American Behavioral Health Systems, Spokane

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44 E. Cozza Drive
Spokane Valley, WA 99208
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The other clients and the counseling were strengths. A weakness was that it's DOC ran. You all so work on your mental health as well. And don't even know it.


I relapsed after 3 weeks. They needed more holistic options.


My spouse is in there right now. The counselors assume everyone is the same addict. They got sack bag dinners with a sandwich and an apple for Thanksgiving and no visitation so their staff could go ho...


After working at ABHS for a week I was let go with no explaination. I was given little training in the week I worked there, I had always asked what I needed to do or if I could help with something and...


good staff, not great food.


Did not help my son wuth addiction at all. Did not teach coping skills at all or how to deal with relapse, just that you are bad if you relapse!


Had a great 12-step program but needs a lot of improvement.


They use a behavior modification system. Sometimes not enough care team staff. This place saved my life.


My experience there was a very short stay and when my anxiety kicked in; there was no one there to reassure me or just try to reassure me that things were going to be okay, they just let it go and I e...


All I can say is I was given a second chance at life and I got it there. They are focused on getting to the route of the issue. A lot of addicts have life issues that they do not know how to cope with...


I would refer anyone to ABHS SSI because I was a low bottom and I've now been sober since July 14, 2013. I've been to other treatment facilities in the past and not been able to stay sober. This facil...


They deal with problems one-on-one. They are very supportive and treat us all fairly and give us a lot of help with bad situations.


The facility is modern.. the staff well credentialed .. overall treatment. Experience was excellent. Good place for relapse prevention and support. The overall program is very good at meeting patients...


If this facility did not have a state contract to serve clients required to attend, it would have gone belly up years ago. Non state clients are less than 10% of revenue. They are in it for the money,...


I would recommend this facility if someone were to ask.


I didn't get the mental health medications that I'd been on for years. It didn't deal with the fact that I'm not a alcoholic I had one drink on the holidays. I didn't like it and I wouldn't recommend ...


Not good, my son TRIED really hard to stay clean. He relapsed, only had 30 days of treatment, after 20 years of drug abuse. He relapsed after just 55 days after finishing the program. It was not help...


It should have been more about healing and less about educating. I already knew most of what they were constantly lecturing about. It was a waste of time all the way around/


17 years a meth addict haven't touched it in 8 months; my daughter and I have a newly formed strong relationship life is great.


I'm clean and sober. The staff was amazing. They were compassionate and caring. Some were in recovery themselves and proved to be a wealth of information.