Brattleboro Retreat

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One Anna Marsh Lane, P.O. Box 803
Brattleboro, VT 05301
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Wasn\'t informed of my rights, even when I\'d asked. I was misdiagnosed after a 1 yr stay there, and was given tranquilizers five times a day. Brattleboro Hospital will be hearing from my lawyer soon....


Each person would have different experience


Not enough qualified counselors and/or supervision.


My loved one went there and he was taken in the same night we called. But we couldn't afford to have him stay longer.


Honesty, timed schedule were the best parts. Paperwork take too long They were very good with my son, They made him comfortable and not scared.


Staff was good.


Location was the best part. Treatment plan,follow through,security not that great., My children's father went there,as well as many others like it,and it was not very helpful.


Skilled staff Old building Wonderful treatment center with extremely knowledgable and compassionate staff!


staff is great and will give you one to one time Sometimes everyone with different problems are mixed together People with mental illness don't want to be around people who have brought problems on th...


Large enough to quickly admit new patients Poor assistance with transferring to further care Good place to start rehab, but lacks in assisting with making sure people are able to get into or actually ...


the employees are fantastic. The food, not the healthiest. I would recommend them, the staff truly cares about the people.


They had no idea how to safely help someone dependent on Benzodiazapines. Avoid this place like the plaque.


they were all well trained and very attractive


Therapy, Staff, additional groups like yoga, and the area were strengths of the facility. They care about the patients. You can trust the staff and feel safe there. Do it for yourself. You are worth i...


Good staff. Bad food.


they denied her because of insurance not paying for it. it was not affordable.


Staff is very caring. This place saved my life.


I was not the one that attended.


The staff was very kind. I was afraid to go but it was worth it. However, it was too expensive.


The accessibility was a benefit of the facility, but the size of the facility was a downfall.


It was local, which was nice. However, it shouldn't be free for service.


They could have had a better 12-step program and more family involvement; however, it was otherwise a great facility.


Overall the program helped me realize that hurting myself would also hurt others and that my life is worthwhile.


Brattleboro retreat is completely ineffective ... and the staff is overworked and uncaring. We sent our son there with high hopes after much research into possible treatment. We even visited the facil...


In 1985, I relapsed. Went back in 1986, and have been clean & sober since. There was always someone to talk to.


Staff was professional but warm. Only complaint was little access to exercize and outdoors.


Staff is attentive and for those motivated to change quite effective. No family events but social worker counselor couple support


Our friend had struggled and had been in many treatment programs across the decades with unsuccessful results. This had an amazing impact that changed his life and his family's life.


I have heard that the Retreat has gotten a lot better. It was a bit overcrowded when I was there. Changed medication without consulting my Psychiatrist.