CenterPointe Hospital

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St. Charles, MO 63304
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My tween daughter was there 6 months ago; was totally traumatized by the experience...There is also a lot of yelling in the unit, some of it by the staff, as they try to control children. The psychia...


I had a great experience at CenterPointe Hospital, I have been free of Heroin for 10 months now. I could not have done this without the help of doctors and staff at CenterPointe.I followed up with out...


centerpoint seemed to work for my 19 year Old daughter, I will say that the staff is less than perfect And it\'s obvious \"protocol\" is lacking from Management,.. Keep a close eye on ALL prescri...


Went here for heroin detox. During admission I was told this is a voluntary program and that you can leave at any time...There are no discharges on weekends so be prepared for that excuse. I walked in...


The food is awful, most of the staff are mean, would not suggest this place to any one. They belittle the patients, try to break thier spirit


Went for detox decided better to do 3 day at home ..unprofessional didn\'t give me needed meds when I left they did not give and now couple hours home realised I don\'t have ..guess I\'ll be making t...


My 10 year old son attended inpatient for about 1 week... the most disturbing news was to hear of how my son had been handled and spoken to by some of the employees. He is already very timid and suici...


For profit. Angry employees. Terrible mental health unit.


The emergency room is so ridiculous! I was robbed at gun point when I was 37weeks and 4 days pregnant while I was working at a bank. The robbers were so aggressive with me and by the end of it I ended...


It was horrible there, absolutely horrible. I was worse there than before and I didn\'t come out better. I came out in a worse state of mind. I can\'t stop thinking about it there; the freedom-less an...


This facility is making it\'s money by providing a quick and easy 2 week program for court offenders or for parents at their wits end needing what they think will be an affordable quick fix. Rubbish!...


A great facility but needs improved holistic offerings.


I had to room in men's wing being that there were no rooms in women's wing, so THAT meant sharing a bathroom but only first night AND the fact they put me in suicide watch even tho I WASN'T suicidal o...


It was okay.


Everyone was extremely helpful and supportive. They were able to answer a lot of my questions. The food could use to have more vegetarian options.


he appears to have improved


Good staff, nice doctors who are actually willing to help. The nurses are terrible when it comes to drawing blood. It's worth a shot.


price, doctors, dirty, uselessness were weaknesses of the facility. my son was there for drugs, came out worse than when he went in.


Cleanliness was a strength of the facility.


Strengths: Large, well organized. Weaknesses: A bit too clinical. Well worth a look.


they help you see that alcohol is but a symptom of our complicated disease. people from outside came and spoke, which was nice.


offers variety of treatment


I would not be here if not for Center Pointe. It\'s a great facility and now, years later, I\'m glad I went.


My daughter was treated for alcohol addiction and we were all very pleased with both the detox program as well as the 2 week in patient program. She enjoys attending the AA meetings at the hospital n...


I went & learned nothing. I stayed there for a week. When I left they lost half of my belongings and said they couldn\'t find them. I wouldn\'t send anyone I know there it\'s a horrible place.


This is an amazing place for the circumstances you\'re facing. They help you a lot. They could use more people who\'ve actually been through certain situations. But other than that, amazing.


Second time to this so called hospital. Nothing wrong with me the first time. Welcome to the third world


A complete waste of time. Absolutely no help at all. ... They put 13 through 19 year olds all together on same unit. They are not friends. There was no evaluation or discussion of his problems. No ...


This place scares me. I wish I had never brought my daughter here. The therapists don't let you know what's going on. The psychiatrist is not very available though he is treating my adolescent daughte...