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Bradford Health Services offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatment options at numerous locations across the country. The Warrior Lodge facility, located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Birmingham, Alabama, provides residential substance abuse treatment for adults. The quiet, secluded, and serene environment gives clients a safe space to withdraw from alcohol and drugs, learn new coping skills, and set a solid foundation for long-term recovery.

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My friend was in a cabin with 16 others and 12 had been there before. That success rate speaks for itself. He later went somewhere else and would advise others to do the same.


I have never encountered a place where I have a wife who needs help, I have insurance, no issues and today, January 19, I have had to sit waiting on the phone for 45 minutes with no answer. We will be...


I shall keep my comments short and only say that this place was one of the worst experiences of my life. I cannot believe that I paid $15,000 for 21 days of absolute hell. I went there with the unders...


The Steps of Faith program at Bradford in Warrior Alabama is amazing. It helped my loved one reconnect with God. The organization of this facility is Amazing. They admittance procedure was handled pro...


I also was there Oct. 2016 and they treated me so bad.. not only by staff but patients. I was suppose go home Middle of December they admin me and I didn’t get my chip! I still have sobriety 4 years...


I want the 4 yrs ago and I have been off of Drugs. For 4 yrs thay saved my life and I think them for that.


This place is an ABSOLUTE joke!!!!!!!!! I went for an "evaluation" to return to nursing. I had previously attended another facility 7 months prior and have not had an issue with opiods since the rehab...


I went to rehab because I needed a break and to get myself healthy and I had hope initially. However, I was seriously over medicated and treated like herded cattle. I was continuously exposed to hosti...


One of the newest Group Therapist was demeaning. When a patient does not agree with something, namely, the counselor, they made it a point to embarrass the patient in front of other patients.


This place saved my life, my marriage, and my career. There are several bad reviews in addition to good reviews, but I think that there are going to be unhappy clients everywhere and maybe even more w...


Awesome program. Dedicated & knowledgeable counselors. Very caring.


I recommend this to a friend and push him to go. When he gets there it was based all on the amount of money. UAB hospital has far better programs and a lot cheaper.


NO strengths. This center was completely ineffective for my son. Most Counselors that work there are there for a pay check and have no idea of what the patient is going through. My son left there and ...


I waited for 2 months after discharge to write this review in an effort to be as objective as possible. Bradford was my first experience with a rehab facility, and my overall impression is that while ...


I was sent to Bradford for an inpatient evaluation. My attorney actually recommended this facility to be chosen. After reading the reviews, I was VERY skeptical and very concerned after reading "they ...


I was not at the location but my family member was required to go for an evaluation at their facility. They will find some reason even if you are not drinking or using illegal drugs to keep you for a ...


The perception of many of these negative reviews is just plain ignorant. It is so easy to blame Bradford without considering all/other factors. People dont consider the fact that your loved one enteri...


A for profit motivated company. Their evaluation is made based on the insurance you have or even worse cash available. No consideration is given to personal needs that are part of needs especially leg...


This is the most useless treatment I have seen. They dont treat the underlying cause of addiction and they are not concerned with your sobriety, only getting paid.


I am a physician who was advised to go to Bradford for a "Professional Evaluation." I was told that I would be treated "like a professional" by the contact person with whom I had a phone call or two b...


If you or your loved one want to get better? This MAY work. I hate to be pessimistic but being realistic. Counselors are never available for any type of update & never spoke with a nurse or Dr. regard...


I only stayed in detox for 2 days and then they moved me to a cabin with women that were not helping me. They give you a buddy once you get to the cottage, and she didnt help me at all. My anxiety was...


Bradford in worrior was extremely friendly with a lot of support


I stayed with Bradford in Warrior, AL for 10 weeks over the holidays. I was exposed to recovery 24/7, and had wonderful individual and family counselors. I got out of it exactly what I put into it, an...


Waste of money and nasty people who I was forced to live!!!


Do not do it!! My husband spent 15k and it was the nastiest thing I have ever experienced!!!


All this place wants is your MONEY!!! I would NOT their services, if you could even call them that!!


Bradford in Warrior is one of the worst places I have ever worked. Administration and management is absolutely terrible and staff is treated like absolute shit. There is no respect for staff whatsoeve...


This program in our experience has proven to be focused more on financial gain than the condition or improvement of patients. While the Nurses are very professional, friendly, and helpful I cannot giv...


These guys are terrible with releasing you they don't give you a return to work paper and I could loose my job. They won't even talk to you or let you in to get these papers. They are suppose to help ...


"A drug is a drug is a drug," that's what they like to say, but you just can't treat opioid and alcohol withdrawal the same - it's not.. Also, the suboxone protocol might work for people coming off so...


With the help of God as I know Him, Bradford Health Servicws saves my life not once but twice. The first time I attended I thought I was done. I was mentally, physically,m and emotionally spent. I onl...


Terrible staff members with bad attitudes and not getting the treatment you need because the staff doesn't report to your physicians, I couldn't eat or sleep for 6 days and they couldn't get me to the...


I was at Warrior in 2017 for long term residential treatment for alcohol abuse issues. Not a good experience. High staff turnover, very poorly managed, no coherent or organized curriculum (wanders, no...


Ugh. This place is beyond horrible. It's a cash machine and nothing more. Don't go here if you are ordered by your job and have insurance because they will never give you a clearance letter to return ...


My son attended the Warrior, al facility for 2 weeks with the intention of a 3 week Outpatient class that has not taken place due the location of his employment. I have contacted both locations, Mobil...


A dreadful place to be. Kiss your career goodbye. No confidentiality, Punitive care. No privacy. Brutal attitude. I would not send my dog here.


Totally blown away by their remarks. My son was referred there by a licensed professional because of an overdose that almost killed him and kept him in the hospital over a month. He craves this stuff ...


They will do whatever they can and have too, to have your loved one stay there for the EXTENDED CARE PROGRAM (ECP) its a money pit and they have many many hidden fees. They know for a fact that the in...


I believe that they saved my life. Hard work but in the long run, well worth it.


My son was at Bradford's extended care program in Warrior for a short time in October 2016. He struggled there, but I think most of it was due to him, not Bradford. Our big dissatisfaction has been wi...


If you\'re reading this review, you most likely need some help because your life is unmanageable and pretty insane. Keep in mind WE addicts make irrational decisions, so don\'t let bad reviews from pe...


I was in treatment at Talladega and out of 5 days we only had one group meeting the hospital staff was great but the counselors stayed in the office gossiping more than anything. Terrible program grea...


I was so disappointed by this program. I found that my loved one did not get adequate treatment based on his need. I found that the treatment bled his insurance ability and let him (the addict) decide...


Checked out day 5. This was a joke. I did not see my counselor but once. Only in detox day 1/2 and sent me to a co-ed cabin. Which was unacceptable. Please do not send your your family memer here. To ...


Man I was doing my best to stay out of This comment thing. But I have read some Of them and really caught off guard at Some of the remarks made about the place That not only saved my life once ...


Do not waste your time!! They calculate how many days your ins will pay for detox and afterwards you will be moved to cabins.


Bradford is an absolute joke - both inpatient and outpatient. All they want is money. The "counslers" are incompetent. I felt the only reason they were there was to make themselves look like a saint t...


Expensive. Money hungry. The ECP is like a jail. Treated like children. Plan to stay 10-12 weeks if you are healthcare.


I do NOT recommend this facility. The staff is cocky, unhelpful, and unprepared. The lectures, group therapy, and classes are boring, ineffective, and useless. In addition, you do NOT get individua...


They saved my life!!


This is the most unprofessional place I can imagine. A strip search and a cavity search is mandatory. Does not matter if you admit without any drugs or alcohol in your system. Overall a poor excuse fo...


my son admitted for treatment and not so effective. he came out ok, but over time relapased. the counselor was gone on personal leave a good bit and her replacement overbooked . all in all i would ...


My wife was a patient at the warrior facility. She was recommended for ten week stay. She made great progress and was getting a lot out of therapy. However, after week five she was discharged to go to...


This place is a total rip off and joke. Please do not waste your time or money!!!


This place is absolutely ridiculous! It\'s only about money and they do not care about you unless your insurance pays or you have plenty of money to give them. They will lie to you about everything on...


the worst of the worst. Counselors no compassion as far as wholistic well being. Your body needs proper care when detoxing off of drugs. None of that is provided at this FOR PROFIT \" REHAB\"\". I CAN...


I sought counsel at Bradford, and they were very unprofessional and lacked respect for patients or future patients. Look elsewhere for services.


I can tell you one thing Bradford is the best place my son there they where great .I learned a lots from goin thereto learn things about drugs and alcohol.I would loved to talk to people about y\'all ...


They do not offer suboxone treatment in any sense. Suboxone treatment is a "maintenance program" and Bradford is not a maintenance program in any sense. In certain circumstances when a patient is expe...


I experienced a truly awful time here. Most of the staff are nice, but I think they\'re trained to be more concerned with pushing the longer program, which means more money, than helping the patients....


My sister attended Bradford for alcoholism...She claimed that God appeared to her and told her to drink cough syrup so she could have a revelation? She was never religious throughout her whole life. I...


The facility looks very child has had a ruff time there.I try to call the counselor and can never get him to return a phone call.if you call more than once he is very rude.I was told I could c...


Effective, good leaders and counselors, strong family week. Would recommend to anyone seeking help for addiction issues.


The only problem that I had with this treatment facility is that they offer suboxone during treatment. Suboxone is just another drug - in my opinion. Great location. Great facility.


Secluded and well maintained. Not enough to do to exercise and keep your mind occupied. Staff is strict but helpful with counseling.


Disorganized, asked family member to pay for treatment yet never connected family member to available services. Repeatedly called family member for payment of services yet never followed up about fami...


He was able to detox. He was not able to stay clean, and the stay was too short! It is expensive and the effects are not long term.


Variety of treatment available, outdoor therapy, individual and group therapy and feeling of community in cottages. Would've liked more food options and more comfortable accommodations. I received exc...


nice environment, trained counselours half of them addicts, good food. However, there were no massages, good exercise equipment, not a lot of time with family. well any treatment center is good, there...


Strengths: Extended care, experienced medical Assisted treatment, IOP placement, evidence based practices, treatment of professionals. Weaknesses: Expensive with little to no assistance. Premier trea...


trained substance counselors half had suffered from addiction. no relaxation exercise programs for stress. well looking back your usually to sick for exercise, they give you meds which stop sickness,...


Location was tranquil. Food was good. Staff was decent. Based only on AA NA, which Didnt successful. Poor medical care system. I personally think since the facility is only a 12 step program, it is n...


Friendly and knowledgeable staff, comfortable environment, clean, meals were great. Recreational activities are kind of limited. Excellent treatment facility based around 12 step program. You get what...


Strengths: All staff are courteous. Food is good . Family can visit once a week and for a week participate in treatment. Weaknesses: Is a way station for staff on their way elsewhere 12 step based w...


good counselors but not enough follow-up programs


fellowship and support was a strength of the facility, but it was costly. Bradford has been around helping men and women for over 30 Years.


Great groups. Needed more time.


This one was recommended because of the patient was enrolled in school, and she would not be able to continue in her choice of study unless treated by the correct facility. Not the facility's fault, b...


My husband was in cottage 3 a coed section... I do not feel they should be coed .


I have been in bradford and would ask you to please consider someplace else. It\'s all about taking your money period!!!! The facility is pretty in the pictures only. When you are sent to your room, i...


I was TOTALLY lied to by Bradford. I will NEVER trust a word out of these people\'s mouths. Stay away from this place!


I came to Bradford in Warrior broken and dejected. I spent 12 weeks in the ECP program. I hated the place in the beginning. There was NO WAY I could live with 16 women. I complied with the program to ...


Bradford is a joke. My son was there and all thru do is calculate how much they can collect from your insurance then your out, ready or not.


Nurses are an embarrassment to the profession. Most of them could not even pronounce the names of some of the medications I was talking on a routine basis. If you are a medical professional, they w...


Avoid at all costs.


I would like to second the comment about the evaluation. They are going to say you need treatment whether you truly do or not. Its job security and the all mighty dollar at work. In all my experience ...


A friend of mine had a daughter who got addicted to pain pills because of scoliosis. She also might\'ve been bipolar also. Anyway, they sent her to get help from Bradford health services in Tuscalo...


If you are required by any Board to have an evaluation to keep your license. Please do know that #1 you will be required to stay extended care for 8-12 weeks. You can leave AMA and be required to surr...


It was a good facility.


Staff, interaction, meetings were strengths of the facility. I know many recovering from addictions and alcoholism who began their recovery at Bradford. They always seem to remember what they learned ...


I emaileda complaint an have not even had a response what\'s up with that my friend has been at ur facility an several others if not all I agree with the one review I just read all aboutt he money an...


The facility in Warrior was referred to us by the staff in Huntsville because of my daughter in laws college career of nursing. They kept family well informed.


There were good counselors. It is co-ed and that is not good for some people. I think there should be more than just the 12 step option available.


Strengths include: patience, love, tolerance, 12 Steps, Big Book study, education, detox, record of successful treatment and prevention of relapse. Would like to see more scholarship availabilities. M...


Not a good place; made my wife worse than she was.


Stay away from this facility. Everything was terrible.


Very nice and compassionate place. They worried too much about women and men participating together. They segregated each of them and I think that made it harder for a lot of people to focus on the ri...


Affordable. Nice accommodations for professionals. Not sure how but I sort of fell through the cracks. Didn't get needed counseling. Didn't do the steps and no one knew or cared. I was Drinking again...


Counselors were excellent. Beautiful facility, great food and good structure to follow for meetings and learning.


The trauma program was wonderful. However, I did not like that they only offered 12-step treatment.


Great detox and many activities to help cope with recovery. Great recovery time. Waking up at 5 am was a downfall. It helped me get into sober living and now I am 48 days sober.


Ex husband went there 2 times. Didn't stay clean. Daughter went once. Didn't stay clean. I think this facility is more about the money than the treatment.


They gave you freedom, which was nice. However, there was too much free time for patients to fraternize. The treatment method does not get to the core problem of the patient.


Friendly, professional staff. EOP is not offered in our area. Interactions with family was a positive attribute of the facility. However, I felt they gave up on people too easily.


Great program.. meet all my needs.. It needed more Jesus.


Beautiful setting. Counselors are recovering addicts that identify and are not intimidating. Regardless of the facility I feel that its really about surrender and acceptance.


Awesome place! Friends and I still go back and do panel meetings and speaker meetings!


I had terrible issue with the detox program and later in treatment I got sick and the doctor would prescribe meds without even meeting with me. The counselors were great but the doctors and nurses wer...


They care about your loved one. They themselves have struggled with some form of addition. So whom better to help than someone who has been there. Love the family classes we went to and they were so h...


The assistant counselors were recovering addicts. That made me pay attention. It felt like the main counselors and office staff only cared about getting paid, and not the treatment of my illness. Ther...


The absolute worst experience of my life! Never having been incarcerated, I would choose jail over this environment. The atmosphere is contentious at best and hostile at times. The treatment is driven...


My son attended Bradford off and on for the past two years. There are several good people working at the facility but overall I would have to rate the program in the two star range because of the fina...


Very expensive, completely ineffective. No follow-up. It's a disgrace...


The staff were extremely respectful.


Staff was well trained.


Lack of counseling, inflated prices, dishonest staff, NO communication. They promised weekly family conference calls, but cancelled 4 of 6 calls at the last minute. Our referring family counselor was ...


I guess it was clean ... Decent food, speakers and outings and some counselors okay...Minimal individual counseling and treatment to work through personal issues not appropriate for group ... minimal...


Was connected to outpatient counseling for after care.


It was well organized, and a great experiance


Professional and evidence-based.


The facility did not keep patient information confidential.


Too much emphasis on profit, not nearly enough on patient care, only one individual counseling session during entire stay. Kicked me out because insurance stopped paying and could not private pay


For the most part it is a loving community with trained staff at least half of whom are recovering themselves. Still the best around even with problems. Needed more training for staff - had a sink o...


My father was an alcoholic for over 40 yrs. The clinic helped him detox and get sober. he has been sober for almost 4 yrs now. It truly is a blessing to have him clean.


The facility was very expensive....and did not allow personal visits.


The treatment plan is extensive, but too short. It's expensive and 14 day treatment is not enough.


I would consider for myself or recommend for a loved one if they needed treatment.


The family days we spent there were extremely useful. We were made more knowledgeable and received tools to help us better help our son with addiction. So I would give them a 5 in that respect. If ...


Great counselors. Empowered me with the right tools to aid in my recovery


Good facility, organized, well structured and strict enough.....counselors were tough but kind


I was considering taking my life before Bradford because I felt so worthless due to my addiction to opiates. The time I spent at Bradford saved my life and made me know that addiction doesn't care who...


I didn't want to go but once there I had the greatest time, even spent my 45th birthday there and it was the best gift I ever received.


Quality of Group very good. I would highly recommend


Overall experience was wounderful. More like a vacation than treatment.


The experience was life changing. I am so glad I made the decision to attend Bradford in Warrior. The people and the treatment were both exactly what I needed at the lowest point in my life. I woul...


I had a great experience at Bradford although I was ready to quit so I think it helped.


Overall a good experience and life changing experience. The counselors that were recovering addicts and alcoholics were the best.


Great place. Worth the cost. I'd go again if necessary.


They know what you need even when you dont, A very well organized recovery goal and they are serious about rehabilitation.

Areas of Focus
Intensive Out Patient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.