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Beaches Recovery provides a comprehensive approach to overcoming chemical dependency, alcoholism, process addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders by providing nationally recognized evidence-based treatment options in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. Our services consist of Extended Care Treatment, Primary Care Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Family Programs, and Alumni Services.

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Beaches recovery is very advance in a therapeutic sense the therapist and medical team here are great the the therapist here have helped me greatly there are things at beaches that could be done bet...


I went to Beaches for treatment, but left in debt that I cannot handle. They billed my insurance as OUT OF NETWORK, therefore I have a numerous amount of debt. Totally ridiculous & unprofessional. Don...


I have a nursing background and can highly recommend Beaches Recovery as an excellent facility for a successful recovery. It has an outstanding location and environment. The staff are highly trained a...


This place is a scam!! Would go in extreme detail BUT, they're NOT worth the effort. I would NOT recommend this place. They hold you hostage and use threats to keep you there, not to mention corner yo...


When I didn't know where life was headed. I was directed to Beaches Recovery and met Sara over the phone. She guided my progress from Virginia all the way to Jacksonville and still has the time to ans...


There are many options to choose from when choosing the appropriate recovery program for you, from AA to NA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Church. The mentorship phase allows you to pursue employme...

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Strengths:the customer service and primary therapy, along with the outdoor activities Weakness:clients personal cell phones this treatment center saved my friends life!


Facility has good counseling.


Strengths:Qualified therapeutic treatment team, Weakness:Clients personal cell phones are an issue This facility is great! It has changed my life, and I owe them for that! I would recommend Beaches re...


Strengths:Primary therapy, trauma therapy, adventure therapy. Weakness:Facility could benefit from a stricter policy with clients personal cell phones .Beaches Recovery is the best decision I ever mad...


Strengths:quality therapy- and outdoor husband attended beaches recovery- and while i was at home, he and his therapist stayed in contact with me through family sessions, emails and phon...


Strengths:The way the program is designed, giving you just enough freedom while keeping us accountable- it is an amazing way to get treatment and continue to live as normal as possible. Weakness:I fou...


Customer service is this facilities strength clients personal electronics/phones are an issue- clients are more addicted to their phones than anything else. Beaches Recovery saved my life and allowed ...


the constant care for my wife and the attention that I was given as a family member was great I cannot think of anything- I am pleased with the whole program. After several attempts at recovery, and f...


This place saved my life I have been at several places but this is the last place I will attend! Because it has been two and half years and I have been sober ever since. I loved this place. Really awe...


Beaches helped me in so many ways. The fact that the staff cares about you and your well being is amazing. The trust that you develop with the staff and the other clients is probably the best thing i ...


all good and helpful to me i am very haapy and glad that i come here


I can honestly say that the Beaches Recovery staff is the most caring staff I have ever witnessed at a treatment facility. My opinion is that the program could benefit from being gender specific. Prio...


Primary therapist clients could benefit from a stricter phone policy I came to Beaches with an open mind and heart, and because of that I have had a successful recovery and good plan for my future.


This facility was great


Great program. I received excellent individual and group therapy. I enjoyed the recreational activities like surfing, camping, and running on the beach. The doctors, therapists, and staff were all ver...


I am a 60 year old male that needed treatment for alcohol abuse. After attending a week detox program, I enrolled in a 45 day recovery program at Beaches Recovery. The program was very beneficial and ...


I am a 59 year old female and had never been in rehab prior to my stay at Beaches. I came in in desperate need of becoming sober and working with my depression and anxiety. In the 73 days I spent here...


My choice to admit myself to Beaches Recovery has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. At the age of 50 and going through a mid life crisis the program has been invaluable to me. While ...


Beaches Recovery saved my life. In the beginning was completely against the idea of rehab, but the staff at Beaches really showed me that being in a treatment center wasn't a bad thing, it was just a ...


After going through the Beaches Recovery program, I feel more prepared than I have in my entire life. I\'ve struggled with alcoholism for over 10 years. I\'ve attempted to get sober on my own, and did...

Anthony C

I was totally against going to rehab because I thought how could a bunch of addicts get together and talk and would help. Was I Wrong!! I would highly recommend Beaches. The staff was great. The li...

Robert Val

Beaches Recovery was awesome!!!! i had a wonderful time here. the staff here will help you with any wants or needs you may want. One woman in particular has been a huge help to me during my recovery. ...


During my stay at beaches recovery my mind was blown away by all of the hardworking and compassionate staff members. They will individually work one on one to accommadate each and every one of your ne...


Clinical team/primary therapy is great! The facilities are well kept. Clients could benefit from not having their personal cell phones for their entire stay. Beaches Recovery is the best treatment cen...


Beaches Recovery has changed my life. The way we are trained to not only treat but to care for our clients is second to none. Beaches Recovery reminded me why I chose to work in this field.


My name is Austin and I am employed by Beaches Recovery. I have worked at other treatment centers, met a lot of wonderful people, and helped many patients through the years. Beaches Recovery by far th...


Beaches recovery was an excellent rehab. The staff was the best part, they were such a great help from case managers,therapists, house techs, and drivers. I would recommend 90 days of treatment to ful...


Beaches recovery saved my life. When I arrived I was lost, scared and hopeless. The staff made me feel loved and welcomed. From group therapy, to one on ones, and skills groups, I learned how to live ...


Beaches Recovery is, quite simply, a life saver. There isn\'t any coddling or avoidance of the real skills needed to be active in recovery. Beaches has houses and apartments located around the Jackson...


This facility is great!


Beaches Recovery is absolutely amazing! I have had the pleasure of watching this company grow while being involved in the changing of the lives of the clients at Beaches Recovery. It has been a privil...


The staff is caring and offers a variety of therapies to meet each client's needs. The recreation program is amazing, facilities are well kept and beautiful. Employees and clients are treated like...


Beaches is a great treatment facility, the brotherhood gained and coping skills learned as they ease you back into the real world is like no other. Amazing staff and great therapists await you here, e...


Beaches Litterally Changed My Life! I will be forever indebted to them.


Pictures are deceiving and meals are on your own.


I would not send my worst enemy to this place. Sure it has nice facilities but the staff is horrible. The therapists aren\'t terrible but every other thing about this place is awful. They have a terri...


I wouldn\'t send my worse enemy here. My husband was at this facility for 90 days and I saw no difference in him when he returned home. There was little to no supervision. the patients are on vacation...


Very unprofessional place, they are not organized and they make decisions based on personalities and not on the fact. They are very punishment focused towards their clients.


Beaches recovery is not the rehab that it claims to be. The program is more like an in patient rehab and has very inconsistent rules. I was asked to discharge on my 12th day due to not accepting a pun...


Amazing location, friendly and helpful staff, individual tracks and skilled therapist I have struggled with substance abuse for over 11 years, and I arrived at Beaches Recovery in a state of complete ...


My wife is at beaches now and because they are not handling her addiction properly she is being forced to leave. It seems once someone gets a little hard to deal with they turn them away. This people ...


Beaches Recovery, where to begin... I came here when i was at my absolute worst my family wanted nothing to do with me i had already been locked up in institutions and in jails multiple times i had lo...


Beaches Recovery made such a difference in my life, it saved my life. They taught me how to become an adult and to finally love myself. True recovery is possible here. A life without drugs and alcohol...


When our son needed help we didn\'t know where to turn. We came across beaches recovery online. We live in Orlando and Jacksonville wasn\'t too far. The staff was so helpful and communication was awes...


This place changed my life. I was finally ready to get sober I had no other options my life was completely out of control. I lost my job and my family was next on that list. I needed a place that was ...


Where do i begin? They test you atleast 3 times a week and while I was there, the test results were not even looked at or read for almost a month.


Very holistic. It was very nice.. but it was a bit pricey



Areas of Focus
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a highly specific, research-validated form of therapy that can help people overcome traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. With EMDR, a trained practitioner uses bilateral stimulation, eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain as a patient recounts certain experiences and memories as a way to more thoroughly process uncomfortable, painful feelings.

Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Key Staff Members
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    Bill Galer, LMFT - Clinical Director

    Bill Galer serves as Clinical Director at Beaches Recovery Services, LLC. Bill was first licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1998 in California where he worked in several outpatient and residential programs treating adolescents and adults. He maintained a private practice for several years before relocating to Jacksonville Florida in 2004. Bill continued to work in the mental health and addictions field as the Program Director for The Players Championship Village, a rehab and substance abuse treatment center located in Jacksonville.

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    Christine Kennedy - Therapist

    Christine Kennedy is a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist in the state of Florida. She has experience in helping clients grapple with the effects of multiple diagnoses which include but are not limited to, substance abuse, chemical and behavioral addictions, trauma, depression, suicidal ideations, self-harm, eating disorders, sexual addictions, anxiety, and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.