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Welcome to Accelerated Neuro-Regulation® by Dr. Waismann. The new paradigm of treatment for opioid dependency. Your opioid addiction can be immediately reversed using modern medicine. ANR helped 24,000 patients worldwide defeat their opioid dependency easily using a safe, effective, and humane treatment. Now available in the US.

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You can absolutely trust ANR Clinic to provide the highest level of care and kindness your loved one deserves. The staff are highly trained addiction professionals that truly care about helping people...


After getting this treatment and being amazed at how good I am doing - I have committed myself to spread the word about this. Dr. Waismann, a well-respected physician from Israel, a brilliant individu...


ANR is truly amazing! The people there really care about the patient and their family and do their best to get you through this difficult ordeal. I can\'t thank them enough for everything they did for...


I got treated last weekend. WOW. Just wow. Thank you ANR.


ANR was a lifesaver. After back surgery I was on pain pills for 5 years and then switched to suboxone for the past 12 years. I could not get off the suboxone on my own, tried several times. After the ...


Let\'s just start off by saying I never expected to be addicted to drugs but somehow the universe has led me to the events I\'m about to try and explain. The crazy part is, growing up I was a devoted ...


ANR was the best decision I\'ve ever made! I finally feel like I\'m living again.


Wate of money. Me and my husband ware back using before we left Florida. Could not get over the sickness.


Looking back I feel ANR was a lifesaver, and all that\'s changed in my life is the nature of it. I am free! I feel like myself and at the same time I never want use again. I feel optimistic and feel l...


Our son, Joseph went through the ANR procedure. The results have been profound! He has been through 10 years of severe opiate dependency. We spent countless dollars, went to numerous rehabilitation fa...


My son had been an opioid addict for the past 3 years. After countless rehabs and attempts to detox at home, we found the ANR Clinic and it truly changed his life. The care and support from the staff ...


My husband and I decided to go into the ANR treatment last year and were not sure what our options were at the time. We called a couple local rehabs but were afraid to detox cold turkey. I found ANR C...


Unfortunately, this treatment did not work for my son. Went in on a Friday and Saturday evening picked him up, and he was very sedated, which went right on until Monday when we left. Could not hold hi...


ANR Team! It is beyond words what your work has done!! It meant LIFE OR DEATH FOR MY SON!!!


Thank you ANR!!! I am in Naples now, 3 days after the treatment. I feel so good, so aware! I am connected to my wife, my children... I really feel their emotions, and mine too. I know what opiates do ...


I was treated by ANR last weekend and I'm feeling better than I felt in years. My wife is so happy and said she feels like I'm back and like the man she married. I couldn't thank Dr. Waismann and his ...


I heard about ANR when Dr Waismann performed it in Israel (I am from Israel), but at the time i didnt felt that my addiction required any treatment i thought it will be easy to stop. I had a back surg...


I first heard about Dr. Waismann many years ago on TV. Then I heard he opened the first US clinic in Florida. So, I met with him to see how he could help me. I was hooked with Methadone so bad that I ...


Waste of money. You feel sooo sick an puke all over the hotels room afterwards. It’s not what the website says, not even the same people.


Just wanted to say thank you for eliminating this opiate addiction, once and for all. I am finally free from opioids. I was on Subutex for over 9 years, and it was ruining my life. Many doctors visits...


Twenty years of my life I abused heroin and methadone. I have tried everything under the sun to conquer this evil addiction!!!! The doctors here were my healer and savior, saved my life by giving me ...

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    Dr. A Waismann - Developer of ANR

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    Dr. Albert Kabemba - Medical Director