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Caron’s mission is to transform lives impacted by drug and alcohol addiction through proven, evidence-based, comprehensive and personalized behavioral healthcare. At Caron, we understand that addiction is complex – as complex as the people and families it affects. Physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions all play a role in substance abuse disorders. That’s why Caron doesn't just treat drug and alcohol problems, but every related issue that patients and their families face. More than just a rehab center, Caron is a leading provider of integrated behavioral health treatment.

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This will be a long but honest post. This place was a total waste of money. And let me just say, I’ve been to 5 treatment centers ranging from a place like this to ones where people are literally co...


went here twice, left in tears both times and it wasn\'t because I \"wasn\'t ready.\" this place is pretentious, punitive, lacks diversity, has cookie cutter treatment regimens, and I\'ve seen much pr...


I read the other reviews and I was surprised to read such negativity. It\'s a rehab, not a spa or resort. When I was at caron I was treated very well. I got what I as a patient put in. I needed to fig...


Beware. They are not upfront/honest with the care they provide. We were CRYSTAL CLEAR that our child had mental health issues (anxiety and depression) that needed treatment/therapy. Asked if they woul...


Loved Caron. Loved the therapists, staff, all the help, the drivers, the whole gang. It was the pivotal point in my life. Been sober, LORD willing, one day at a time, 28 years this year. When I arrive...


If I had to rate Caron on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the best), I would give Caron a 9, as few things in life are perfect. My 26 year old son went there a few months ago and this was not his "first rodeo"...


I would ask parents of young adults to PLEASE READ THIS. Please be very aware that at the front end, before your loved one has checked in, there will be lots of implication that it is very tailore...


Unfortunately, counselor assignments to a patient are luck of the draw. In my 6 weeks in Caron, my counselor pretty much dropped the ball with appointments having seen me 3 times on a personal one-on-...


very disappointing especially since it was super expensive. expected a dynamic program that was integrated and instead im denied seeing my daughter, very hurtful since i want to be a part of the recov...


Very, very, very disappointed with Caron. They gave my child (who has co-occurring disorders and who has battled drugs and alcohol) an inexperienced therapist with less than one year of field experien...


The Caron Foundation was a horrible choice for a prescription drug (benzo) addiction. Admission staff misrepresented how withdrawal would be managed comfortably, staff were unable to manage withdrawal...


Took my don here last Sunday, March 24. Told there was a 5 day blackout for contact. Found out my son has been contacting girlfriend through texts and phone calls! 40 grand well spent!!!


I was recently a patient at the Wernersville location for three weeks, and was forced to cut my stay short due to negligence by the medical staff. Of the 21 days I was in treatment, there were 8 separ...


Beautiful grounds, food is always outstanding. But treatment options are lacking.It's just cookie cutting. Years ago the treatment and understanding were incredible. Now patients are just herds of cas...


Caron saved my life. The care I received while the was compassionate, kind, loving and tough - which is exactly what I needed The staff; from admissions to the counselors, the counselor assistants, th...


I gained an incredible amount of self-awareness and was able to address emotional blockages. Extracting tough emotional blockages. Not much in the way of exercise.


Excellent program. Clean, safe, excellent staff who actually care. Also, guidance with spirituality - unlike all other treatment centers. Made a big difference in my life. Everything. There was not on...


This place saved my life. It was absolutely incredibly. ALL the staff were kind, respectful, and clearly loved their jobs. Caron is an amazing place that covers all aspects of addiction and alcoholism...


Caron saved my life. My stay on the older adults unit was wonderful. The staff was caring and always available. My fellow unit mates were great and I made friendships that are even stronger now. I mad...


Excellent program. Clean, safe, excellent staff who actually care. Also, guidance with spirituality - unlike all other treatment centers. Made a big difference in my life


Poor quality treatment. Heavy emphasis on religion. Group oriented rather than focused on needs of individuals. Negatively affected my sobriety.


Caron is a top notch treatment center. I was a patient there and the knowledge and care I received couldn't be better. There is a solution to addiction for those who want it with all their hearts and ...


So I feel it is a responsibility to weigh in on Caron Treatment Center. Our loved one (20 yr old male) had developed a very high level opioid pill addiction as well as major heavy weed issue. He had b...


The best thing about Caron is the 5 day assessment. It enables a person to get a loved one in without thinking about a 28 day commitment. The counseling is fair however, the family education program p...


I've spent 3 months in this rehab and it be good and bad. Like everything in life. However, If you are a female , sophisticated, functioning alcoholic professional this is not the place for you. It i...


Excellent family program. They encouraged me to attend additional treatment in Florida instead of going back to work. This was costly financially and detrimental to a full recovery in the place where ...


This facility saved my life. It\'s different from other residential treatment programs. They provide intensive individual and group therapy, multiple AA meetings a day and incredibly individualized ca...


I was extremely disappointed in the judgement and the lack of professionalism with the staff. They appeared ill equipped to handle the emotions of a young person going through withdrawal and failed t...


This program is to treatment what McDonalds is to fine dining. Caron Treatment Centers = McTreatment.


This is a wonderful rehab center. Daughter went through YAF for 30 days came home and immediately wanted to go back. She called herself and they took her for 10 days and then referred her to a sober h...


The meals are well prepared. The institution seems interested only in generating revenue. I recommend against the additional after care program "My First Year." It offers no real value and is expensiv...


I believe Caron is a very good facility for some people. I do believe they are considered one of the best based on past experiences, ratings, reviews. I do not think that they are the best now ,by any...


The meals options were good. The facility was expensive and appeared primarily concerned with funding. The staff did seem to care about the residents, however facility coordination was poor and the ad...


Excellent food and accommodations. Great gym and physical environment. Treatment was awful. They recommended the same after care for everyone, which consisted of several months at one of their other t...


Large facility that catered to his every need. It was so expensive and he was only able to be there for a month and he needed more time than that. Relapsed right after he left.


The stay was only 30 days due to finances. The facility recommended the extended 3 months, but had no financing for us and insurance did not cover it.


Quick and expensive. Billing was complicated


Well qualified counslers, doctors, follow up, strict but effective, heart wrenching, eye opening, much needed, well supervised parent week. Not long term care in Pennsylvania. We tried to send our son...


Caring employees but overworked


For many this is the place to go they work with the family along with the dependent. follow up should be better. It was not easy to just see our son and the visiting hours were hard for us. I think th...


Lots of spiritual counseling. More flexible visiting is needed. I thought it was perfect and effective, we've had success but it is a bit pricey.


Good food but not enough connectivity


Individual therapy and treatment plan includes family in the program. I had a successful stay and am still clean for almost 9 years.


Campus is easy to navigate and beautiful. Caron offers a church service each Sunday which is a plus right on campus. It seems the 12 steps are the only pathway to recovery according to Caron and they...


The medical and nursing staff A plus. The policies regarding treatment option should be revised. Excellent facility , my close one was discharge without any problem and reach his treatment goals


Beautiful facility. Costly. If the patient is not ready to change or unwilling the treatment will be ineffective. My son, age 16, was a patient. The entire family participated in a weekend training s...


Useless. Absolutely useless. It\'s basicly an all day AA meeting.


While this is my only experience with a place like this I found my overall experience to be average. The food was decent. Counselors seemed knowledgeable. They could have emphasized physical activi...


After three years of sobriety, we can say that the treatment for my loved one was a great success.


Strengths: Caring, strict rules, fun. Weaknesses: Crowded. Very helpful.


The aftercare planning was haphazard. My daughter was discharged despite my voiced concerns. My mother, her grandmother, was in hospice when my daughter was discharged and send 2000 miles away to an a...


I was in this facility back in June and it\'s the second rehab I\'ve been two and it was a terrible experience. I was in the adolescent unit and I feel that they just trick parents into them paying mo...




All they want is money


12-Step focus and comprehensive care, including extended care. In the 8 years before my retirement I worked in Extended Care. I saw firsthand the quality of work and caring delivered by staff from CEO...


Absolutely the most knowledgeable high rated professionals in the field. Family education was awesome. Cost was a downfall. Sunday morning chapel is very moving and emotional.


Strengths: People, facilities and family program. Weaknesses: distance from our home. Caron succeeded where a previous rehab facility failed. Of course, the main factor may have been my loved one's at...


Strong rooting in the 12-Steps, Powerful and effective focus on spirituality. Expensive, although they also offer a robust scholarship program. Caron staff is extraordinarily devoted to the care and r...


Beautiful locale & good food. No average person could afford it. My loved one only got in on an alumni grant & we still had to come up with $13,000 dollars for 28 days. When that time was up & we coul...


It was slightly expensive but otherwise was an overall good facility.


Food was good.


Extended care saved my life. Expensive! Much higher success rate with extended care/aftercare.


Strengths include: Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. Separate gender specific adolescent and young adult programs. Relapse program. Very caring and responsive to patients and parents. Exc...


effective, clean, amazing people, helpful. expensive but worth it. My best friend was placed in this rehab for 4 months after overdosing on heroin. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who...


Keeping males and females separate to not infere with treatment was a benefit of the program. Awesome family education program. Cost can be too high to allow many getting the help needed. I loved Caro...


Counseling and ability of family involvement were great, but the cost was a downfall. Seek financial assistance.


Strengths: Counseling sessions one on one. Weaknesses:Group counseling is too heavily weighted and it did not seem to have a multi disciplinary approach. Good for a first try at rehab.


Strengths: Cleanliness and modern. Weaknesses: Price and strict policies. The facility does a good job overall. I would recommend them.


They treat the whole person and not just the addiction. Very expensive. I've known several people, family as well as friends, who've had success in treatment at Caron.


They gice strong support. to far away. My stepson was there and he was able to fake his recovery and they believed him and released him.


The Caron sales force is slick and professional. They tap into the family\'s desperation and promise you everything when it comes to your relative\'s treatment. The reality, though, is far different. ...


This whole place knows how to play your emotions and the best tool they use is fear implementing it to market you to give them more more more money, and if you require more treatment and of course you...


I sent my loved one there for the second time in two years to get help from alcohol. What I got was someone who came back who wanted a divorce. I was the cause for her reason to drink as what I was to...


My brother was there for alcohol and drug dependence. The staff is well trained and professional. It is a very confidential environment. The grounds are wonderfully maintained. My family member laps...


They have quality staff, but are not good at meeting an individual's wants. The multi-pronged approach and treatment options seem to offer great possibilities for engaged and committed clients to succ...


I was there for 4 months and got out February and so far am on the right track. They have a great and friendly staff. However, it was pricey.


It is a top notch facility. Best decision I've ever made. Recovery for life is more than just a slogan!


They include the whole family. They include many options for transition. It saved my son's life. Addiction will be always be in the background, there is no absolute cure. But if the patient will give...


Experienced counselors, great doctors, all around great staff. Beautiful location. It's the best choice I could have made in my life and if you're willing to do the work then this is the place for you...


I feel from my memories of receiving treatment there over 20 yrs ago, that I still recall most of the way they taught me to think. Digging up things that after repeatedly stating you have accepted an...


Beautiful location. good food, people who actually seem to care. Yes,they provide scholarships, that's the only way our loved one could go there, but still too expensive, had to borrow 13,000 from 85 ...


The facility and staff were wonderful. If one has the financial means, it is an unbelievable experience.


Aimed towards adolescents, highly trained personnel, very professional, family program is incredible. Expensive (but worth it). There is no place else I would trust for adolescent care.


It was a great experience. I call it magic mountain.


Caron saved my life.


IT Was a great experience working on a primary men's unit . Saw a lot of miracles on a Dailey day. I hope to continue my years of sobriety with my sponsor and support group.


Beautiful campus, secluded location, pleasant and helpful staff. Counselors and physicians are well-informed. Food offerings are diverse. Some of the buildings are overdue for renovation (women's qu...


It was an effective program. It kept me sober for a few years. However, it is much too expensive if you do not have insurance.


Treatment program is based around 12 step programs. A lot of parents send their teenagers there for drug and alcohol abuse, and I just think its worth noting that it does not matter how good a treatme...


They offer family education and therapy.


They have Family Education Program for Parents and Siblings for 3 Days and attending AA & NA Meeting. One of the main reasons we chose Caron is because we want a Treatment Center where Suboxone and Me...


They had a family weekend seminar and also Sunday chapel services. We are supportive of our sons recovery the best we can be. We know he is ultimately responsible for himself and we can't do it for h...


Great atmosphere and treatment. I would recommend this facility to anyone that can afford it.


I enjoyed the facility. The staff was very supportive. They had wonderful holistic offerings as well.


Our son has been sober for almost five years


I was at Women's Extended Care for three months. My personal experience with the program was horrendous.


I was in the young adult male program and a first time rehab visitor. It is truly designed for people with no discipline and the most extreme addictions. I drank every night and it started to somewhat...


Saved my life. I can't imagine having stayed sober without extended care. I needed time to break down and surrender and Caron gave me that. Expensive but I honestly believe that I would be dead withou...


I attended both Primary Care and Extended Care for a 4 month stay. There are lots of promises made about the scope of treatment, but ultimately it is a one size fits all model. The only effective co...


Strengths were the treatment approach and comfortable setting. Weaknesses were that the aftercare needs to be quicker, or a better transition and keeping family in the loop. Just a great experience.! ...


I would recommend this facility.


Caron treated the whole person, not just the addiction, and addressed underlying issues that were present in the family. My son lived in a sober house for a year after rehab. I spoke/visited regularl...


Absolutely would recommend this facility! I have done so on numerous occasions! It saved my life. I am also a recovering alcoholic w/ 37 yr. of sobriety, but I would have died from the codependency a...


The staff at Caron helped me accept that I need help and could not do this on my own. I had tried to get sober for 6 years in & out of AA. This was my first and only treatment center. I have stayed c...


Saved my life! Taught me to not be ashamed and how to deal with my addiction as a disease. Limited holistic options.


Caron is not cheap but what price do you put on a life. Our son has benefited from the program and has learned to run his own program. There was something magical/spiritual about this place.


Helped my partner get and stay sober.


Would send my child back if needed.


They were gentle yet assertive. When they asked me to leave it devastated me. However it was the right thing to do. Because letting me stay would have affirmed my getting away with something and fed m...


Overall a good place to get and stay clean.


This rehab center offers great services and care.


Recommend going here for treatment.


Would recommend this facility to anyone considering treatment.


Offered family education for us to understand how to best help and support our child.


Outstanding facility.


Caron sticks to recovery. It is ridiculous to add yoga, recreation, visits and other activities. We focused on recovery! And it worked. This is not a country club. It's a rehab


A frilly rehab for people who have resources. I met almost no one there that had bottomed out. Most residents had family money or great insurance, like myself. Not much reason to get sober if you hav...


Great program...great peer support...Caron Breakthru program uses psycho-drama. Doesn't work for everyone, but very effective for most in my group.


Treatment was a waste of money...(my child) remained addicted...there was NO follow and poor recommended after care...It's (nothing more than) a country your research!


The family member who attended couldn't say more great things about the facility, staff, and program. The family member now works in the area of drug treatment, and a big part of what compelled them ...


Caron remained very involved in my loved one's follow up and parent is more involved in family gatherings and has stopped engaging in harmful behavior.


The quality of care is a 10 on a scale of 1-10....but (management is poor) and salaried employees are overworked....This rehab has the ability to manage the most difficult cases whether it encompasses...


Great family involvement...5 full days of Family Education.


Our daughter has been sober since treatment 7 yrs ago...100% top notch!! For both the person in treatment and family...Caron treatment center worked side by side to facilitate our daughter's graduatio...


The fee is due up front at the beginning of each month. We had to take a loan to pay for this ...This was 14 years ago, but I will never forget it.


Excellent facility & care. Expensive though


The entire experience at Caron Foundation was positive. They were very supportive and caring. Caron Foundation saved my daughter's life. We have gone back to visit several times and have been invol...


Good for families..Weekly contact by phone and 5 day family therapy week onsite.


Highly recommend this for someone who is highly motivated to change. Not sure if it is worth the money for someone who is forced there and not ready to change.


Good family weekend...The stay was only 30 days due to finances. The facility recommended the extended 3 months, but had no financing for us and insurance did not cover it.


The best of the best...but help paying for it would have made my struggles today a bit easier to swallow.


Worth the cost of my stay


(Thanks to Caron) I'm sober now


Caron consistently lived up to it's reputation as a world class rehab. 12 years later I'm still very involved with their programs. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Areas of Focus

Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Key Staff Members
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    Dr. Joseph Garbely, D.O., FASAM - Vice President of Medical Services and Medical Director

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    David Rotenberg, MA, MBA, CAC Diplomate - Executive Vice President & Clinical Officier