Cambridge Behavioral Hospital

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66755 State Street
Cambridge, OH 43725
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I\'ve been to this facility four (4) times over the past four (4) years. The admissions department is like a sales team. They call you throughout the year to see how you\'re doing and if you need to c...


This is an \"acute psychiatric hospital. If you need treatment for addiction, go elsewhere

John M.



DO Not check in to this facility. Incompetent staff.


Totally mislead into going to this dump.Was sold on the \"dual diagnosis anthem\", which they had little to no drug/alcohol treatment. Every client/patient was a total \"head case\", the place in a nu...


Strong mental health focus. The most caring staff possible. One of the doctors is very abrupt and tends to know it all before you\'ve even spoken to him, but he is a good clinician. Food is great, wat...


has a great classes to help understand addiction. deals with addiction and mental health issues. i would recommend this place for treatment. i learned alot alot about the diffrent to de...


Mental health was a strength of the facility. However, there was a lack of programming and support for addiction. The facility was mostly aimed towards mental health. There was only 1 group a day for ...


Strengths: Dual diagnosis coordinate discharge. Weaknesses: Family education. They offer transportation to and from the facility.


Strengths: Comfortable environment, friendly staff, nice facility, great food. Weaknesses: The program itself wasn't long enough. Although everything about the facility was nice and welcoming, I did n...


Not my first attempt at sobriety, but this time it stuck. Good food and nutritional advice, caring staff. My individual counselor appreciated that I wanted to understand more about the underlying men...


Really helped me out!