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If you're looking to get your family, health and future back on track, you're in the right place. Ambrosia's detox, rehab and advanced therapies are covered by insurance and backed by 10K+ success stories, university researchers and plenty of online reviews. It's treatment that really works from experts that actually care. Every day, people just like you leave here changed. When you’re ready to talk about doing something different, give Ambrosia a call.

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all good. I feel this is just what I needed.


NO MEDICAL INTAKE/RARE MD PRESENCE, no individualized, collaborative treatment (as PROMISED by AMOBROSIA) of 65-year-old 1st timer, non alcoholic or drug user. Frightening, super fast Detox from 1 MG ...


This place saved me from myself. Everybody in the staff genuinely cares about you from the time you walk in until the day you leave. They really help you get to the root of your problems, and are prof...


Beautiful facility, lots of TLC by clinical therapists, RA's along with expertise, guidance, support and friendship. I felt safe, comfortable and in the process learned so much about myself. Very grat...


ive been to many treatment centers and ambrosia has been the best experience for me with therapy , activities , groups , staff and food the vibe was positive


My stay here was informative and the care of the staff really helped me. was incredible and so was the food.


i love the beautiful experiance i had while at the forefront of recovery


My stay here was great. Everyone that works here was super easy to talk to. Food was great. 1 on 1 sessions at least 2 times a week. Would recommend


I greatly enjoyed my stay at ambrosia for my recovery, the food was superb, the staff was friendly, caring, and had a great work ethic. i highly recommend ambrosia for rehabilitation for anyone.


I honestly don't think my first experience going through treatment would have impacted my recovery as deeply as this facility has. I am truly grateful to have been able to have gone here; to have met ...


My experience was wonderful! I have been to several treatments and this is by far the best one i have attended. They have exceeded my expectations and I truly felt cared for by all staff. I would high...


Forefront @ Ambrosia is hands down one of the best treatment centers. The staff are awesome and caring. The facility is clean and they truly make you feel at home. I would highly recommend this place ...


Awesome Facility.


I am a cronick relapser and this facility was incredible. They were able to bring things out of me that i had never dealt with or understood about who I am. Please come here if you do not know what to...


This was a great experience. The staff are all amazing and were significant in my ability to recover from my addiction.


I am beyond grateful for Forefront. They helped me get my mind and life back in order. I highly recommend this facility for anyone who is serious about getting sober.


i really enjoyed my time here, and learned a lot of things that will help me in my future. forefront gave me some really good tools to use when i am feeling a type of way. thank you forefront most dif...


I received excellent treatment at this facility The staff and the clinical team are amazing. I was here for 30 days. The facility is beautiful. Busy days and nights. The food is also great. Very healt...


Forefront is an amazing rehabilitation center, from the staff to the facilities and accommodations. I truly felt I was in the right place for the treatment that I needed. The chef prepared meals from ...


A few people I know recommend Ambrosia and I called for my husband when his life was falling apart. After speaking to someone at the center I knew it was the right place. They helped me understand the...


I am so grateful that I came here. I didn't want to go, but my parents pulled the trigger for me and called. The tech who convinced me to walk in the door when I wanted to run away saved my life. Some...


My stay at Forefront was nothing short of incredible. From the amazing food and beautiful scenery to the wonderful staff and program here it's been a keystone for my recovery. It's hard not to feel at...


Forefront has been an amazing experience and I'm having a hard time leaving the wonderful staff, the great clients, and the beautiful facility. This program is truly life-changing and the amount of su...


My experience at Forefront has been like none other. After many trial and errors, I had written off treatment centers entirely. But through the gift of desperation and a very patient admission team, I...


This place is absolutely awesome for recovery. The staff is great and everything is set up very well. The food is also amazing. If you or a loved one is looking for recovery I would definitely recomme...


forefront was a very good first experience, and i loved all the staff here


My son finally learned how to deal with his issues! Even the simple phone calls to me personally made a difference.

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Conquer drugs and alcohol, as well as underlying issues like trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and denial with both proven and innovative treatment methods.

Key Staff Members
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    Dr. Rodney Collins MD, ABPM - Medical Director

    Dr. Collins is a board-certified addiction medicine psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience. He's an ivy-league graduate that relates to each person with compassion, kindness and sometimes even humor.

    "Medicine is not only science; it's also art. It deals with processes of life, which must be understood to be guided."

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    Dr. Danielle White PsyD, LP - Clinical Director

    Dr. White is a licensed clinical psychologist with 8 years of educational training and 15 years of real-world experience in addiction. She takes a holistic view that connects destructive behaviors to how we feel in our body, mind and spirit.

    "It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it's not possible to find it anywhere else."