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If you're looking to get your family, health and future back on track, you're in the right place. Ambrosia's detox, rehab and advanced therapies are covered by insurance and backed by 10K+ success stories, university researchers and plenty of online reviews. It's treatment that really works from experts that actually care. Every day, people just like you leave here changed. When you’re ready to talk about doing something different, give Ambrosia a call.

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One of the best treatment centers in South Florida. Ambrosia went above and beyond to help me with all of my needs, I am very thankful to have been able to attend here.


Ambrosia was a solid program, if you are ready to get well, this is by far the best program in South Florida. The community, and staff were always accommodating and easy to talk to.


Truly a great place to get sober, I am so grateful for the staff here everyone goes above and beyond to do everything they can for my sobriety i am so glad i came here.


Ambrosia was a great place to get sober, and to learn what i needed to learn to stay clean.


I'm glad I was able to come here, I had originally wanted to go to the Singer Island Location, but the staff here was always on top of everything, every one went out of their way to make my stay comfo...


Ambrosia was an over all really good treatment center, i had been here about two years prior and i am glad i was able to come back here. thanks team


I am truly grateful for the staff members at Ambrosia, I chose to come to South, because I had heard so many positive things about the staff, and I was not wrong, the staff here was amazing, and went ...


I was skeptical about coming to treatment, I didn't think I would fit in, I honestly felt like I could do treatment without help, and I'm so glad I changed my ways of thinking. Ambrosia South was by f...


Ambrosia South was really an awesome treatment center. the community is small tight, and the clinical staff is always there for you. I loved all the new programs they incorporated, like the equine the...


it was a really cool experience coming here, i felt really safe and comfortable i didnt want to be here at first but no one who comes to treatment for the first time really wants to be in treatment i ...


I was nervous to come to treatment but i am glad i came to ambrosia south the staff was really cool its nerve wracking the first week but you get adjusted. they helped me out a lot here and i love the...


i was real skeptical about coming to treatment this is my first time in treatment and man was it tough at first but i wouldnt have been able to get through my stay without the staff and community it's...


I'm super stoked I was able to come here for treatment. I'm thankful to the team that took the time with me even when I WAS BEING DIFFICULT, I truly value each and every staff member here because they...


South was a really good change of pace for me, I had been to the other location at PSL and I felt like I got a lot out of this community, and staff, everyone treats you with respect, and is always the...


all I can say is thank you, thank you to everyone who bent over backwards to help me. Best Ambrosia by far out of all of the facilities, the community is so tight nit and the staff is so accommodating...


can't say good enough things about this program. To the staff, thank you, to my therapist, thank you, to my family thank you for trusting me and trusting this program to allow me to heal and be the pe...


I just want to say because I am not good with words. Ambrosia is a true life savior, ya'll are so incredible at your jobs, and i can tell you do this because you care not for a paycheck like other pla...


Ambrosia South was by far the best Ambrosia out of all the facilities in FL, I would know because I have been to the others, I legit think the staff here is so strong, and committed to helping you whe...


I came here about a month ago, and I'm finally starting to see the ways in which my addiction affected all aspects of my life. Ambrosia was literally a safe haven for me, to be able to heal, sure ther...


I came to Ambrosia broken like i didn't think i'd be able to go on anymore, they picked me up and made me feel like I was an actual person, and that I mattered, that my addiction was not everyone else...


By far the most legit program. Everyone helped me made me feel like a person and not another statistic, they taught me things i never knew about my self and gave me the tools i needed to maintain long...


Ambrosia is by far one of the best treatment centers in South Florida. My parents came and toured prior to sending me here, and I am so glad that they did, because without them doing that I don't know...


Legit the best treatment center in South Florida, There are so many honestly which is what made it difficult for me, but I was thankful to have ended up here. Everything from the intake, to the discha...


ya'll rock, I am forever thankful for you all, I wish more treatment centers were like this, I feel like I got so much out of each staff member, i didn't feel like a number, i felt like a person, who ...


I'm really not good at writing these kinds of things out, but I will say if you are looking for treatment, i wouldnt ever go anywhere else, this place actually cares about you not as an addict but a p...


Ambrosia was by far the best treatment center I have ever been to, I took the suggestions, and have been able to live my life clean and sober and I owe a lot of that to them. I was able to connect wit...


I just left Ambrosia, and I can honestly say I came here very gaurded, I didn't want to work on a lot of the issues I let build up inside of me for a long period of time. I decided to stop fighting my...


I had gone to the other facility prior, and this site is by far the most amazing. the staff is by far the strongest clinical teams i have ever encountered. I have been to this facility twice, and i am...


Ambrosia was one of the best treatment centers I could have ever been to, I am very blessed to have been able to have gone here, even if i let kicking and screaming, the staff truly cares about you he...


Ambrosia is one of the most legit places I have ever come across for florida treatment. The staff actually cares at you, and people come in kicking and screaming but at the end of the day it really is...


ambrosia is a great place i am very grateful to have made it here.


I got here about a month ago, and i am discharging from here on Monday, i was really scared to be here at first scared of the unknown i guess? but what i was able to gain from this place was hope, and...


this program is literally like any other program I have ever been through, the staff actually cares about you, the facility is beautiful, the clinical team is just like amazing. i can't eve begin to t...


Ambrosia South was the best treatment center I have ever been to, I didn't think I would be able to get as much out of this as I did but I am very thankful to have been able to come here. I was nervou...


Literally the best treatment center I have ever been too, and I don't put that lightly, I am very grateful to have gone through this program and I am even more grateful for the staff. thank you all fr...


Ambrosia really is an awesome treatment center, i really dont want to leave. they treat you so well here, take you in as your own, i mean just the culture and the staff make your stay seem like youre ...


I had been to Ambrosia a year ago, relapsed and knew this would be the only place I would come back to, everyone here is amazing and i truly am grateful for them all, if anyone is struggling, this is ...


I almost died before coming to treatment here, when they told me about Ambrosia I was scared, because I had been to a ton of places before, the minute i got here i was treated with so much respect, ev...


Ambrosia was probably the best treatment center I've ever been through, the staff is attentive to every need, even when you fight them on it. they helped me break down a lot of barrier's i haven't rea...


my daughter attended this program, and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I was very scared as an out of state parent to send my kid down to Florida especially with everything being said...


all i can say is good things about this place the facility is beautiful the clinical team is extremely intelligent and challenging i have been to at least ten different treatment centers ive spent a l...


I just wanted to take a second to thank the staff for my stay here gettin sober was the hardest thing ive ever done but some h ow some way they made it easier for me. i've done all i can do to my self...


Ambrosia South was the best treatment center I've ever been through... The staff is encouraging, helpful, and resourceful, almost every staff member has been through some of the same things I have bee...


I can't say enough good things about this program, If I could rate them 10+++++ I would. I have never been to a program dedicated around the client, the needs of the client, client care being the one ...


this place was truly an incredible experience for me to have, it was probably the best treatment center i have ever been through, i would recommend this to anyone struggling with an addiction. every s...


i graduated from here a month ago still sober and loving life. thanks to ambrosia and all the staff i wouldnt be here with out you guys


forever changed my entire life......... i don't know what i would have done without Ambrosia...... the alumni and aftercare program.... megan and albert are awesome people...... and without them i don...


I loved my experience here, i love each and all of the staff members, forever thankful for this family i have been able to gain from being here.


i dont know what i'd do without Ambrosia, they have helped me tremendously.


Ambrosia saved my life.


Ambrosia helped me discover my personal problems that have fed to my addiction, they helped me identify my faults so i could correct them.


i've never been treated to amazing by the staff, they are so helpful and accommodating, i am so glad i came here.


amazing facility, i love everyone here they helped me more than words can express.


Ambrosia was a phenomenal treatment center, very grateful for the staff.


Ambrosia is great, everyone here is FANTASTIC.


Ambrosia south saved my life, i love albert and meagan and i am grateful i cam here. thank you staff.


Ambrosia South changed my whole life, i am forever grateful for the family i have gained while being here, i was able to get through everything i needed to get through while being here. forever thankf...


Ambrosia was bomb.


Ambrosia was a great program - i would recommend to anyone struggling


Ambrosia was a wonderful experience, the staff there is incredible, i was really set on going home after treatment, but between the clinical staff and the discharge planner they helped me look toward ...


Ambrosia is the best treatment center around! The entire staff cared about my needs and well being as a client. From the RM's having conversations with me and sharing their testimony, to the therapist...


The staff were all very professional. The facilities were clean and spacious..


The whole staff is friendly and did everything they could to make my stay the best possible!


it was good


great staff and a great expierence and the treatment offered i needed for my recovery




The staff was very professional, and extremely friendly. They did everything they could do help me trough this step in my recovery. I am forever grateful.


Ambrosia has done so much for me. I gained so much support from Ambrosia (my therapist) was caring; compassionate and dug deep into my core issues of addiction. I have here at Ambrosia is a great sobe...


Ambrosia was very helpful and accommodating. I felt very comfortable and the staff is excellent! This treatment center is the most effective i have ever been too


Very comfortable and welcoming. Staff were awesome!! My therapist was great and really got me to open up. I would recommend Ambrosia West Palm to anyone looking for a nice, clean, beneficial program t...


Wonderful program, Beautiful residence, Amazing staff ! I recommend this facility to anyone whose struggling.


The best rehabilitation facility that I have ever been to, great community, excellent therapists. terrific staff, overall an amazing place to recover. Staff were awesome


Ambrosia was a God-send. My therapist helped to uncover the core issues contributing to my substance abuse and addictive behaviors. The entire staff was knowledgeable, professional, kind and focused o...


My treatment here at ambrosia was excellent, from the therapists to the techs, to alumni and d/c planner I had a great set up for aftercare, i've met a lot of good people who want to stay sober here, ...


All of the staff here truly cares about each and every single client, it is a good place to send your loved ones, they have a lot of great amenities, like massages, chiro, and the beach. the Alumni co...


Ambrosia helped me make it through my addiction and gave me the tools and resources i very much needed, that i didn't have before. Everyone here really cares #teamalbert and #teammeagan were awesome a...


After going through several treatment centers and always relapsing. I found Ambrosia through a friend. I'm still sober today, that was almost 9 months ago. Coincidence? I think not. It is truly a grea...


I attended Ambrosia treatment center in 2016 and the services rendered there were nothing short of excellent. It provided me with the tools I needed on how to maintain sobriety but most importantly it...


treatment here was excellent.


Through the staff and structure I feel motivated and excited to leave, and continue with my recovery. The staff is awesome !


I absolutely love ambrosia.... the clinical team is amazing, the facility is amazing, the techs are amazing, and the housing is great. They treated me like family there, and if I had to go back to a r...


My cousin went to treatment here and she loved it! the staff was super helpful and answered all of our questions.. my family is pretty demanding and we were all impressed with the communication from t...


I can honestly say this has been the best treatment center i've been to. From the time i got here till the time i left the staff has been nothing but supportive in all aspects of my recovery. My thera...


great stuff, everyone here really cares


One staff member was a wondeful human being and had an amazing impact on me during this process


Ambrosia has helped me greatly. I was here on scholarship and i received the highest level of care while i was here. i am extremely proud to say that i am an alumni of Ambrosia South. I look forward t...


Saved my Life!!!!!!


I absolutely loved Ambrosia. All the staff was so kind and respectful, while also going out of their way to help anyone in need. This is the best treatment facility that I've been to.


i had an extremely great experience at Ambrosia and would recommend the South location to anyone struggling with active addiction.


They push you to work on yourself. The staff is very knowledgeable about sobriety. You get in what you put out and they don't allow you to slack. If you are serious and truly want to stay clean then t...


Ambrosia is an amazing facility. Helped me so much during both times I stayed at Ambrosia. In fact, one staff member was the main reason I came back to Ambrosia for the second time when my addiction t...


When your loved one is ready, Ambrosia is the place. They truly care about patients and their families. They saved my sons life and taught him real life skills. The staff is truly amazing.


Overall, Ambrosia was a good experience for me. This was mostly due to my therapist. She was amazing and helped me to realize a lot about myself and I feel better leaving her than I have in years. I h...


When your loved one is really ready for recovery, Ambrosia is the place. Beautiful apartments, compassionate staff. Unlike other rehabs, Ambrosia teaches life skills while inpatient. Excellent after c...


I love Ambrosia to death!! I loved my stay here and the way the entire staff treated me was amazing. The facility and apartments are so well kept. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs hel...


Home away from Home feel with Great Facilities and the ability to show Addicts and Alcoholics how to live life in Recovery and how to manage living on your own. Definitely a place to come if you want ...


This place has saved my Life!


I am forever grateful for the outstanding care you provided for my loved one. You saved a life and gave us hope. God bless!


Overall, good experience


No strengths, One or more staff members and Executive officers use or dispense illegal drugs. You all need to shake the tree from the top to the bottom and see what falls out.


This facility was great.


Great therapists. I am appreciative of the life-long family assistance program, never experienced a resource like this


I have been very impressed with the people who work for Ambrosia South. My son has been a client there and your associates kept me updated and offered there counseling services to me. My son has been ...


Addiction is a family disease. From the first day I spoke with someone from Ambrosia, I felt a connection. I felt completely trusting of every recommendation they talked to me about regarding my son\'...


This place is very unorganized, The trauma therapist is mean. And lied to us. And does so on a regular basis.If you want to keep in touch with your loved ones then this is not the place for you. The h...


Accommodations nice, grocery shop and cook for ourselves, near the beach. I have stayed clean for 4 years


Amazing staff. They really give a lot of attention to the individual and the family. I was at Ambrosia for 90+ days the last time. They took care of me like I was one of their own. They were always so...


Small group and therapists/counselors experienced and well trained Too much downtime, the techs some are unprofessional and undertrained They have a specific trauma group that I've never experienced i...


Good program


A very structured program with good balance, helps with cocurring disorders Not a faith based program. Wonderful program with highly trained counselors.


Very personal and caring staff. He is still clean after 7 months.


I found that Ambrosia cared about my son and about me as his mother.


They treat you with respect and care. The quality of life doesn't get better then what's offered and it's like our own little world that's protected inside a saftey bubble. I loved it!!! didn't want t...


I really got what I needed from Ambrosia. I had a good counselor who really made me take responsibility for my actions. They found a separate counselor to help deal with my grief issues and transpor...

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Alumni Testimonials
  • If it wasn't for Ambrosia, I wouldn't be here today. I was knocking on death's door and Ambrosia taught me how to live and love. I'm 3 years sober now and couldn't be happier. Thank you, Ambrosia, for believing in me and showing me my life is worth it.
    Jessica A.
  • I asked for a long time for a miracle, and I was able to find it here. Ambrosia helped me realize what I had, what I lost and how I could be in control of my sobriety. I love you all, and I truly mean that. Thank you for helping me through this struggle.
    Dan C.
  • I can't say enough good things about Ambrosia. This place saved my life. It was my fourth rehab, and never before did I feel so cared about. They helped me through all my problems. Not just addiction, but also the root causes. I'll always be grateful for everything they did for me.
    John M.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dotty Lerum CAC, CSS, ICADC, LICDC
    Dotty Lerum CAC, CSS, ICADC, LICDC - Clinical Supervisor

    Dotty has worked in addiction treatment since 1977 and maintains the highest international and Florida-specific certifications for addiction professionals. She puts her heart and soul into helping each person (finally) stay sober.

    "I care about each and every person, but I don't accept excuses. It's often been years of lying, denying and manipulating. This is where those behaviors end. Once you get on the right path, you just have to keep walking."

  • Photo of Duy Nguyen DO
    Duy Nguyen DO - Medical Director

    Dr. Nguyen specializes in addiction medicine. His professional doctoral degree (DO) requires meeting the exact same stringent standards as the more common MD, but with additional focus on treating the whole person at the core, not just symptoms.

    "If nothing changes, then nothing changes. Whether you're 'ready' or not, the first step is to just show up."