\'s a joke. You are paying $6000 to go to 6-8 AA meetings a day. They don\'t prepare you for when you get out. And when you do, if you don\'t continue to drink their kool-aid, they will pretend as t...


Strong Recovery, Comfortable Family Setting, Knowledgeable Staff, Hands on Recovery, Genuine Care and Loving Staff Hello Everybody, I could not have gotten to where I am without Charleston Recovery ...


Knowledgeable staff. Strong recovery. Community spirit. On January 5th, 2016, I arrived at Charleston Recovery Center a broken and hopeless shell of a person. I had been struggling with addiction for ...


Lays down a strong foundation for AA based recovery, gives intensive aid to newcomer addicts and alcoholics in the crucial stages of recovery. Coming to Charleston Recovery Center was one of the best ...


Hello everybody I’m a recovered alcoholic/addict who just celebrated four years of being clean, sober and happy after 21 years of alcohol/drug abuse. I could not have gotten to where I am without C...


My relative went through this program and it changed her life. She is no longer the scared, depressed person I once knew and is now happy and excited about life again! Thank you!


I entered the Charleston Recovery Center 90 day program a broken alcoholic and for all the wrong reasons. I came to escape legal and marital issues and hopefully stay sober for a period of time. How...


My friend was sick and desperate when her family took her here. Now she is vibrant and full of life again! I was able to visit when they had a big tent and concert for Memorial Day and it was lots of ...


My sister in law attended the program in Charleston and it has changed her life. We are all so pleased with the results. The facilities aren\'t luxurious, but the staff is great and the price is much ...


They did a great job working with a family member get them healthy again. Thank you!


A close family member of mine went to the Charleston Recovery Center and it has helped her tremendously. I can\'t tell you how happy I am about that. When I was a volunteer in a Christian Ministry in...


I\'m very thankful for all the help my daughter-law received from your program. I was very impressed when I attended one of the meetings and especially seeing the rapport the director had with those...


I cannot say enough positive things about my time spent at the Charleston Recovery Center. I was a hopeless alcoholic. I was embraced by the entire staff and community. I unexpectedly found grace and ...


This center has been a blessing to my friends and their marriage. When the time came for recovery the people at this home were the family they never knew they had. My wife and I visited the house duri...


This place is amazing. It for addicts and alcoholics run by alcoholics and addicts. This program and house work. The staff here have been through the program as residents and are staying longer to hel...


If you are ready to do the work, Charleston Recovery Center cares and can help you. They helped a family member in ways we could have only hoped for! Don\'t hesitate to call them.


My wife needed help and we needed it fast. I am grateful to the staff and the director for all they have done for me and my family to get us back on track to become the family we once were . I cannot ...


My daughter was an alcoholic . A scared alcoholic. She was admitted and immediantly surrounded by love and support. Thanks to Charleston Recovery she is sober and free of her addiction. She worked har...


To all those brothers and sisters that are still suffering: This place changed my life! I was in the grips of a drug and Heroine addiction for 25 years and could not imagine living any kind of life wi...


This program saved my friend\'s life. I owe them more than I could every repay.


While I was there just about everyone got sick, sure think it was all the mold and dust. Staff was very attentive the first couple of days,after that I was just another addict basically left to fend f...


When I was looking for a solution for my wife\'s alcoholism I was skeptical of the Charleston Recovery Center because of some reviews on this site and my initial impression of the house. After speakin...


Before coming into Charleston Recovery Center I was hopeless, broken, beaten, homeless, and felt worthless. I never thought I\'d be able to stay sober for 15 minutes let alone 8 months. I was convince...


Easy transition and good support. Good family involvement. More recreational options. Easier follow up procedures. Very good staff. Helped make transition process smooth. Effective treatment. Good f...


The old rooms are nasty and not taken care of.


My name is Jennifer. In 2014 I was a hopeless, dying alcoholic. It was not by lack of trying, family support, love, money, lack of will power, fortitude or morals. Prior to 2014 I had everything in...


If you are thinking about the methadone program far and fast.


very involved staff but food and activities need improvement. I learned a lot during my stay.


Good location but no help.. They were silent and asked useless questions.


they helped my friend out a lot She felt very welcome and comfortable there


This facility was well put together and offered many different types of treatment. This facility met the needs of my family and the counselors really genuinely helped and cared.


Wife in treatment for 3 weeks and has been good 5 yrs. Great follow up counseling.


the doctors and the treatment you receive are strengths of the facility, but it is a little old looking. the perfect place for a loved one that has a drug or alcohol problem.


Do not send your loved ones or yourself here! Speaking as an alumni, the information advertised on the website is false and misleading. This place is a joke. The house is very poorly maintained. There...


I totally agree with BSG. Everything she said is true. Please don\'t sent your family members there. It is all about the money.


I agree 100% with Kristina. My loved one and I chose this place based on the false information that they provide family care. It is quite the opposite. Their approach at times is more like indoctrina...


This place is a joke.


This place doesn't care about the families behind the addicts, just the addict.


Excellent program. Excellent interaction.

Areas of Focus
Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Holistic Therapy

Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.