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At Banyan Treatment Center our mission is to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to reach their goal of a happy, healthy, and productive sober life through an array of treatment therapies provided by our license clinical and medical professionals. Our individualized treatment plans allow Banyan to set the standards of patient care at the highest level. Our alcohol and drug treatment programs provide consistency, accountability and responsibility along with the importance of integrating a 12-step program into the patient’s daily life. At Banyan Treatment Center Chicago, we believe in giving our patients all the tools they will need through our care plan, so when they return to normal day to day life, they will be productive members of society. Banyan Treatment Center stands as the leader in providing growth through recovery. Start life in recovery today with the help of Banyan Treatment Center, we have facilities nationwide.

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Do NOT submit yourself to the treatment at Banyan. They promised intensive one on one therapy as well as a million things and do NOT fulfill their promises. Is you try to advocate for yourself they gi...


I can’t say enough good things about Banyan Pompano. All staff member’s truly care about their patients. The Faith in Recovery program has really helped my Son overcome some of the obstacles addic...


tech took the time to talk to me when i couldn't sleep


Excellent program with people who care.


I visited Banyan Faith and Recovery as a result of seeing their posts on social media of the successes for recovery there. The center has most of two floors of the entire building it is housed in. The...


I was seeking information to help my child but what I got from Banyan Tree Treatment Center was a high pressure sales pitch on how wonderful their facility was. At the end of the second phone call I i...


I was in Banyan's mental health residential care and then the Pompano PHP and suggest staying far away from Banyan. The residential care is a small, cramped building with a dirty patio used for smokin...


Our family has been going through some disconcerting times lately. Our son has an addiction and we are trying to be supportive as he battles this addiction and his life problems. Not knowing what else...


I know that Banyan Treatment & Recovery considers every possible measure in evaluating, treating, and ultimately discharging their client's into safe and healthy environment.Banyan offers clean and mo...


Can't say first hand but hear the results are great. The people that work here. We are all like a big family. You learn so much about the people that work here and what they have been through and how ...


Banyan provides individualized and Holistic Treatment. 1. Qualified professionals 2. Safe environment 3. Holistic approach 4. Team work 5. Client comes first 1. Not enough PTO


Banyan is truly a family. The ownership and management are unlike anything anywhere else. They are professional and they are always available if you have a question or concern or just need advice. The...


Horror show ! I worked at Banyan. Groups are ineffective. More like a romper room setting. As many as 35 in a group. Hard to run a group with people walking in and out constantly. Very sparse resource...


it was a good preference. very great staff and sport.


Good experience overall.


He should be an actual therapist


Much love to Banyan and the services I received from there. Thank you Banyan


positve living safe


Banyan saved my life. The therapists, staff, and Techs are extremely nice and very helpful. I have learned everything I possibly can about addiction and how to overcome this disease. Very thankful and...


After every other facility in the United States turning me down due to the high dose of Methadone I was on, Banyan took me in and gave me a chance with a great detox. They detoxed me properly and thei...


i had a really great experience at banyan all the staff was great and the therapists were to


Banyan Treatment Center is an amazing facility. They have clean housing, helpful staff, and they have a great program that saved my life!


I have been to many treatment centers in my road of recovery. Banyan has exceeded my every expectation. The staff, from Clinical to the techs really care and put in the extra effort to help you recove...


great program all needs are taken care of a loving and supportive staff all needs are me asap great program and theripist


Wonderful housing, therapists, and staff overall. Saved my life.


Banyan saved my life and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction. It has been an amazing experience. Everyone that works here is incredible and I would consider them to be my second f...


Banyan is the first step that helped me with understanding my problem and gave me helpful tips on how i can contol it. the staff at banyan really care about your well being and im grateful to of had a...


My experience at Banyan has been a perception shift from what I have thought. The therapists and staff have a way to break down warped belief systems, attacked court issues, and help build a new found...


Banyan treatment center is one of the most high-end treatment programs I've ever been to. The staff members are great and really care about the people that come thru their program.


Great Therapist. All of the staff truly cares. I would recommend Banyan to anyone.


Banyan saved my life. I know that sounds cliche but they did. They have given me hope when I felt hopeless, they have given me support when I felt alone. They have given me the tools that I need to ai...


I enjoyed my stay at banyan, I feel it really helped me.


This being my 4th treatment center has by far been the best experience for my recovery. Here at Banyan, I have learned how to forgive my self, put my past behind me, better my self-esteem and self-con...


banyan was great! i have learned so much in the short time here. every employee is very caring. the techs were awwsome, all are really caring people and are an inspiration an the community!!!!! im goi...




Banyan is a great place to get sober and learn how to stay sober. The staff on site and at residential are very caring and honestly want to see you succeed in your recovery. I would recommend this tre...


Very great place that really cares and wants to see you succeed... This place saved my life and has all my respect!


This has been a life-changing experience. I recommend this treatment center to anyone tired of living and being a person with unidentified issues that may have been caused by abuse or addiction.


Banyan Is Great. The staff is awesome and so are the clients.


Banyan helped me figure out more to my problems than what I actually came for, I was resistant at first but soon came to realize they do care a lot about you, your life, and your loved ones. Couldn't ...


I would just like to thank Banyan again for a wonderful experience. This was my first time at treatment and it went so smooth and plessent. All the staff and techs were so understanding and helpful to...


The Christian Program is amazing. My overall treatment experience was incredible.


Excellent support and treatment team. Techs are extremely friendly and catering to your needs. I have been to multiple treatment centers and through coming here I am hopeful this will be the last. Of ...


Banyan Saved My Life! My expectations were beyond met and my stay here was perfect. All the staff here was great and I have not one complaint about Banyan!!!!!


place is awesome


Banyan was there for me when nobody else was. They believed in me until i was able to believe in myself. The techs are absolutely amazing.Would recommend Banyan to anyone and everyone i know who needs...


Banyan has been an amazing life changing experience


Great place to pursue recovery. Staff was very helpful and therapists truly care. My addiction was handled with great care and concern. Would highly recommend any person to try out Banyan.


Banyan was the exactly what I needed for my recovery. The staff was very thorough when creating a specific plan for me. Just like anything worth doing, treatment can sometimes be tough. But if you lis...


Banyan Treatment Center changed my life. The staff was very effective at helping me along with all the other clients to understand the disease of addiction as well as treat it. I am forever grateful f...




Overall, I really appreciated how much the staff engaged with us and the time they invested as well. There's a lot of love at Banyan and I felt like I had a voice. I also felt safe. By the time my dis...


Great place, it is nice to know that they have staff who have been where I was before and really cared about me. There was always someone around to reach out to when I was going through something. Ban...


Banyan is the best treatment experience i've ever had. Tech staff is excellent, therapists are more than qualified. Alumni services are awesome Banyan helped me see myself in a way i never have. And i...


Very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and their concern for my son during his treatment. Super compassionate. I cannot say enough nice things about one staff member - she is truly a car...


Banyan has been most helpful because of the staff that works there, they practice what they preach. All needs are accommodated for. This place and the people who work there helped save my life. Long a...


banyan has helped save my life! i would recommend this program to anyone they do great work and really know what theyre doing!


My name is Saleem, I'm 37 and have been battling addiction for the better part of the last 20 years of my life I have been to a total of 8 treatment centers over the course of the 20 years and I've tr...


Banyan was the absolute best treatment center I attended in my life.


My experience at banyan was great. I learned a lot about myself and my disease. i have overcame fears and gained my self confidence back. so i say thank you to banyan and all the staff coudlnt have go...


My experience here at banyan was a life changing one. The staff and the techs were more than helpful. They actually take the time, and go the extra mile to make sure that you leave here with all of th...


This is by far one of the best treatments I have ever been to the staff is knowledgeable and very nice and they also have a great alumni program that check up on you after you leave and help in anyway...


Banyan saved my life. The staff and the therapist here are really great. They gave me the confidence I need to get back into the real world.


35 years old with 3 kids living with alcohol as my only coping skill for any problem is not somewhere a person wants to find themself. Until I attended Banyan that was me, miserable, hiding anysort of...


This is place absolutely saved my life. I felt nothing but safe and cared about by both the clinical staff and the behavioral health techs. I learned a lot myself and addiction itself. I had the best ...


My daughter, 24 years old, went through the program and if it wasn't for Banyan and their clinical team members, she wouldn't be here with me today. She is 6 months sober, the longest in 4 years and I...


My daughter was there in 2016. After she completed her stay she got a bill for around $130,00 for urine drug screens during her stay. I have paid for many urine drug screens the past two years for my...


Banyan was a great experience. I could not have asked for a better program. I owe the staff and community at Banyan everything.


i loved my stay here all the staff were great and truly care about your well being they will go out of there way to make this as easy as possible and to make sure that you have all the tools necessary...


I came in really pissed off. The staff made me feel right at home and gave me the piece of mind I desperately needed. Every single tech had something different to offer me whether it be a 2 minute con...


Banyan truly saved my life. I'm so grateful for my experience here. The staff is amazing and extremely helpful. I would recommend Banyan to anyone!!


Banyan is the best treatment in the country, staff is wonderful, supportive and fun but at the same time serious


great staff, really friendly clients :) and a great atmosphere to be in. banyan goes out of their way to accommodate you and make you feel safe and cared for. their alumni cordinator micheal dirscherl...


Banyan treatment center saved my life. When I was down and out and my life was falling apart Banyan got me on a flight to their detox within 24 hours. I can honestly say without their help I would be ...


banyan saved my life and has been a miracle to me


Great clinical A downfall were the narrow hallways. The Christian program was an awesome experience!


Strengths: Family involvement, Great clinical care, very organized daily routine, well taken care of facility. Location was a weakness. Banyan Treatment Center cares about their clients, they do ever...


Great people running the company, a real passion for the recovery process. All levels of care and aftercare and has relationships with, and their own facilities nationwide. Saturated market for treat...


At first i didn\'t want to be here, but realized that i was sick, but i found out that this program is awesome and banyan really cares about everyone\'s sober life after this and wants us to love ours...


Banayn has helped me out in so many ways i will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to change my life with them.


Such a great facility never have I ever wanted to be clean so badly. The staff here is excellent and so are the techs on the mens unit. I strongly recommend this treatment center to anyone suffering f...


I have been to many, many treatment facilities over the years and I must say that Banyan truly accommodated myself in all areas necessary and from what I saw a lot of the other clients as well. Most ...


The staff at this facility was very caring and attentive for my entire stay. They provide technicians at the client residence 24 hrs per day. Banyan offers very knowledgeable therapists that create ...


I knew i had a problem and i needed help. I had never asked for help in the past, and i am glad i made the decision to reach out to Banyan. From the moment i called the admissions office a sence of co...


The Banyan Treatment center has a wonderful program. Addiction is a difficult thing to deal with and it not only affects the person with the addiction, but all the loved ones in that person\'s life. F...


Came down here 11 months ago hopeless thinking I would die a drug addict, the staff was very supportive, the therapists where very helpful they are a very caring facility one of the best in Florida I ...


Awesome individualized programs. Amazing staff who really care. I highly recommend Banyan to anyone suffering from addiction and alcoholism.


I cant even begin to express my gratitude for Banyan Treatment center. This center did for me what no other rehab has ever been able to. My experience there was truly amazing and I am so thankful for ...


Amazing place!! I am from new york and i have to say anyone looking for a treatment center that works this is the absolute best solution. The techs show so much care for the clients and can relate... ...


Banyon treatment center in my opinion is probably the best treatment center in the United States the staff is very caring. Everyone there was very kind and helped me with anything I needed help with. ...


I had an amazing experience with banyan. All of the staff were very helpful and accomadated me with all of my needs and wants. I would highly recommend it to anyone since I have been thru 10 plus trea...


I went her in may of 2016 and it was an amazing experience. The staff took time to pay special attention to me personally, especially during my rough bumps. Therapy was provided as well as medication ...


I came to Banyan broken...I had tried treatment several times in Texas and at home in New York...I had no success..Banyan provided a staff that was caring from detox...all the way to PHP and IOP...the...


This place not only saved my life and kept me outta prison... these people Brought the person out of the shell of existence i was when i got here. I was ready to hang it up... if not that i wanted to ...


I completed my stay at Banyan late Nov 2016. I decided to check the reviews to see what other peoples view of Banyan were before I left my own review. First of all let me say there are a million treat...


I want to thank Banyan for all that the program has done for me. I don\'t know if it would have helped me out as much as it did if I wasn\'t ready to change my life. The Christian program the therapis...


I am so thankful for all of the dedicated supportive professional staff at Banyan Treatment Center. No one wants their son or daughter to become a drug addict... Never did I think I would one day be w...


Very disappointed. After leaving detox, the rehab is way understaffed. After 2 weeks, the weekends have too much down time, leaving room for relapse without any accountability on their behalf. The R...


My son is receiving treatment at banyan now. Phone calls are never returned and my son is miserable. And they are trying to take as much money that they can from you.


Great place, soild staff and I walked away with the tools to live myt life sober.


Banyan is absolutely beautiful - a perfect setting for recovery! the staff are friendly and welcoming!!!


Banyan helped me fight through my addiction in a comforting and stable environment I could focus on myself in. The staff was very personable and helpful basking me with knowledge of their experience o...


Banyan changed my life! I went through 2phases PHP and IOP. I have been to others programs in the past and by far this facility was very successful and got me outta the nightmare I was living. The pr...


Completely unprofessional, the admissions process was predatory and rushed to get us in the door. Once in the door, it was evident we had made a mistake. Facility only cares about the money and and in...


Awful facility and program. Staff are rude, facilities are dirty, poorly run, completely different from what was promised by marketing and admissions staff.


This place is a business first and all they want is your insurance money. In housing you are confined to a tiny place with 6 guys. How do you have enough room in a tiny fridge to feed 6 people for an ...


The treatment team at Banyan are all phenomenal. They did nothing but help me and love me until i could love myself. I would tell anyone i care about to go to Banyan before any other treatment facil...


This program has quality talented staff (fry-cooks for treatment and awful people for contract marketers), excellent discharge planning (leave you in a motel when your insurance runs out) and holds a ...


I was fooled by their marketer. This place is trash.


This treatment center is terrible. My family was pushed to send our son to this facility. This program is nothing more than a new therapist in a corner office during the day and a crappy apartment at ...


Great treatment center awesome theripists serious about recorvery and once your gone staff still cares and checks in on you wouldn\'t recommend any other place.


I owe Banyan my life because if it wasn\'t for them, I would be buried in the ground by now. I highly recommend going to Banyan whether this is your first attempt at sobriety or even if you have atte...


Banyan Treatment Center was a great place for me to work through issues which led me to drink and use drugs. The staff was always supportive and caring. It is in a great location that allows recoverin...


Amazing staff and crew of therapists.


Amazing place, saved my life.


It was a good facility.


Worst place ever.

Areas of Focus

The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps – the first three of which are situational, the next four addressing the practical issues created by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on making amends for hurting others. Steps 10 and 11 involve a deeper examination of the previous steps and the final step is focused on helping others avoid and recover from addiction.

Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Easily the best treatment center I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a few. I will forever owe Banyan for saving my life. They taught me not only how to get clean, but most importantly, they taught me how to stay clean. The therapists and the rest of the staff are some of the best I've ever encountered and they genuinely care about you and your health. They were able to discover and point out things in myself that I was never able to recognize on my own. My therapist also worked with my family (with my permission) to help mend some relationships that I harmed and even took time to discuss ways in which they could start to heal some of the scars that I left behind. I can confidently say that Banyan did everything they possibly could to save my life and they were successful in their attempt. They never gave up on me, and as hopeless as I felt about myself, they were able to remove me from this state of mind and now (4 months later) I have never been so excited and happy about where my life is today.
    George D.
  • Quite possibly the greatest experience of my life, because this place saved my life. From intake to release they couldn't have been more professional and courteous. I've been to some other places that tended to treat their clients as statistics, but the level of genuine and personal care I received at Banyan was heartwarming and life saving. The entire staff was overwhelming supportive and I look forward to their alumni events. Thank you Banyan!
    Joseph C.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Catherine Manley, LMHC
    Catherine Manley, LMHC - Executive Director

    Catherine Manley is Executive Director at Banyan Treatment Pompano and Banyan Detox facilities. She earned her Master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University in Mental Health Counseling and is licensed in the State of Florida. Working in the field of substance abuse treatment, Catherine has led staff in multiple roles as Primary Therapist, Detox Supervisor, and Clinical Director. In addition to her experience in human services, Catherine received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Florida International University in 2003. She has a background in marketing, advertising and project management. Catherine brings a great balance of education, compassion, and business acumen to the Banyan family. The driving force behind her ambition is centered on helping individuals struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

  • Photo of Alexia Touboul, LMHC
    Alexia Touboul, LMHC - Clinical Director

    After receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida International University and two masters degrees in psychological counseling from Columbia University, Alexia became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. Throughout her career, Alexia has worked with a diverse population, treating individuals suffering from addiction, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma, and stage of life issues. Alexia has worked at some of South Florida’s most respected drug & alcohol treatment centers and has acquired a breadth of knowledge and experience working alongside leaders in the substance abuse community. Alexia marries client-centered interventions, empowerment counseling, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to provide her clients with a well-rounded and comprehensive treatment approach.