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501 Park Avenue South
Hohenwald, TN 38462
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I was court ordered to go to buffalo valley 5 years ago, Rather court ordered,or self willed,BVI works if and only if YOU want it. 5years ago my life changed,all I can say is stick with it,there is ...




Counselors are very good In the middle of nowhere. Poorly funded. I had to leave because my medication was administered properly. They do not have experience in treating co-occurring disorders.


nasty campus bed bugs, lice not recommended for rehab They did not provide a safe, clean environment Treatment was ineffective


Good staff.


The Staff were good. The staff to client ratio was too big. I believe treatment is what you make of it. They definitely give you the support and tools but the work is up to you.


I was here for a 28 day treatment I found this place to be just what I needed the housing was in good shape the food was good and the level of treatment was to par I would recommend this place for any...


Went in voluntarily for a detox only. My withdrawals including shakes and high vitals. Once everything leveled out doctor tells nurses to lie on my vitals telling them to keep them high when they were...


I would NOT recommend this facility to anyone seeking treatment!!! There is NO \"classes\" to attend NO individual or One on one counseling. This is NOT a stable environment for a LOVED one to be, tha...


This place is a joke. Shut this place down! Its all about the money just like most other \"drug treatments\"


i came through this program 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions i ever made. i have been on the recovery road for 4 years now. i would like to say thank you and my life totally changed be...


I volunteer at a homeless shelter and we have had several women go through this program with no reduction in their additions. They all have stated that the facilities, kitchen especially is not well m...


I decided to go here on my own no court order. This place was a nightmare they only care about grant money getting you in and getting you out. So that if you get three write ups they can get you out t...


Place is a nightmare dont ever go there


The took in my ex wife when she had alrwdy run away form their program once. Knowing she needed the help. They were very hard to communicate with at the time. This was about 7 years ago. The administr...


Remote location , Great caring staff. Affordable.


Depends on the counselor you get. The case mgrs do care about you though. They do not have no one there after 4:30p.m. except for staff which is really just for security only and weekends. If somethin...


I did not enjoy the facility.


I would not send my DOG to this place. They are in it for the money not to help you.


This place is a joke, from the staff all the way down to the housing. Went out on Sunday for the first time. ... My son begged for 6 months to get in the place. He's never got into any trouble, never ...


Buffalo Valley is well maintained and clean. They offer very nice rooms and well-trained doctors and psychologists but they lack in the fact that they do not offer any kind of recreation. I did not li...


If you are looking for a place to help heal from an addiction this is a good place to start. They will do a good job meeting you where you are at in your addiction & knowing how to move forward with y...


They do have a payment program and they take people without insurance. It's a 28 day program but they also have a 4 month meth program. However, there is no meditation yoga or co occurring treatment p...


They are awesome and gave me a new life. They treat co-occurring disorders, which was great. However, there were not many exercise options.


Counselors were helpful. Staff was nice and make you feel comfortable. Some areas for improvement needed. Housing facilities were to easily accessible from the outside.


BVI is a strict place, but they give you liberties as you earn them. You are very busy from the very first day to the last. According to your insurance or the Grant, treatment is from 21 to 30 days a...


It was a good program; they involved family with their "family day".


I have intentions on going to a higher level with my opinions of this facility! I am a recovering addict and would NOT recommend that anyone even consider this facility!


This is no message parlor get away. It teaches you practical ways to re-enter society. You are assigned chores, an can work in the kitchen. Its a wonderful program. Im one year, one month sober! Great...


Stay far, far away, they just want your money. The facility is in dire need of repair...and will not stop anyone from leaving...