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Treatment Insights

Caron Renaissance provides gender-specific, 12-step based treatment for adults and young adults. Pioneers of the widely-used “Florida Model” of treatment, Caron Renaissance features community living to promote responsibility and peer therapy. Caron believes that family participation is critical to an addict achieving long-term recovery, and therefore involves family members throughout the treatment process.

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One of the few treatment centers that are willing to focus on parents of addicts. Excellent job addressing enabling and codependency. Their family weekends were very powerful


Very intensive behavior based treatment. Not for everyone, but it's unique and effective. The transition out could have been a lot smoother. Putting people in a position to effectively address all the...


My ex-fiance went to Caron and is still there in their transitions program. He seemed very positive when I talked to him and really seems to enjoy it there. Good extracurricular activities Staff inter...


I credit my life being saved to AA, but the therapists at renaissance definitely played a major role. Yes, the treatment is no joke and I don\'t agree with everything they do. But the alternative (dea...


To briefly qualify, I was a patient at CR the Summer of 2015. I rarely ever waste my time reaching out to review anything online, so please understand that I\'m going far out of my norm to implore...


Stay away !!! They place women in the mens wing when they don\'t have enough beds !!!! It\'s all about the money !!!! You can\'t have a real cup of coffee because caffeine is a drug, but they ha...


Family therapists were good. Primary therapists were bad. They need to incorporate compassion in their treatment philosophy. If a client breaks a rule or doesn't follow program directions, they are p...


I didn't go. He seemed to be happy with it.


2 members of my family attended Caron Renaissance and both are living productive and sober lives to this day. The program\'s focus on family recovery was essential to helping change the conflict and ...


CR caters to upper class. I was there on a scholarship, so my job search was only a week long. But my roommate was on job search for close to three months.. They completely screwed my relationship wit...


I am a alumni from Renaissance from 2014. This place gave me a opportunity of a life time offering me a scholarship to their treatment center which saved my life. The care and that you get at Renai...


This is a center basically designed for young spoiled brats who have gotten into some trouble and their parents are sick of them. But if they don\'t clean their rooms or have jobs, you can sure count ...


I was a guest at Ocean Drive for 56 days. The staff is amazing, if you are willing, they will help you achieve success.

Two of our children were treated at Caron Renaissance. Although it was difficult, at times, for them both, they continue to maintain their sobriety and to give back to the community from which they re...


If you want an ACCURATE conceptualization of what Caron Renaissance is and WHY they do what they do please take a minute to read my personal testimony. I am a recovered alcoholic, a graduate student, ...


This place is designed for young men ages 18-25 though there are female patients (less than 25%) and some people over 25 (about 15%). This is a break you down and build you back up treatment model. ...


I spent 9 months at Caron Renaissance. It was an absolutely terrifying experience. Let me say: the reps here will say practically anything to get you in the door and under their thumb and will keep...


My expectations were not met. Unprofessional treatment of broken relationships and judgmental behavior is not acceptable. Also very expensive. I would not recommend.


CR is for those who want to look honestly at themselves and begin to take responsibility while appreciating the nature of the disease. An absolutely phenomenal place with therapist who work extremely ...


Don\'t make the same mistake I made! DON\'T GET CLOSE TO THAT PLACE!!!


Way too expensive. The staff was exceptionally professional, highly educated, intelligent and compassionate. The facility was clean, bussiness like.


A-typical treatment style. Believes in preparing the patient for the real world and being able to handle emotional hardship and strew without seeking external solutions. Grueling and difficult, but de...


I am the parent of a patient and as such I have attended therapy, family, and group therapy here. This is a phenomenal, long-term individualized program that teaches family members and the patient how...


The discharge procedures are dangerous and life-threatening. When a patient violates the rules, the patient can be thrown out immediately without sufficient precautions.


Don't even consider Caron as an option! Confrontational therapy is proven not to work! ... If I could I would buy it and shut it down. Again, DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT. There are tons of great treatment ...


I greatly enjoyed most the aspects about the facility. however, they could have used more holistic offerings and exercise opportunities.


Consistency was a great attribute of the program. However, I did not enjoy the weekend programs.


Make sure you have enough money to allow your loved one to finish the program. As soon as the money stops coming in they will put them out on the streets. I do not recommend this facility.


Although they deny this on all levels, this facility is a business and it is all about money/profit. As long as you do exactly what they tell you to do (does not matter is you agree with the intervent...


I think the treatment and care provided, while at times challenging, was extremely helpful and worthy in the long run. Strengths were the treatment options, long term care, after care, work programs. ...


This is a tough program that brings the family into treatment along with the patient. Addiction can be a death sentence or jail sentence, and the therapists have very little time to help everyone take...


Please, if you are considering sending your loved one here, think about it. They do not disclose much on their website for a reason. ... They do not allow their clients to speak to family members fo...


... It's been five (5) years since my experiences at Caron Renaissance and I have nightmares to this day. I was encouraged to enter Caron Renaissance because of addiction to pain killers and PTSD, but...


I don't agree with the facility's philosophy whatsoever. I felt as thought they made the patients feel poorly about themselves, when they are vulnerable already. They lacked communication with familie...


From the 1st day my son arrived at Caron Renaissance our whole family changed. Granted the Elephant was out of the room which was a big relief. My sons therapist and our family therapist were updating...


Although they deny this on all levels, this facility is a business and it is all about money/profit. As long as you do exactly what they tell you to do (does not matter if you agree with the intervent...


Only interested in the addict as long as you can pay. Very confrontational, demeaning, disrespectful of the client and family...There are so many rehab facilities that are caring and compassionate...D...


We were assigned a family therapist who worked with us throughout our sons in patient part of treatment. Family week. My son received amazing treatment worth every penny. My problem is with Insurance ...


Don't send you loved ones here.


breakthrough program helped

Areas of Focus
Drugs & Alcohol Treatment

The staff at Caron Renaissance also specializes in treating patients who experience co-occurring disorders or who have a history of failed recovery. The treatment team utilizes treatment methods that are highly effective in addressing and dealing with other disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, narcissism, and borderline personality disorders, in addition to an individual’s drug and/or alcohol dependency.


Caron Renaissance recognizes that other addictions, such as gambling, may coexist with a chemical dependency and, if left undiagnosed and untreated, leaves an individual at high risk for chronic relapse. These coexisting addictions interact, reinforce and fuse; this process is referred to as Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID). The best treatment approach for individuals suffering from AID is to focus on the combination of addictions.

Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Andrew J. Rothermel
    Andrew J. Rothermel - President Florida Market, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

    Andrew J. Rothermel is president of the Florida market and EVP/Chief Operating Officer of Caron Treatment Centers. Caron is one of the oldest and largest facilities offering primary, relapse and extended residential treatment for young adults, adults and adolescents, as well as families affected by the disease of addiction. During Mr. Rothermel’s seven year tenure at Caron, the nonprofit addiction treatment network’s operating revenue, its operating excess and its net assets have each almost tripled – allowing Caron to contribute more than $16 million in scholarships and grants last year alone.

  • Photo of Sid Goodman, MA, LMHC
    Sid Goodman, MA, LMHC - Executive Director

    Sid Goodman, MA, LMHC, founded Palm Beach County's first extended care program in 1984. Formerly director of Core Services for the local community mental health center, Sid has considerable expertise in both chemical dependency and psychiatric treatment. Sid's interest in alternative forms of treatment led to expansion, including the development of structured outpatient programs in chemical dependency, co-dependency, and eating disorders. He is credited as a pioneer of the “Florida Model” in the field of addiction – and is considered one of the industry’s most successful and innovative icons.