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Choosing the right addiction recovery program can often times feel overwhelming. Beachside Recovery Center knows that addiction and substance abuse affects each individual in a different manner. Based on the severity of their addiction and substance abuse history, we customize addiction treatment plans for each of our clients. When it comes to addiction recovery, it is imperative that we help you find the best fit for your situation, in order to create the potential for full and lasting recovery.

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This place is a poor excuse of a program using pictures of places that don't exist to entice people and deceive them into letting them bill their insurance. A big scam located in a warehouse and not i...


First time seeking treatment and I didn't know who to turn to. When I called into Beachside, the rep was so helpful in getting me in. The team there was helpful and nice. They really made me feel comf...


Beachside was amazing and the staff are nothing short of miracles! Only issue was intake but the staff cares for you and puts their all into what they do and your well being! Anyone who has a problem...


I can’t express how much this place has changed lives. The staff is efficient and very accommodating. Living quarters are clean and comfortable. I’ve met so many wonderful people and still friends...


Staff here was really supportive. Was really nervous about going to rehab but they were super kind n patient with me. They encouraged to me to really keep going with my treatment n recovery.


My wife spent 45 days here. They recommended 90 but she refused. She demanded to leave, they let her, and she drank on the plane the whole way home, sliding into a deep relapse period for next six mon...


What I liked about this place was that the staff was honest. They related to what I was going and what I was feeling.


Completed treatment here and I'm glad I did. I really connected with my therapist and they opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself and what my future could be life if I really committed to my sob...


All they wanted was to get us in by promising the finest program and facilities, they only wanted our money, my son was neglected(and has a seizure disorder from alcohol) he was kept from using the ph...


One thing I really liked about my program here is that they always made me feel comfortable. I hit it off with the rep that took my phone call and they really put things into perspective for me. The r...


Unforgettable experience here. I knew I needed help and needed to get out of the state to do so. I reached out to these guys and they stayed on the phone with me for hours to go over all my questions ...


👎👎 please don't go here, they make everything sound to good to be true, and guess what it is! They are strictly about money. And could care less when your insurance won't cover the treatment and...


Beware the number of positive reviews NO rehab will have such overwhelming 5 stat reviews because every recovery experience i begins with expectations. Sadly Beachsidemakes this place seem like a vaca...


Their program worked for me. Staff, especially my case manager, were easy to work with and helped me get through my stay. I would recommend this place.


Worst place I could of sent my husband to. He did great the first 30 days but after they transfer him to a lower care he completely change. I don't think anyone should be able to have a cell phone and...


I'd recommend this drug rehab program. It is hard work trying to get sober and the staff here will be sure to support you every step of the way.


Their program worked for me and I would recommend them to someone who is really trying to get sober because lets face it, your sobriety really depends on whether or not you are willing to put in the w...


Been through recovery before and didn't stay clean for long because I didn't have a great connection with those who've tried to help me before. My case manager and therapist took their time to get thr...


Came here and met great people. The program here is solid and it got the job done. I never thought I'd ever get clean but Beachside helped me get sober once and for all.


Was in a dark place a year ago and was using drugs like no other. I know I needed help so my family got me into this center. These people here really inspired me to turn my life around and they gave m...


Saying this place changed my life is an understatement. I was losing my mind dealing with my addiction and I just picked up the phone and call. They stayed on the phone with me for almost 2 hours beca...


They truly run a fantastic program here. The staff from the program director to the drivers treatment me with well. Yes I had to share a room with another client but I'm glad I did because I made a tr...


Had an amazing and life changing experience here. Thanks to all the staff, I kicked my drug habit and I've been sober for more than 9 months now.


I liked my stay here, made lifelong friends here and learned a bunch of stuff that have helped me stay sober after I left their program. I like to think I'm a good judge of character and the staff her...


Helped me through my addiction and allowed me to rebuild my life. They have a very effective program here that worked for me. I refer people to come here all the time.


Staff was very welcoming and nice when I got there. A lot of young people and they related to what I was going through which helped big time. Really good place to get clean.


Got the help I needed from Beachside to overcome my addiction. I've been sober for 10 months now and I am living a healthier lifestyle. Thanks again!


Came to beachside back in 2015 and two years later I'm still sober. I don't know what else to say about this place except that they got me clean and taught me how to stay clean. One thing I will say i...


What I liked about my experience is that everything was covered. They paid for my flight out here and when I got here there was a driver ready to pick me up. Went straight to one of the detox houses a...


Came to California for treatment because the program I was in back home wasn't cutting it for me. There was still too much distractions and I didn't commit to my program. After a month of relapsing, I...


Beachside changed my life. The staff took amazing care of me and I owe them everything. I've been sober for almost a year now and they've helped me make amends with my family for all the things I've d...


Getting sober was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I didn't even want to get clean but something in me just clicked and I knew this was my chance to start my life over again. I came her...


I worked for this company for only 2 months. They are horrible!! They treat their staff horrible.. grind them to the ground then all the sudden you're jobless because for one reason or another you did...


Had a blast here. Very helpful and caring team. Didn't like that I had to come to California for treatment because I don't like being away from my family but it really did help me stay focus on gettin...


Strengths:Central to everything Weakness:Outings are fun Promises from intake to potential clients that are absolutely false. They are too focused on the money!


Great overall experience. I was in a really low place in my life and my friend helped me find Beachside. I called them and the specialist on the phone was really easy to talk to. Not once did I feel r...


Glad I came here. The staff were helpful and was serious about getting me sober. They never gave up on me and I'm thankful they didn't.


Rude, did not answer any of my calls regarding my family member after he was admitted and they got their insurance money. Operator swore on the phone when he thought I was on hold. Totally unprofessio...


Yea I was here for 3 days 1/2. I came on a Monday, did a pregnancy that night & came out positive. I said I didnt think I was pregnat. The next day I did nother test at Quest Diagnostics & the blood t...


First thing was I spoke with intake...they made many promises and sent me pics and what they offer so I was sold. Now I have never flown and never left my home state of SC. I get there and a employee ...


place is horrible. owner and and one of the male staff members gave me hard time made me feel uncomfortable i left right way


I spent time here yeah when your recovering it sucks but all the activities I was able to do went an angels gamewent knottsberry farm it was awesome over o eyear clean thank you


Stay away! They told me everything would be covered including the flight as long as I completed the program. 7 months sober the day I write this and I receive a bill for $6000 and a paper saying I app...


Not as advertised. Sent a loved one there that was sold on the beauty and not the care. I should have went with my gut, but she insisted.


Horrible company!! They only care about making money. RUNNNNNNNN


In trust worthy people. This place is a joke.


Amazing program. Great staff,clean and luxurious facilities,wonderful options on the weekends. Great program for a 12 step based recovery.


I hate this place! I wouldn\'t recommend this to place to no one! This company is a joke for real! Run


Don\'t ever come to this place!


This place is a joke. The food is disgusting. Don\'t beleive anything they say about private chefs. I never saw one the whole time I was there and no gym either. Shame on this whole place it should be...


I was still on the fence about getting help but since I already flew in, I decided to go through with it. Got picked up at the airport by one of the staff member and we were stuck in traffic. I person...


Had a hard time adjusting at first but the staff was very nice and caring. Stayed here for a month and a half and it honestly flew by. I think what really helped me stay clean after I left were the se...

Ny insurance won\'t cover me any more Beach side wouldn\'t even buy me a ticket home...The staff if you can work for a place like beach side what kind of person are you beach side is in recovery...


STAY AWAY from beachside recovery! It was one of the most awful rehabs I have been to. They pit on a good front, with beautiful houses and supposed luxury, but when it comes to substance, and service,...


2nd time doing this rehab thing and this is the longest I\'ve been clean. Staff here is busy but when you need something they are always able to help you out. What I appreciated is that they laid it o...


The help I got here was a real life saver. My case manager is the first person who really ever cared about helping me get sober. Detox was hard and I wanted to give up but she was there for me every d...


My sister went to rehab here and just got home from treatment. We are so thankful that Beachside was there for her during this difficult time. She was scared to go to rehab but ended up having a great...


Thank you Beachside Recovery Center for helping my brother get sober. He has been home with us for four months and is doing great. He attends AA and goes to the gym every day. I never thought I would...


This was my third time doing the rehab thing and it finally clicked while I was here. I had a great time here and I won\'t forget what they did for me. Went to detox here all the way down to my op. La...


This is a solid place to go to if you\'re serious about your recovery. The staff here genuinely cared about helping me get better. I had my guards up at first because i already know how the system wor...


Wast told they treat the whole person depression eggcetera but my love when was kicked out for administrative reasons because she was suicidal on and off which is expected I would think and was reluct...


Giving this place 4 stars because they got the job done. They got me sober and I\'m still sober (longest I\'ve been since using). The houses were nice but the food was alright. We did get lunch and di...


The Beachside Recovery Center LLC – Irvine /Orange County, California - This program is among the shadier dirty business working in the drug rehab world. There have been an untold number of complai...


When I got here, it was my second time attending rehab. The first time was a bust because I really wasn\'t ready. This time around I decided to check myself in. Everyone here was nice and gave me the ...


I really didn\'t have to worry about anything except for getting sober while I was here. The houses are so upscale and comfortable. Food was always provided and the staff really kept me focused.


Staff was not supportive. They were combative


Went through Beachside\'s entire program for a few months to get sober. I had gone through another center before but Beachside really helped me get clean. Their homes and center was really nice and th...


This is an incredible treatment center filled with people that care. The staff is very attentive, caring and loving and goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need from start to f...


Stay away. I was lied to from day 1. I sent my son there from wisconsin. He decided to leave2 weeks later cause of staff rudeness and poor treatment. Horrible facility!


STAY AWAY. Clients left within days of leaving detox. There was a barrier in communication between all staff. My loved one is much happier at different treatment. Groups were read from packets, staff ...


i am grateful to the staff at beachside for helping me get sober. the house i stayed in was beautiful and my case manager made sure i stayed even when things got hard and i wanted to leave. i would re...


The constantly treated her as if she did not matter. My loved one checked in voluntarily. I would definitely avoid this place.


My sister went to rehab here earlier this year and she\'s been clean ever since she got home. just celebrated 6 months of sobriety and is starting back to school in January. She said her therapist was...


Great staff, great people, great treatment center!


An overall great facility but could have had better family participation.


Strengths: Great staff, good location, really nice homes, fun outings, good food. Weaknesses: midnight curfew. Beachside was the perfect place to get sober. I got a lot of one on one with my counselor...


The best part of going to treatment here was the group of friends I made. They have continued to be there for me even after our programs were over. The food was delicious and the house was so nice and...

Areas of Focus
Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.