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Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
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Paying for Treatment
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Treatment Insights

At Arete Detox, treatment of addiction starts with us. We provide excellence in everything we do, from making sure we provide a comfortable facility to exceptional customer service. Located in the heart of south Florida, we have made sure to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to help best during the detoxification process. With our client’s needs as our foundation for running the facility, we are here to better serve our clients and provide solutions to their every issue. Our staff is dedicated to making sure all our clients have everything they need, so as to best not interrupt detoxification. Our experts in detox and addiction are on call 24/7 to answer and help guide and consult our clients with anything from drug or alcohol abuse issues, to the mundane. Our staff here at Arete Detox is here specifically to serve you and help in recovery.

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Staff is overworked. Head of nurses was the meanest b.... in the world , food was haaa ok and the acommodation were terrible. Just an enclosed place with high fences and 1 ping pong table.


I just left this facility yesterday & would recommend u run as fast as u can to get away from this place ! I admitted myself and was not allowed to call my wife or check out. They make u sign a contra...


After 10 years of using, my son went here for detox. Thanks to Arete and their great staff, he is now well on the way to recovery. My dealings with them were always very professional and forthright. I...


My daughter didn’t sign a hipa, they didn’t notify us she left. They are keeping her things for 3 days so we have to extend our time in Fl before heading back to NY. They never gave her the synthr...


Client care coordinators care only about milking your insurance. It wont be open very long, It gave me a place to detox and for that i am grateful. the community of other addicts was great and most of...


Was a very nice place. Therapists were the best. Client coordinators a Joke. Food was awesome thanks to the chef.Road hurricane. In there was uncomfortable but one staff member made sure everyone take...


Care corodanaters are overloaded and dont have time for clients. Also these people are sneaky and tell half truths. The techs are great with the exception of a few. But in the end they did a good jo...


Don't believe any of the b.s., there are NO LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATIONS. Nothing to do but eat and smoke. In detox, most are so zoned out they don't know the Faye.

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Individualized Treatment

Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.